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             After watching the Tennessee Titans march up and down the field in their Monday Night Game  vs the Arizona Cardinals, I am now certain that the Titans have every weapon they need to win the big game.

             After their awful 0-6 start to the 2009 season, the Titans are forced to put Vince Young in, in hopes of jump starting their offense. It worked. Vince Young had made a complete 180 since the offseason where he had problems with depression, and had his mother call the police one night because the franchise Quarterback had left without saying anything, and she thought he had a gun. The new confident Young went 8-2 the rest of the season, and almost got the Titans to the playoffs. Meanwhile, Chris Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards, becoming only the sixth running back to achieve that milestone. 

              Last night Vince Young went 9 of 13 with 128 yards. While he had no touchdowns, Vince Young's biggest stat couldn't be found on a stat sheet. Young showed his ability to throw with precision as he perfectly led a couple of timed routes, and throw some beautiful over the shoulder passes. He showed poise in the pocket, fluent footwork in his dropbacks, and he proved that he could be as deadly with his arm as he is with his feet. 

             It's no secret the Titans are a Run First offense. With Chris Johnson or CJ2k as your running back it would be stupid to not give him the ball 30 times a game, but with Young showing the potential to be a deadly passer, a little bit of tweaking on offense could make the Titans offense unstoppable. 

             Think about it. The Titans only needed to throw about 15 to 20 times a game for Chris Johnson to lead the league in rushing by 590 yards over second place Steven Jackson of the Rams. If Vince keeps throwing with the poise and accuracy he has now, the Titans will have an offense inwhich they can call a pass, run, QB scrammble, or option at anytime of the game and be confident that it will work. If you are a defensive coordinator, that is an offense that you have nightmares over. With that kind of offense, if the Titans can keep switching what they do in certain situations, they can take away one of the biggest tools a DC has, tendencies. 

             A DC figures out his opponents tendencies so he can call a play based on the time, down, and distace the opponents offense has. If he doesn't have any noticeable tendencies or the teams tendencies are evenly spread between run, pass, option, etc., the DC can only play the guessing game when making play calls. 

             If Mike Heimerdinger can keep changing up the offense, and keep DCs guessing, the only way the Titans could be stopped is if a team cheats or the Titans shoot themselves in the foot. The Titans are going to the Superbowl this year, and this time the are going to win it all.

August 26, 2010  07:00 PM ET

I totally agree, with a confident Vince Young and CJ, they look unbeatable. They will feed off of each other and maybe will finish 1 - 2 in rushing this year. The option they were running was the nuts. focus on one and the other will kill you.


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