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Wow, this was damn hard. Think of all the crap music you have heard in the last 8 years, then try to think of 100 good songs. Unless you are an rap or emo fan, its hard. But, after 2 weeks, I think i have gotten it down.


First of all you will not find any-  rap, Green Day, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park etc..... I tried to find good music (ok, i like some rap, but not much)


Also, you might not have heard of some of these bands, so being the great guy i am, i will provide links to for every band and try to find as many songs on Youtube as possible. Your welcome.


Now the criteria.


It is very hard to find a perfect song in the last 8-10 years. As the Arctic Monkeys put it "There's only music so that there's new ringtones." They got it right. Many bands go for the one hit wonder, the catchy song that fades fast. So replay value was a biggie for me. Song length isn't huge on me, i would rather hear a 2 minute masterpiece than 12 minutes of an OK song, but if you can pull off the long song, it is a big plus. Lyrics for me, ae important, but not a make or break. A good song doesn't have to be a lyrical masterpiece, just look at the Beatles early works.


So, without further ado. Here are the top 100 songs since 1999.


#100. Dropkick Murphys- "Shipping Up To Boston"

Lets start it off with some Irish music. This is a relatively short song, but it is fun to listen to and a great pump up song. Also, it is about Boston (Red Sox Rule!), not that that matters.


#99. Dragonforce- "Fury of The Storm"

Who the hell needs to listen to the lyrics when this band plays the guitar this well? I don't really know what this song is about, but the guitar playing will just melt your face off. Very fast paced, very energetic, very good.


#98. Trapt- "Headstrong"

Another good pump up song. Not much substance, but a very listenable song. 


#97. Keane- "Somewhere Only We Know"

 A poor man's Coldplay, good piano, good chorus, a very relaxing song, nothing not to like, unless your one of the headbanger type people.


#96. The White Stripes- "Icky Thump"

More up the Classic Rock Fans alley. White Stripes is one of the few throwback bands today that is actually good. Good guitar wrok by the duo from Detroit.


#95. The Strokes- "Last Nite"

Anohter Classic Rck sounding song. Simple, short, but effective. The onyl drawback to this band is the lead singers raspy voice, which some may dislike.


#94. Sonata Arctica "Fade To Black"

A Mettalica cover, and they do it well, but it would be blasphemy to say better than Metallica. Still.....


#93. Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Throw Away Your Television"

 This song is just so good live. The stinging bass and excellent guitar make up for Kiedis's bland voice. Listen to the whole thing, it justs gets better as time goes on.


#92. Five For Fighting- "100 Years to Live"

A nice little inspirational, inspiring piece with good piano playing. Lyrics are actually pretty good, a rarity in this day and age.


#91. Spoon-  "I Summon You"

Sorry for the bad quality, it was the best i could find. Great guitar riff, simple and to the point, with a catchy beat, and easy to listen to lyrics.


#90. The Hives- "Die, All Right!"

I love the Hives. There, i said it. This was however, the only top 100 song i considered for them. Shame. Listening to this song reminds me how good they are. Very energetic music that starts just as fast as it ends.


#89. Cold War Kids- "Used To Vacation" 

This song got my hopes up for a band i otherwise don't like. Nice use of percussion, great start to a dissapointing album. The only thing lacking is a good solo.


#88. Kasabian-  "Reason Is Treason"

Great use of synths, and damn, it is a good video too. I love this band, shame they hit a sophomore slump. Seriously though, watch the video.


#87. The Strokes- "12:51"

What is 12:51? I have no idea. But this song is catchy. Again with thesimple riffs and now some synths, but this song is just easy to listen to.


 #86. Robert Plant- "If I were a Carpenter"

Sorry, no Robert Plant clip, you know Led Zeppelin. Anyway, i just really wanted Plant on here and I think that this song best captures the Led magic.


#85. The Killers- "Bling(Confession of a King)"

I just had to have this song on here somewhere. It is a lot different than typical killers. Good lyrics, kind of an eery feel, "im pushin on for that horizon now i've got that blowin wind against my face"


#84. Snow Patrol-  "Chasing Cars"

 Not big on this band, but i gotta give this song props. Simply put, just a well made song. Nothing more can be said.


#83. Incubus-  "Sick, Sad Little World"

Great fast paced song, good job of changing mood and tones mid-song. Very good lyrics. Also, the homemade music video featured in the clip is excellent.


#82. Broken Social Scene- "KC Accidental"  

A great band that no one knows about. Very good work on the instrumentals, more than makes up for lack of lyrics.


#81. Jet-  "Cold Hard BlTCH"

Jet, what else can be said? Ok fine, i guess i can explain the song. Its fun, easy to listen to, and they say b*tch. Whats not to like. Modern day classic rock.


#80. Arctic Monkeys-  "Red Lights Indicate Doors Are Secured"

Them and their British slang, who the hell knows what they are saying? Who cares? Unlike Cardsox, i have nothing but raves for these guys. Just a very good song that lets its music frame the lead singer, nothing fancy.


#79. Smashing Pumpkins- "Doomsday Clock"

This song rocks, simply put. Billy Corgan finally stopped singing about himself and realized that **** goin on in the world. Also, it is in Transformers. YEAH!


#78. The Mars Volta- "Intertiatic E.S.P"

My new favorite band, and one of the most talented in todays music industry. Excellent guitar playing by Cedric, and Omar's voice just hits the highest pitch possible. Sorry for the lack of a link.


#77. Modest Mouse-  "Bukowski"

A little known song by MM, but just amazing. Interesting instrumentals, sort of a ahaunting feel to the song.


#76. Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Scartissue" 

Too good of a song not to be on this list, yet it is this low because i have listened to it over 300 times. Good music video, just a solid, listenable song.


#75. Bright Eyes-  "Easy/Lucky/Free"

Nice mellow song, catchy lyrics, easy to listen to,  good lyrics, a very well made song.


Hope you enjoyed part 1, tune in for the next 3. 


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