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Kicking around Topics for my new NBA group ( don;t worry there is a link at the bottom)

Got a thought rank the overall franchises by groups based on overall talent level.

Since 1980, a good starting position for all time basis in team play.

and yes there may be a tourney coming up on this :-)

Level I - 6 teams

Level One teams either have championships over a lenth of time or just amassed a great deal of talent in 2 different eras.

Boston Celtics - Bird makes this grouping great but the C's have had a lot of talent since- they have just mismanaged what they had or had really bad luck.

Philadelphia 76ers - only one title but they have 3 different stages of greatness -The Moses/DR J combo/ the Barkley era/the AI Group - two completely different teams all Title worthy.

Chicago Bulls - MJ alone makes this group elite plus the Current grouping

Detroit Pistons - 2 Title Era place them here.

Phoenix Suns - The Barkley Era and the Currnet group make this team scary.

Los Angeles Lakers - Just the Sheer Volume of titles since 1980 place them here.

Level II - 9 teams

These were starting out teams that made multiple final fours- but never won a title- but then as I got to breaking them down I had to drop the Rockets due to not much from the current grouping or much of anything before/after the Akeem Group till now either. Also I chose to drop the Spurs because, even with the late Dominance of the Duncan group- what did they have before he got there? Sean Elliot and Rodman does not make you an elite franchise- maybe a mistake but my call- a strong 7th team but I did want even teams

New Jersey Nets - Strong teams all through this group- might move up soon but other than Kidd- does anyone on thier all time list scare you?

New York Knicks - Ewing and Oakley group is strong- but lately they have a TON of talent but no wins.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Wanted to move them up but the current roster would just be the bench for the 80's roster other than James- But I tell you James would give up is Hummer collection to have a PG like Price right now.

Indiana Pacers - Lot of players but the back of Reggie carried just to much with too little talent

Houston Rockets- See Above
Dallas Mavericks - had difficulty there- but If I can;t move the Cavs and Nets up- I'm not moving the Mavs

Portland Trail Blazers - Hard choice here- It all goes on Clyde- I find him overrated- so he drops down here

Seattle SuperSonics- Solid team with Peyton and Kemp- the definition of a level II team.

San Antonio Spurs- See Above

Level III -9 teams

the Rest of the teams that have been around

Milwaukee Bucks- If I was going true all time- they might be Level I

Atlanta Hawks- When Koncak is on your short list for a starting spot- you are in trouble

Denver Nuggets - If Melo develops they are out of here

Washington Wizards - Gilbert and Adams with Sheed in the Front court- they might have a beef

Minnesota Timberwolves- How alone was KG?

Golden State Warriors - NO frontcourt but mesh the Run TMC with Baron and Fisher makes this team rough

Los Angeles Clippers- TOns of Talent comes through here

Sacramento Kings - kind of makes you wonder how good Tom Chambers was- Chambers/Webber pretty good duo

Utah Jazz In 2 years this group is level 2- but right now? I don;t think so

Level IV - 6
New teams since 1980

Miami Heat Level 2 team

Orlando Magic Level 3 even with Shaq and Howard

Charlotte Bobcats - Level 1 baby!

Toronto Raptors- Level 3 - the Canadian Clippers?

Memphis Grizzlies - Level 3

New Orleans Hornets- I'm going Level 2 here- deep in each position and can compete any time- only bad owvership has stopped them from permanent Success

Care to toss some teams around?

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