Hey! Hope everyone here reading this is as psyched for the NFL Regular Season as I am! Hope you enjoy some of my views on the upcoming season...

Okay so I did some predictions with records, and standings, and the playoffs in early July I've wanted to post since then so here they are (and if they surprise you or tick you off or whatever remember these are from early July so even my opinion of A LOT of these outcomes has changed for better or worse):

AFC East

  • 1. Patriots: 12-4
  • 2. Jets: 10-6
  • 3. Dolphins: 8-8
  • 4. Bills: 3-13

AFC North

  • 1. Ravens: 11-5
  • 2. Steelers: 10-6
  • 3. Bengals: 8-8
  • 4. Browns: 6-10

AFC South

  • 1. Colts: 12-4
  • 2. Texans: 11-5
  • 3. Titans: 9-7
  • 4. Jaguars: 4-12

AFC West

  • 1. Chargers: 11-5
  • 2. Broncos: 6-10
  • 3. Raiders: 5-11
  • 4. Chiefs: 5-11

NFC East

  • 1. Cowboys: 11-5
  • 2. Eagles: 9-7
  • 3. Giants: 8-8
  • 4. Redskins: 5-11

NFC North

  • 1. Packers: 13-3
  • 2. Vikings: 11-5
  • 3. Bears: 8-8
  • 4. Lions: 3-13

NFC South

  • 1. Saints: 11-5
  • 2. Falcons: 10-6
  • 3. Panthers: 7-9
  • 4. Buccaneers: 3-13

NFC West

  • 1. 49ers: 10-6
  • 2. Cardinals: 9-7
  • 3. Seahawks: 6-10
  • 4. Rams: 2-14

Okay so with that as my old regular season final standings and records the playoff standings go like:


1. Patriots  2. Colts         3. Chargers  4. Ravens  5. Texans   6. Jets


1. Packers  2. Cowboys  3. Saints       4. 49ers     5. Vikings  6. Falcons

Then playoffs I had going like this...


6 Jets over 3 Chargers ... 4 Ravens over 5 Texans ... 6 Falcons over 3 Saints ... 5 Vikings over 4 49ers


1 Patriots over 6 Jets ... 4 Ravens over 2 Colts ... 1 Packers over 6 Falcons ... 2 Cowboys over 5 Vikings


4 Ravens over 1 Patriots ... 1 Packers over 2 Cowboys


Ravens over Packers


So that's what I thought would happen this year in the beginning of July, here are some comments on each team (in no particular order of my opinion just in order of divisions above for consistency)...


Patriots: So as usual Belichick has this team looking as one to look out for. Tom Brady is still Tom Brady (even though I'm not his biggest fan); Randy Moss I'm sure has lost a step but still a top guy; again a backfield built with about 4-5 situational guys so I'm not looking for them to destroy anyone on the ground; Wes Welker will be Wes Welker again once he gets back to 100% and grab his crazy amount of catches but ???til then Edelman should fill the void and even when Welker gets back will be a good weapon; I don't know what to think about the defense...they usually always get the job done but this year I'm not sold on them doing so good. I remember reading somewhere about how they have officially gotten rid of or lost all their real leaders on this side of the ball and how that should hurt some young guys' development a little and should just all around hurt this defense, and I have to agree with that article.

Jets: J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! That cheer is going to be heard far and wide after their playoff run last year because they will be the team most bandwagoners will go for this year I think, and rightfully so. I didn't think they had it and that the playoffs last year were some sort of fluke in July (I'm not going to lie, I gave them 1-2 wins too because of that feeling going around too not because of my personal opinion) but I'm liking these guys more and more as time goes by. Sanchez won't be amazing but he'll get the job done and improve on his 12 TD and 20 INT from last year; I'm not sold on Shonn Greene like everyone else seems to be but I'm entitled to my opinion but I think he should be good and either way he's got LT there to help him out; of course there Defense will be amazing. I love the front 7, not as big a fan of the DBs but as long as Revis lines up back there they will be fine. Two things I absolutely love about this defense are the confidence and the intensity! I will admit the confidence can get cocky as times but in this league nowadays who isn't cocky really? The intensity is the part I will admit I love more though. These guys will punch you in the mouth on every down, and even better I get the feeling that you don't want to mess with anyone on this squad at any time because you'll have 10 other guys come over to back up their teammate. Another example is this recent play where Eli got killed (yes I believe it's also partly Eli's fault but), I hope I'm not the only one that noticed the Jets intensity in pouncing Eli? I mean they had one guy nail him from behind but then they had like 2 other guys right there to hit him if need be and that's one thing I like to see in a defense

