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I didn't have the time or the energy to do my power rankings this week because I had a ton of stuff to do.  Anyways, I'm still going to do my picks.  I had a decent week going 10-4 and I'm 68-35 for the year, which would be a 66% chance of picking winners thus far.  I'm hoping to pull that number up today and tommorow.  Here are my picks for Week 8.

Colts @ Panthers

Although this could be a trap game for the Colts, I don't see it happening.  The Colts are just too good.  The Colts might come out flat, but eventually they'll start to fire away and they should win comfortably.  Right now, I'd say that the Colts are the best team in the NFL and I think their offensive line should be able to dominate the line of scrimmage, which should allow Peyton to tare apart a decent Panthers defense.  I think the Colts win comfortably.

Lions @ Bears

The Lions beat the Bears last time because they were really lucky and scored 34 points in one quarter.  That won't happen again, and this game is in Soldier Field.  The weakness of the Bears defense is its run defense, the Lions are too pass-happy to be able to move up and down the field against the Bears, but they should have some success moving the ball against the Bears.  As for the Lions defense, they thrive off turnovers, and Brian Griese doesn't do stupid things with the ball in his hands.  I think the Bears win in a close one.

Steelers @ Bengals

The Bengals aren't a very good team, but I think they've got a solid shot at winning.  This is a division game and these games always come down to the wire.  The Steelers are a better team than what they showed at Mile High, they just came out flat against the Broncos and Big Ben had some turnovers(one was returned for a touchdown).  However, the Steelers should rebound and Willie Parker should be able to run all over a horrible Bengals defense(just like everyone else) and that should give Big Ben some more throwing lanes.  As for the Steelers defense, they should be able to pressure Palmer after taking Kenny Watson/Rudi Johson(who ever's playing) out of the game.  I like the Bengals to keep it close because the game is in Cincy.

Giants vs Dolphins @ London

I like the idea of playing a game overseas, but I don't like the idea of playing this game overseas.  I just wish the NFL was playing a better game overseas.  Anyways, the Giants defense is playing lights out right now and the Dolphins offense is playing okay, but they just lost Ronnie Brown for the season.  I think the Giants are able to get to Cleo Lemon and force him into turnovers.  As for the Giants offense, everyone is able to run on the Dolphins and Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward are no exceptions.  I like the Giants easy.

Eagles @ Vikings

This is a matchup between two bad teams.  Anyways, the Vikings defense can't stop anyone from throwing the ball, and the Eagles are no exception.  As usual, Andy Reid will probably throw the ball 2/3 of the time, but this time, it'll actually work.  As for the Vikings offense, we know that Tarvaris Jackson can't play and their offense is reliant on Adrian Peterson.  Jim Johnson should be able to contain Adrian Peterson as the Eagles control the game, but the game doesn't become a blowout.

Browns @ Rams

The Browns are a young, up and coming team, and the Rams just suck.  The Rams don't have a very good run defense and Jamal Lewis should have a lot of success pounding the ball and that should open up some throwing lanes down the field for Derek Anderson.  Derek Anderson isn't as good as everyone is saying he is, he's just getting wide open guys down the field and that should continue through this game. The Browns don't have a great defense, but the the Rams have no offense(didn't think I'd be saying that 5 years ago).  The Rams aren't able to move the ball on anybody.  I like the Browns to win comfortably.

Raiders @ Titans

The Raiders offense relies on running the football, and that plays into the strength of the Titans defense.  So I don't think that the Raiders will have much success running the ball and Daunte Culpepper and Josh McCown(whoever plays) haven't had much success throwing the ball against good defenses.  I think the Titans are able to pressure McCown/Culpepper into some turnovers.  That should allow the Titans to score some points offensively as the Titans win big at home.

Bills @ Jets

I think that the Bills are going in the right direction and Bills fans should be patient.  Anyways, Trent Edwards seems to be a better player than JP Losman and I think Edwards can manage the game as Marshawn Lynch should have plenty of success running against a bad Jets defense.  As for the Bills defense, I expect Clemens to come in and play at some point during this game.  I think the Jets should be able to have success throwing the ball downfield against the Bills banged up secondary.  I like the Jets to win in a really close game because they're at home.

Texans @ Chargers

The Chargers have really started to come together and I think they're a pretty good team as of right now.  The Texans don't have much of a shot.  The Chargers offense is on fire right now, Philip Rivers is playing well, LaDanian Tomlinson is playing like he was last year and that offensive line is playing well too.  The Texans don't have a prayer in hell of stopping the Chargers offense.  As for the Chargers defense, the way to attack them is to spread them out and let it fly and I don't think the Texans have the weapons at wide receiver to do that.  I like the Chargers to smash the Texans.

Jaguars @ Bucs

The Jaguars are still a very good team and I don't think Quinn Gray is as bad as he looked against Indy.  He played pretty well against the Chiefs in their final game last year and I think he has the ability to manage the game.  I expect the Jaguars to be able to run the ball against the Bucs.  I think the Jaguars defense is pretty good too and I think the Jaguars don't allow Jeff Garcia to have a big day throwing the ball.  I like the Jaguars to win in a close game.

Redskins @ Patriots

The physical Redskins secondary should give the Patriots wide receivers some trouble, and I also expect Greg Williams to blitz Tom Brady more than Williams has blitzed the entire year.  I don't think the Patriots will be able to move up and down the field like they have the entire year, but I think they'll have some decent success moving the ball.  As for the Redskins offense, they won't have any running room against the Patriots.  I know that the past few opponents for the Patriots have had success running the ball, but that was when the Patriots had their 1-4-6 dime package on the field when they were up by 30 points.  I like the Redskins secondary to keep it close as the Patriots win in the end.

Saints @ 49ers

The 49ers should get a lift offensively because they're getting Alex Smith back.  That 49er defense is for real and they should be able to stuff Reggie Bush in the backfield.  That should force Drew Brees to throw the ball and the 49ers pass rush should be able to get to Brees and force some mistakes.  As for the 49ers offense, I think they'll have a little bit of success moving the ball, but the game will come down to whether the 49ers turn the ball over or not.  I don't think they will and that's why I like the 49ers to win in a really close slugfest.

Packers @ Broncos

The Broncos run defense was okay against the Steelers and I expect that run defense to be okay again.  If the Broncos can get the Packers to throw the ball on every play, those two shutdown corners on the outside should have lots of success taking away the Packers main receiving threats and Elvis Dumervil and Jarvis Moss/Tim Crowder should be able to pin their ears back and let it fly.  As for the Denver offense, Travis Henry has played phenomenal thus far, but he's injured right now.  If he plays against the Packers, I think he'll have a nice day running the ball.  That should allow Jay Cutler some throwing lanes and I think he'll have some success throwing the ball too.  The game will come down to whether the Broncos defense can stop the Packers running attack.  I say they can't, so I think the Broncos win.


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