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Here's the question..Why did the world turn on Brett Favre??  Is it because he retired and then came back??  His retirement has been much written and spoken of.  I say, (Acknowledgement to Mr. Shakespeare) MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!!

Favre retired only once for those of you that don't know that.  And that retirement was forced upon him by Ted Thompson who wanted him gone so he could assemble a young team, (old guys that keep their mouths shut excepted, read Donald Driver ) he wants to build a super team and be hailed in Green Bay as a legend like (and I genuflect here) Vince Lombardi.(can you say DYNASTY?)  Never happen.  This mope is only a legend in his own mind and always will be.  He had a couple good draft years, but then, who in that position doesn't know who to pick and when to pick them?  It is after all, what they'rer paid for.  Just because he feels he is clunker free for never having pick a loser, the he needs to look further.  What has he done for the Pack lately??  Nothing.  He upgraded Arrogant Rodgers from a back up.  Great move because Rodgers is a a great quarterback, but not so great as he thinks, and he started all this Brett Favre hating in doing so. Brett NEVER retired from the JETS..He said he WOULD if they didn't release him which was his plan for having gone there in the first place.  He has never retired from the Vikes..He just sort of comes and goes as he pleases.  Thompson also lost thousands of Packer fans.  Not fair weather fans mind you, but fans that just couldn't take what he did to Favre.  It wasn't right, and he'll have to acknowledge that someday I hope.  Hey Ted...Want to improve the Packers??  Get rid of all your yes men like the worn out, Donald Driver, (the 1st of Brett's former teammates to publicly turn their back on him) Harris,(old, injured and pretty much washed up...Talk about people that should retire and this is at the top of the list. Get rid of AJ Hawk.  The fans love him but watch him play.  He doesn't really know how..If an opponent touches him ever so lightly, he falls out of the play and can't follow what's going on. I could go on forever , but enough insults,(albeit correctly placed)  Let's get back to the subject.


Brett Favre has done for the NFL what Micheal Jordan has done for the NBA.  (You could insert here also what Tiger Woods has done for the PGA but man I would rather watch paint dry than watch golf)  He made it exciting...He was the Gunslinger...The guy who played football the way we played at the schoolyard...The quarterback ran the game, called the plays and took the blame.  So much fun to watch the coaches on the sidelines pitching a fit because he put in his own plays...He accepted the losses as his own..He took the blame..he never tried to blame someone else..He still plays that way...So he doesn't think Chilly is such a great coach...How many of you out there think your boss is smart enough to be the boss??  Stop all this hating crap and see what has happened in football since Favre has been here.  It is more fun, more controversial, more talked about.  Used to be football was a Monday morning subject at work.  Now it's an everyday subject.  Talk to anyone about football and Favre's name comes up evey time.  He not only has been good for the game, he has been great for it.  Remeber when his Dad died?? The guy that made Brett a good man and a great quarterback?  When we watched Brett play the Raiders that day, we all were Favre Fans...We all cheered him on...Women wept for him that day. (Sorry Honey, I had to tell)  Even the Raider Fans, who are the meanest and toughest in the world, stood and cheered him.  Why??  Because he was a great guy showing us his greatness.  He was a great son, showing a love and respect to the man he loved and revered most in the world. He was the man that looked up in the skybox at his beautiful wife and didn't try to hide the tears in his eyes.  He is still that man.  A real man's man. The guy we all wanted to be.  The guy that threw the winning touchdown to take the big game. Stop the hating.  Stop listening to the media.  Stop for just a minute and try to remember why you stopped loving him and started hating him.  Is it because he was a traitor as he is said to be??  WHY? Because when he got fired, he took another job??Was he supposed to just go away??  So he ended up with the Vikings??  If you got fired, wouldn't the ultimate revenge be to work for the competiton?  He never stopped loving his fans here in Wisconsin, but most of them stopped loving him.  He doesn't come here to beat the Packers or even Arrogant Rodgers.  He comes here to beat Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and the Packers organization.   Remember this...He WANTED to come back...He PLEADED to come back..WE as fans and the Packers as a team, turned our backs...the media told us Rodgers was the future and the future is NOW...I never loved anything so much in my life as watching Rodgers end the Packers season last year with a fumble (and some sort of weird girlykick).  Poetic justice. Devine intervention. Karma is a B*^&h Thompson.   If you are all waiting for an apology from Brett for being Brett Favre, you'll be having a snowball fight in hell before that happens.  He has nothing to apologize for.  He is just Brett being Brett.  Which is what he does best.  If you didn't have to go to meetings at work, would you?? If you got to come in late whenever you wanted just because you were so valuable to your company, would you??  Football kicked him around after he gave the best years of his life.  He is just kicking football back a little. He wants us to know that.  He doesn't want to go away like Thompson wanted him to.  Like a whipped puppy trying to hide under the bed.  He wanted to go out as Brett Favre.  The guy that made football great and fun again.  He didn't want his daughters watching their dad get beat up.  He fought back like any man would.  He kicked the NFL's collective butt, and has gone on to have the best year last year that he ever had statistically.

