I am a Woman and I love SportsCenter

Good morning, fellow fan-geeks!

Well, Week 8 is almost over in the NFL. I'm oddly disturbed by this. Why? Well, the Week 8 mark means that the season is half over (how is THAT possible?). It seems like the season just started! I've yet to attend a football game in person, and now it's looking like I may not be able to this whole season. Funny how a SuperBowl appearance will send ticket sales through the roof, huh??

So, last Friday, I started working my sources in earnest for some Bears tickets. I know three people who have season tickets, and they are usually good for selling me tickets for at least one game. Not so this season! Seems like people are willing to pay the ridiculous price of $1600 for Bears tickets!! I was floored when my source told me that was what she was selling her tickets for...that works out to be a 2000 percent markup!! Even with the Bears stinking up Solider Field every outing, people are convinced that the next game is going to be the game that turns the season around. All I can say is that they are living in Fantasyland. I'm a huge fan geek, but short of the Super Bowl, I would NEVER pay $1600 for a ticket to a ball game.

Well, unless that price got me on the sidelines and a date with a certain QB...but I digress.

So, then I started thinking...where else could I go to see a football game this year?

Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Cinncinati are all within a five-hour drive from my house. Forget Green Bay...those fans are nuts. The waiting list for season tickets is somewhere in the range of 35 years long (I'm totally serious, 35 years), and they don't sell single-game tickets. Forget Indy...they've got that Super Bowl thing going, too. Minneapolis isn't playing anyone I'd be interested in seeing. I tried to get tickets for this past Sunday's Steelers-Bengals game. I thought, hey, the Bengals are sucking it up this year, it should be EASY to get tickets, right?

Not so much. The cheapest tickets on StubHub were in the $500 range--and those were in the nosebleed section. Forget that. No frickin' way. Turns out that the crowd at the stadium this weekend was the largest crowd EVER at Paul Brown stadium. Go figure.

So on to St. Louis. St. Louis is WINLESS this season, how difficult should it be to get tickets for a Thursday night game, five days before Christmas, against the Steelers?

Pretty Damn Difficult. The game is sold out.

Grumble, growl, grrrr.....

Well, my quest continues. I'll be calling down to St. Louis when the ticket office opens, checking out the price on this Flex Pack that the Rams are offering. We'll see.

In other football news, I was 11 for 12 in my picks for Sunday! How awesome is that?!? The one I missed--I called for the Bucs to win--was decided by one point. Can't get much closer.

How about those Red Sox? Their sweep of the Rockies is either a testament to just how good the Sawx are, or a testament to how bad the NL is...I haven't decided yet. Although, I will say that I stopped watching the Series after Game 3. I felt bad for the Rockies and the outcome just seemed like a foregone conclusion. There was no drama, no contest...it was kinda boring.

Well, I've got to get to work...will blog more later...



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