Dolphins: Henne should be improved especially with Marshall to throw to now. I like the RB duo but not sure about defense.

Bills: Nothing to like here other then Byrd and Spiller really...everything was bad for these guys then Jackson and Lynch just had to go down hopefully they are good for the regular season or else this season is going to be even longer.

Ravens: I really like these guys this year...the offense should be amazing with Ray Rice finishing in top 3 for rushing yards plus he'll have good receiving yards. Joe Flacco should greatly improve with yet another year experience and the newly added weapons in Boldin and Stallworth, plus the return of his favorite target Derrick Mason. Defense should be good, CB position worries me though...that plus Reed's presence of the PUP list. When he gets back this team should be a Superbowl contender.

Steelers: Defense, Defense, Defense...That is how the Steelers have won games in the past and that's how they will win games this year. Although I will not say that Big Ben not being on the field or the loss of Santonio will hurt them, but with the focus on the run this year Mendenhall should make up some of that (plus Mike Wallace should start reaching his potential and be a major threat this year)

Bengals: I believe last year was a sort of fluke, I'm not a believer. I hate the pickup of T.O. too. They were set at WR with Ochocinco and Bryant in my opinion, plus they had a WR they drafted last along with Jordan Shipley whom I really like and I think TO will just hurt Shipley in fields other then playing time.

Browns: Okay I've never been a Mangini fan as some of you may be able to attest to (williemopena?) so they Browns have that against them in my opinion but honestly they look like they are heading in the right direction. Cribbs will be amazing again, but they better be careful moving him around too much they don't want to be like Lovie Smith and try to get star KR more involved and ended up making him virtually useless(not to mention basically ruining Hester's career in process because he could have shattered every kick/punt returning record out there).

Colts: Nothing really to say here I mean the offense will be amazing again and defense will be just good enough....

Texans: This is their year, of course I've been saying that for three seasons now I believe but oh well. Andre Johnson will keep posting beyond amazing numbers, and if Schaub stays healthy the passing game should be one of if not the best in the league. Running game is a free for all now with Tate on IR, but they should be good enough. And defense should get pressure and force opposing QBs to make mistakes to allow these guys to make their first playoff appearance.

Titans: It's obvious but Chris Johnson should have another awesome season, but not so obviously I think Vince Young will be really good this year. And when I say that I don't mean like 3800 yards with 28 TDs and only 10 INTs, no...I mean he will be even better at doing what he does VY will win just about every game he is given an opportunity to, that's why I love this guy and root for him every week.

Jaguars: I find this team in quite a predicament. I mean they have no where near the talent to win a lot of games, they do have MJD who is great and I will not say anything bad about Sims-Walker because he saved my fantasy team last year but other than them they got nothing. I've never been a fan of Garrard, and the defense is just there basically. But back to the predicament, they are not winning games but they also are not losing enough games to be talked about much because they don't lose enough so they don't get the draft picks that the Rams and Lions and Buccaneers do. I mean they also can't even get enough fans to come to their games, and if your own "fans" or whatever won't even cheer you one else should.

Chargers: I think these guys will get to the playoffs with all the momentum again but because of bad coaching (not a Turner fan either) they will not get anywhere in the playoffs unless they play the Colts.

Broncos: I don't know what has been going on here, I don't know how you finish 8-8 after starting 6-0, I don't have many answers about this team, all I know is that this is McDaniel's team and he will run it however he feels fit (that plus I will root for them for BDawk)...

