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Time to pick your Favorite to win it all yet?

Is it one of the top 5?

Kevin Harvick , Jimmie Johnson , Greg Biffle . Denny Hamlin  , Jeff Gordon are one threw five in that order.

Is the Champ in that group or you looking at a dark horse?

I am not sure there has been enough Chase winners to set up a pattern yet to see where the winners have been coming from so far.

Most know I am a huge Jeff Gordon fan so I will go out on my limb and will not be surprised to see it cut off on me

August 19, 2010  05:09 PM ET

I think it might be between either Harvick or The Biff. They've been hot lately. You can't ignore that fact that Johnson is extremely good at the Chase tracks, but he's been slightly off (which is still better than most in Johnson standards). Those Rousch cars have been picking up momentum though, so Jack may get championship 3 this year.

August 19, 2010  06:38 PM ET

I think it's going to end up a 3 way race between Kevin, Jimmie and Jeff. But that's probably just because they are 3 of my favorite drivers...probably not the best way to pick. LOL

August 19, 2010  07:35 PM ET

I had the same problem with the Roush drivers because I'm a Roush fan. This might be a biased filled discussion lol.

August 19, 2010  08:05 PM ET

If Jeff can not win it becomes anyone but a Toy for me.
I have the top 5 wrong.
Kevin Harvick
Jeff Gordon
Denny Hamlin
Tony Stewart
Jimmie Johnson
Carl Edwards
Jeff Burton
Kyle Busch
Matt Kenseth
Kurt Busch
Greg Biffle
Clint Bowyer
So I only have to worry about about 2 Toys and good thing I do not like either driver

August 20, 2010  08:10 AM ET

If Jeff can not win it becomes anyone but a Toy for me.I have the top 5 wrong.Kevin HarvickJeff GordonDenny HamlinTony StewartJimmie JohnsonCarl EdwardsJeff BurtonKyle BuschMatt KensethKurt BuschGreg BiffleClint BowyerSo I only have to worry about about 2 Toys and good thing I do not like either driver

Gotta be a Bow Tie, who's steering it doesnt matter to me as long as its not JPM (not that I expect him to get in.

August 20, 2010  08:11 AM ET

on Second Thought, my wishes would be for Smoke to get #3, and first as an owner/driver, but realistically he hasnt seemed as strong as last year.

August 20, 2010  08:57 AM ET

I'll agree with Pond. I'd love to see Smoke get on a roll and win it.

August 20, 2010  10:15 AM ET

I'd like to see Tony or Jeff get the championship this year. Seems like the Hendrick cars havn't been that strong since they changed from the wing.

August 20, 2010  10:24 AM ET

Well the Top 5 if the CHASE started as of now, remember 10 points per WIN,

Hamlin 5, Johnson 5, Harvick 3, Kyle Busch 2, Kurt Busch 2, Biffle 1, all the rest zero

So Denny & JJ going in with a 50 point lead over Smoke, Jeff, etc.

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August 20, 2010  03:24 PM ET

Harvick all the way. Johnsons pitt crew will do him in. They are unimpressive this year. Kyle has a shot just because of his pitt crew times.

August 20, 2010  03:29 PM ET

PS, I agree with 22GA, the chase is almost as fun as watching paint dry. Maybe because these guys have been beating each other up since Feb that no one cares by now. NASCAR has issues. The 800 pound gorilla has left the building. Ticket sales and sponsorships are way down because no one has any money. They better come up with something of this is another fan that they will lose. Its like this year they were driving to expressly avoid recks because they can't afford to fix the cars. Boys, u-all drive in single file now to avoid any contact ya here!

August 20, 2010  04:37 PM ET

Hey good to see you around Concrete.
Long time no see


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