Stop listening to the hype from the media.  They create controversy to have something to crow about.  They create hate to have some fat to chew on.  They create legends and then tear them down.  They are pi$$ed of because Brett never kissed their butts.  They went after him, because he didn't come when they called.  He still doesn't.  When he retires at the end of this season, and he will indeed, football will change.  And not for the better.  The writers and haters will be writing and hating about Favre for years after he is gone.  He is staying and leaving on his own terms.  Nobody tells him what to do.  Not in football, and not in life.  He lives like a man.  I for one will be sorry to see him go.  The NFL will be sorry to see a cash cow such as him to go.  Lots of people and businesses will be impacted by his departure.  They will  miss him.  People will be wearing their Favre jerseys years from now.  They will tell their grandkids that they had the priviledge and pleasure of having watch Brett Favre play.  He played like a man and he stayed like a man.  No whining no complaining.  He will played until he can't anymore.  Then and only then will he walk off the field.  His Dad will be proud.  His wife and daughters will be proud.  And those of us that never stopped loving this guy will be proud.  And sorry.  So get ready Honey.  You'll be crying again at the end of this season.  We all will.  I just hope it's while watching Brett walk off the field a Super Bowl MVP and the winner of the duel.  He needs two Super Bowl rings.  He has two daughters, after all

August 24, 2010  10:53 AM ET

I think everyone is just sick of all the news of will he or won't he retire.

August 24, 2010  01:55 PM ET

They're not sick of it obviously, or they would just quit talking about it. Why does it make a difference to them if they don't care??

August 24, 2010  02:03 PM ET

If they really want to stop hearing about it, they have to start complaing to the sports media...ask them to cover something else..something they consider more important...There's lts of topics in football to talk and write about...Just quit listening to any media that mentions Favre and retirement on the same show....If that happens they will Favre says he is really retiring at the end of this season. They still are kicking the retirement horse even tho it is dead. If he doesn't retire then, they can talk about it again and even I will jump on the bandwagon to run him out....

August 25, 2010  07:09 PM ET

didn't need to read this.... just looked at the title and that was enough. you can't compare favre to jordan. favre is a joke..... jordan is a legend. favre has one ring... jordan has 6. favre has ruined his legacy.... jordan has done nothing to seriously hurt his legacy. and finally, favre will not have as good a season as last yr... he's a marked man and will likely be injured this season. i know you are a vikes fan and i'm not trying to offend you. i like the vikes and have pulled for them in the past, but favre is such a mess... he's not the answer to your QB problems - long term and the vikes would be better off spending that $20 million on a real QB that will be there for the next 5-7 yrs.

August 26, 2010  07:26 AM ET

Dear DallasFan77: Hey Dude...your Texas mentality is hanging out...(were you drinking and driving when you composed that rebuttal)? kinda funny considering that those are the same things you people (haters) were saying this time last year. I agree Brett may not have have as good as last year, but it will still be good. Your idea of 20 million dollar QB's probably include dorks named Manning, Brady and such. They won't last as long or be as exciting or have 1/2 the talent of Favre. As far as 20 mill on Favre. He brings in so much more revenue than anyone else in the NFL that it pays back ten-fold in revenues to any team that employs him.(it IS just a JOB after all) So he may be old, and maybe he is a marked man, but he still can play exciting football. And any butthead that intentionally tries to injure another player has some serious mental issues. I don't think they belong in professional sports or even out among decent folks for that matter. To mark him for sacks and turnovers is one thing but only an immature, overzealous, brain-damaged man-child would try to cripple or maim another human being. People that would tolerate that type of player in the NFL should also visit their nearby mental health professional. That's just sick man. (those are the mental midgets that watch NASCAR just for the crashes) If Brett is a washed up has been, then why all the talk of injuring him and taking him out. Let the OLD MAN play and make the fool of himself you spoke of last year. (His personal best by the way) You can't, because whether you want to admit it or not, he' still better at his job than most other QB's out there today and you and his other haters are afraid he's gonna take your team down, so you talk of injuring him permanently and crippling him. Nice. That's all because he can't play any more??? It's childish talk from people that are gonna be beaten by him. Hey Guys, let's go permanently cripple a future Hall of Famer cause he already can't play anymore, and we're not afraid of his talent, we just like crippling people.. I would use the word ****hole to anyone that says, endorses or believes what you wrote, but it would probably be a violation of AOL. I can't believe I can't say THAT and YOU can get excited by threats to cripple someone intentionally. Something seriously wrong there huh? I think you didn't go back and re=read what could only be construed as childish, immature rambling that definitely must be scary to people that know you. Maybe you need to ask the people that love you what they really think of your mental state. Like you wrote" I am not trying to hurt your feelings." I am not trying to hurt yours either. That would be impossible because if you had any feelings, you would call your local sportscaster, writer or team owner and condemn what you appear to be endorsing. I'm done now...Can you defend what you said now?? By the way..I like the Cowboys too. But unfortunately they are stuck in a state where ignorance and stupidity like yours are revered. "Hey Fellers, let's talk Dale jr. inta craishin' inta one them there other fellers what's gonna maybe beat'im and kill his naisty butt, and hey there Jim-Bob open me one of them Lone Star Beers...I don't wanna loose up my grip on the steerin' wheel"


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