Raiders: I want to know who is really making the calls for these guys, because Al Davis certainly did not this offseason. I love he Campbell move and I think he will greatly improve (don't know why but even as a Redskin I had a good feeling about this guy and hoped he'd actually do well) then the defense will be really good if not great and may actually be Wildcard bound if everything comes together...

Chiefs: Not a huge fan of this team, Charles should be good but I don't like Cassel, never have and he will have to make 2 straight Probowls or win MVP or something to win my respect.  They are staying in the cellar of this division for a little while longer.

Cowboys: Okay who can honestly say that they called Miles Austin emerging and becoming awesome? Me. And who was more like one really good friend when I told him about my prediction about him where he just said "who is that?" Most if not all are in that second category and I take great pride in that prediction I had haha but enough of that. Romo will have his stats; Austin will improve if that's possible; the 3 RBs they got are a scary combination; Witten will be Witten again; the defense will be awesome. It hurts to say but they will definitely good this year, but I do believe Romo and Wade Philips will mess up the playoffs somehow.

Eagles: [I will try to do this one as impartial as I can] Kolb has tremendous upside, especially with the weapons he has all around him, but he will have his growing pains and throw his fair share of INTs. The defense should improve in McDermott's second year as DC, first full year to prepare too, along with additions of Sims, Allen, and Graham and the return of Bradley.

Giants: The once menacing backfield has been virtually neutralized in my opinion. Steve Smith should only improve, and Eli will be Eli, the most overpaid QB in the league now that Jamarcus is done. But that 3 inch gash in his forehead should pose some problems though.

Redskins: McNabb will be the same just a step back I believe thought due to the new system, and lack of support from WRs. The backfield looks like a crowded party of has-beens. Portis can still go for 1200 I think but he has to stay completely healthy and I don't think he'll do that, LJ isn't going to make much noise, and Fast Willie ain't so fast any more. Then Haynesworth will destroy the defense from the inside out.

Packers: I have realized I may have overestimated them in July, but I do think Rodgers should get even better and smarter; he shouldn't hit the ground as often as well. The Defense is the wildcard but I think they should start off on fire but I don't know how age is going to affect them.

Vikings: Speaking of age, guess who back!!! Yep Favre has announced his return yet again! That helps the Vikings tremendously (sorry Tarvaris), but I will say I seriously doubt that he will have numbers close to what he had last year. This gunslinger has seen better days and I can't see him repeating those amazing numbers. Though this team has a whole should do well, unless this whole Favre thing hurts the chemistry or something because they have basically said that the front office cares more about Favre in a way than anyone else on the roster.

Bears: I also don't like Lovie Smith (for those of you counting/paying attention this will be the 4th coach I've bashed in some way so far), I hate the way he hurt Hester's career by moving him away from what he did best which was return kicks/punts, not only that but when he was right there or tied for the record of most return TDs. But anyhow...the defense is nothing special anymore and the Cutler/Martz partnership is unproven, plus they don't have great WR strength.

Lions: I like where this team is going they got Calvin Johnson who is unstoppable, Stafford who is going to get better, I like Jahvid Best 10x better than Kevin Smith, and they got Suh to lead this D for years to come. Defense I don't like so much...linebackers are lacking, D-line has Suh, and the DBs could be much much better.

Saints: Brees will be amazing as usual, and the offense will score almost at will. The defense on the other hand I don't see being as good as last year. Last year they just got turnovers, they were not great in any other way. And I don't see them getting as many turnovers, not to mention I can't see them returning as many for TDs as last year.

Falcons: Ryan will rebound, and I believe Turner will too. So their problem will not be scoring points, it'll be stopping the other guys from scoring. They got help with Robinson from the Texans but I don't think they are at a high enough level yet to be kind of thought as a Superbowl contender.

Panthers: These guys could be sleepers. I mean they got arguably the best RB tandem in the NFL; they have Moore who had 7 or 8 TDs and no INTs in his 5 games last year with a 4-1 record; defense will be hit or miss but these guys could sneak up on the Falcons or maybe even the Saints if they don't keep their level of play up.

