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The Cards last night began what I believe to be a very important road trip.   Pittsburgh, Washington and Houston for ten games, leading into a home series against the Reds on Labor Day Weekend.   I'd love to see the Cards clean up on this trip and win maybe seven or eight of the ten and close the gap on the Reds.  

Great start last night as the Cards whipped the Pirates while the Reds were getting clobbered by the Giants out on the West Coast.   Great to see Kyle Lohse come through with a good performance, albeit against the Pirate offense.    The starting pitching other than the 5 spot has been tremendous lately, and if that continues on this trip, the Cards should definitely make up some ground while Cincinnati is out West.

After a horribly sluggish offensive performance during the recent 5 game losing streak, the Birds seems to have found their bats again in winning the last three.   Jon Jay continues to impress and get on base regularly, and Albert and Holliday are both pounding the ball right now.   If they can keep the offense rolling against these opponents, the starting pitching should win most of these games for us over the next couple of weeks.  

Wainwright and Westbrook go to the mound the next couple of games in Pittsburgh.  Hopefully we'll see the winning streak extended. 





August 24, 2010  03:28 PM ET

Agreed. These are very big games to win as the Cards have to beat up on the teams they should beat.

I hope the pitching keeps going strong like this.

August 24, 2010  04:12 PM ET

Agreed, Ten! I also hope the the offense that has shown up the last two games sticks around until after the World Series! Pitching hasn't been bad this year but the on again/off again offense drives me nuts!

August 25, 2010  08:05 AM ET

Well, Adam didn't have his best stuff last night, which sucks, but it's just one game! They'll come back tonight and kick butt, like they are supposed to!

August 25, 2010  09:20 AM ET

Yeah, stargate. What a frustrating 9th inning last night. I don't know what Oquendo was thinking holding up Winn at third on the ball Albert hits. I think Winn gets home easily there.

But still, it bases loaded one out, down by a run. You've got your $18M a year left fielder in the game and all you need is a fly ball to tie the game. Instead he pops out on the first pitch he sees. I know Holliday hit the 2 run homer to get us started last night, but geez......he's GOT to get that run home in the ninth last night.

August 26, 2010  09:11 AM ET

The Birds are not following my script AT ALL.

August 26, 2010  04:07 PM ET

This is a common case of playing down to the level of your competition. The past 2 weeks have been tough to watch from time to time. They need to get their heads out of their butts, or they will be sitting on them in October.


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