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A few days ago I asked if this was the best corner matchup we've seen and for good reason; it was the unsung story before the game. Well, as it turned out, it became the unsung story of the game. Sure Favre has a cannon, the Broncos can't stop the run and the Packers can actually call run plays, Cutler is fantastic outside of the pocket, and Aaron Kampman is He-man in the flesh(HE HAS THE POWWEEERRR!), but nothing determined this game more than the corner play, yet, as if they are admitting that they screwed up not writing about it before the game, ESPN and all the other "experts" of all outlets(I mention ESPN because they covered the game and even though Jaworski almost illuded to it by making an Al Harris comment and they did a 5-second Woodson to Bailey display before the game they still missed) are forgetting to write about it.

Champ Bialey and Dre Bly are regarded as the best corner combo in football with Champ Bailey being the best cover corner in football by many "experts". A big reson for this is that they have the lead in interceptions in the last few years. The problem with this theory that the "experts", especially ESPN, are so in love with is that zone cover is a turnover potent scheme and they are the best ZONE cover corner duo in the league. The best man to man duo in the league is by far Charles Woodson and Al Harris. So the battle then remains who is the best corner combo in the league, and we had a chance to see the answer proven on Prime time national TV football for the whole country to see. Well, it was blatantly proven and the whole country saw it.

Zone cover corners are supposed to prevent big plays and create turnovers, both Bailey and Bly gave up huge plays and did not create any turnovers, even when the "incomparable" Champ had his hands on the ball(albeit low and tipped). Man cover corners are supposed to shut down outside recievers and not give up outside TD's, Harris and Woodson shut down outside recievers and did not give up any outside TD's, and Charles Woodson had a fantastic late, clutch tackle to keep a receiver in bounds late in the fourth quarter.

One duo proved thier dominance of the position on a good defense, the other ruined a defense to come together and then floundered. Any thoughts of Bailey and Bly being better than Woodson and Harris from here on out are a joke. The game in the end was determined by Cutler, the great outside passer, having to look back inside for most of his affective passes, a great late tackle by woodson, and of course Bly and Bailey getting badly beaten in the most embarassing way a corner can be beaten.

Favre will deservingly get the headline credit and Kampman will deservingly get the "inside scoop" credit, but the real story of the game was how it was determined by which cornerback duo was the best in the NFL, the Packers was, and the Broncos wasn't. 


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