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I just recently read Matthew Berrys blog on ESPN on his love/hate fantasy players for the upcoming season, and i decided to do my own version... Here Goes... Note : (I'll be excluding really obvious players like Andre Johnson and Chris Johnson from the Love list)


LOVE (In no order)

Matt Forte RB Chicago Bears- Forte had a dissapointing sophmore year after a very impressive rokie season. Forte will bounce back and a have a very produtive season he has pass catching ability and wil put up good rushing and recieving numbers. He is even more valuable in Points per reception leagues.

Chris Cooley TE - Washington Redskins- Love Cooley this year. McNabb loves his TEs and Cooley has plenty of talent. McNabb will look for Cooley as a number 1 option this year. 950+ AND 6 TDs.

Dwayne Bowe WR Kansas City Chiefs- Another player who dissapointed Bowe's another guy i think will bounce back The Chiefs have a great run game which will open up the pass. And Bowe is the chiefs go to guy in the passing game.

 Jabar Gaffney WR Denver Broncos- Gaffney this pre-season has looked great. He's had an excellent camp and is no doubt the number 1 WR in Denver far ahead of Eddie Royal and Demaryious Thomas and he has formed a great relationship with QB Kyle Orton Gaffney should be a very productive player in Denver and he can be drafted very late in most drafts.

 DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart- The best 1 and 2 RB duo in the league Williams and Stewart both put up 1,000+ rushing yard seasons and scored plenty of TDs each. Both should repeat this season.

Ahmad Bradshaw- Jacobs will get hurt and Bradshaw will get 15-20 touches a game regulary and he is talented enough to put up double digit fantasy numbers when he does get those touches. Also he should get the goaline carries.

Jamaal Charles- Had an unbelievable final 8 games rushing for over 1,000 yards. Thomas Jones should hurt Charles value but he is still a 15-25 touch guy and should still see the bulk of the work.

Steve Smith (New York Giants version)- Had a suprisingly very good season last year and this year i see the same production, he's still the Giants number 1 guy and the routes the Giants recievers run suites Smith very well.

Malcolm Floyd- With Vincent Jackson out for who knows how long Floyd should be very fantasy relevant.

Knowshon Moreno- Had a good rookie season should have a better sophmore season. Plays on a solid Broncos team and Buckhalter should not pose to much of a threat to steal carries or goal line touches. Moreno is a 1,100+ rusher 10 TDs+

Shonn Greene- Not concerned about LT at all. Greene's very talented and The Jets should be running heavy he'll get loaded up with carries and will do a lot with them he will have a very good season. (PS Danny Woodhead is the man)

Zach Miller- Miller has great talent. And finally has a real quarterback in Jason Campbell throwing him the football. Had a good season last year and should have an even better one this year.

Rashard Mendenhall- LOVE Mendenhall. Not to mention the Steelers should be running extra heavy in the first four weeks without Big Ben he to me is a first round fantasy player going in the second to third rounds.

Mohamed Massaqoui- Showed glimpes last year and Jake Delhomme throwing him the ball is better than Brady Quinn so he is in for a Good season.

Arian Foster- The number 1 back in Houston has looked great in pre-season. Not to mention how down the Texans are on fellow RB Steve Slaton.

Jerome Harrison- Yes. Jerome Harrison. Hardesty the Browns 3rd round draft choice is a pounding RB who has a history of knee and injury problems. Harrison should still be 15-20 touch player and chance are Hardesty will get hurt and this will only increase Harrison's value. I dont see other RBs like James Davis stealing to much action although i am a believer in Davis as well and really dont see the need for taking Hardesty in the 3rd. Harrison will produce week in and out.

HATE (In no order)

Buffalo RBs- CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch will not be on any of my teams. All 3 are talented but im not touching either one. Too Many backs not enough carries for either 1 of the 3 to be fantasy relevant week in and out.

LaDanian Tomlinson- Sorry im not a believer. Some people are im not. Not only is he old and beat up but he will not be starting as a Jet. So your drafting a old abused and used RB Who will not be starting and will not be seeing nearly the same amount as carries as Greene? No thanks.

Brett Favre- Just don't see another miracle season. He lost his beloved WR Sidney Rice for atleast 6 weeks but most likely much longer. Percy Harvin has his nagging Migrane issue and he also lost a Chester Taylor a very productive out of the backfield reciever. Favre will be missing plenty of weapons not to mention his ankle problem. He's a no go for me.

Brandon Jacobs- Not the best RB on the Giants roster. To injury prone.

Reggie Bush- Don't touch this guy. Not good enough wont see enough touches just an overall weak player

Matt Lienart- Ok i just hate the guy

Kevin Walter- Too much to compete with in Houston especially with Jacoby Jones right on Walters tail for his job. Walter was on a lot of my teams last season and promptly did nothing. Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels and Jacoby Jones are better Receiving options on the Texans than Walter.

Carnell Williams- One knee problem too many. Didnt have a great season last year and wont have a good one this year. Weak pre-season

Jeremey Shockey- No go for me. Didnt put u top 10 TE stats last year and wont this year. The Saints offense has too many weapons for Shockey to even be close to fantasy relevant.

Jay Cutler- I expect to see same results as last year. Mike Martz will not make that much of a difference, The Bears threw the ball 4th most in the league last year anyways.


Just a couple of my thoughts i really tried to stay away from the blatanly obvious like saying that i love Drew Brees to put up great fantasy numbers. Hope you guys enjoy this, leave your thoughts...

September 4, 2010  04:00 PM ET

***Edit with Bradshaw now named the starter for NYG not only should his touches but his value really love Bradshaw to be a top 15 to possibly top 10 fantasy player


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