Buccaneers: I like Freeman and Cadillac looks like he's coming back and that's their whole offense. Defense got McCoy to help rebuild but they have A LOT of work to do.

49ers: These guys will take this division this year unless Leinart plays better then Warner ever did for the Cardinals. They got a great RB group in Gore, Dixon, and BWest. I really like Alex Smith this year with weapons like Morgan, Davis, and Crabtree. Then this defense will be amazing led by one of the best in Willis.

Cardinals: I can't see this defense being any better after losing their best 2 players. And offensively they will drop in production. Leinart hasn't done anything his whole career and seriously doubt he will start now; Wells and Hightower should be good so they'll finally have some run game; and a personal word of advice to all new fantasy football players stay away from these WRS, even the fantasy superstar Fitzgerald with Leinart and his unproven-ness.

Seahawks: Forsett should have a decent year, but otherwise I don't know...defense hasn't done much last couple years and they still have Hasselbeck at QB, which I can't believe. And I'm just waiting for them to start rebuilding because they don't have much right now.


Okay there you go, my brief thoughts on each team this upcoming NFL season. Hopefully I get time to keep writing stuff throughout the season, but senior year in high school so college work comes fist.

Thanks for reading! And please comment...

August 20, 2010  05:25 PM ET

I have to disagree with you on the Redskins, even though there aren't many teams I enjoy watching less. I believe McNabb will be a big boost for them. For whatever reason Campbell is suddenly getting talked about as though he were legitimate. He's not, and he's the reason the Skins have been so poor on offense. I think McNabb makes them a playoff team. Of course I might be wrong here, but that's why we play the season right?

August 20, 2010  05:48 PM ET

Lol yeppers...and I get what ur saying about the 'skins but also remember Campbell was playing in a new system/under a new coordinator or other coach every single season...never same for 2years straight

August 20, 2010  05:52 PM ET

True. Of course he'll be playing under a new coach with a new system and a new team this year. :)

August 21, 2010  10:48 AM ET

Yea I saw that right after I hit submit haha. But as I said I've always liked the guy for some reason and it takes a lot to get that feeling for a division rival player so I'm sure it's partly that, but also he has his second chance and I'm sure he's goof to do anything he can to make it work. Also I kind of like the Raiders receiving weapons over what he had in Washington.

August 21, 2010  02:57 PM ET

I have to disagree with you on the Redskins, even though there aren't many teams I enjoy watching less. I believe McNabb will be a big boost for them. For whatever reason Campbell is suddenly getting talked about as though he were legitimate. He's not, and he's the reason the Skins have been so poor on offense. I think McNabb makes them a playoff team. Of course I might be wrong here, but that's why we play the season right?

The Redskins real problem has been continuity. McNabb will help them but a healthy offensive line will too. The defense has been solid for years. No team has fallen short with more talent that the Redskins. Mike maybe able to get them going in the right direction. Jason Campbell has taken and unfair amount of bashing. He does need to prove that he can be a better starter. But the offense he played in did not cater to his strengths.

August 21, 2010  10:20 PM ET

interesting analysis..... looks like good stuff this early. i'll add as a cowboy fan that dallas may be AGAIN overrated. if their preseason games are any indication..... and they usually are not, but dallas offense has done NOTHING in three games. they were given their only TD by the chargers mistake and the dallas defense putting their offense on the 10 yrd line. dallas offense has not had one decent drive yet. they look real rusty, but again, it's early and doesn't really matter. i love the cowboys and have been a fan for life, but i'm realistic too and all this talk of them being a powerhouse is way premature!

August 22, 2010  07:13 PM ET

Thanks...and my predictions early offseason I even had the redskins winnin the division...and dallasfan77 you have no idea as an iggles fan how much I hope your right haha and I had the eagles going about that far last year and look what happened and that's partly why I had then losing lol

August 22, 2010  11:05 PM ET

*My predictions early last offseason*


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