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 Nomarfan's top 100 rock songs since 1999: 100-75

    Well fellas, here's the 2nd installment. Today this segment of the list features:  23 different bands in 25 songs. Only two band had more than one song in this segment, and i find that this fact is a culpable estimation of how music is these days. How many artists are huge one day and gone the next? There aren't many Beatle's or Rolling Stones (besides the Rolling Stones of course) that are just epic songmakers, pumping out quality stuff. Hell, only 3 or 4 people on the entire list were even old enough to listen to the Beatles live.


Anyway, here we go. 


#74. Beck- "Clap Hands" 

Truly an innovator in the music genre. He is one of the few original artists in the industry today that has had much success, and he has been pumping out music for 13 years. This is a great video from SNL, though it is nothing like the song on the album. Check it out if you have the chance.


#73. Kings of Leon- "Knocked Up"

This was made long before the popular movie, but it could be its the song. Ever heard one of those songs that just flies by? This fits in to that type of song. A very short seven minutes from a very good band.


#72. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros- "Shaktar Donetsk"  

What-tar what? What the hell does this mean? I don't know, but it is a very good song. WARNING! the song doesnt start in this clip until 3 minutes in.


#71. Daft Punk- "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

HEy, i'm open to creativity on this list, so lets throw some dico-ish  music on this list. Also, cool video.


#70. Modest Mouse- "Dashboard

Mouse's newest single, and it doesnt let us MM fans down. A new song, so i don't know how long I will like ti, but right now, I'm liking it a lot.


#69. Queens of the Stone Age- "No One Knows

QOTSA at its best, when it doesn't try to do too much and act too weird. Solid powerful simple guitar riff to complement a catchy song about 3:10 in, short, and a typical Queens-ish solo.


#68. Pearl Jam- "World Wide Suicide

To me, Pearl Jam is a band trying to live up to their amazing rookie effort, Ten. IT seems here they finally make a good album with a self titled album, and its only been what, 15 years? Bout damn time. 


#67. The Arctic Monkeys- "Fluorescent Adolescent

I won't even start on this song, i'm just really diggin AM right now. Just listen to the song. And if you think this is good, there are still 3 more higher up on the list. If you are  Cardsox, than you can suffer.


#66. Tokyo Police Club- "Box

Here's to you Cardsox, we are even. He recommended me this band, and i love their originality and quirkiness (word?) IMO by far their best song. 


#65. The Mars Volta- "Vermicide

Mars does it again. This is one of their shortest songs, but the synths, guitars, FX, and voice all just flow perfectly.


#64. Gin Blossoms- "Long Time Gone

Not great quality on the vid, but just listen to the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young version. A very good cover of an already amazing song.


#63. The Last Goodnight- "Pictures of You

A new band, so people may be wary, but don't be. Another very good song with decent lyrics, and its just damn catchy. 


#62. O.A.R- "That was a Crazy Game of Poker

 Sort of a blugrass-y feel, catchy chorus, it is about poker. Not much more to say. He just lost it all.


#61. Thievery Corporation- "Lebanese Blonde

I can not stress enough my fascination for this song. The strings are just amazing. Sorry bout the strange link, it was the only one witht he full intro, which is by far the best part.


#60. Incubus- "Dig"

To me, incubus is a swing-or-miss band, the Jack Cust of music. Some of their stuff (Light Grenades, A Crow Left of the Murder) are amazing, and some sucks. This fits into the former.  


#59. The White Stripes- "Seven Nation Army

More of those crazy cousins pretending to be married, or was it married couple pretending to be cousins? Whoa re these people anywya? Anyway, who cares, this song is pure awesomeness. The guitar and drums and bass mesh into one sound that is just incredible.


#58. Jimmy Eat World- "The Middle"

A typical pop/rock song from this era, but for some reason, this one just sticks. Has the big replay factor, which is key.


#57. Jet- "Put your money where your mouth is

Just a good song. One of maybe 3 songs on MLB 07 the Show that was not horrible.


#56. Wolfmother- "Minds Eye

The Wolves go with a slower approach to this song, and it turns out to be a success. Anyone else see that these bands are majorly influenced by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath?


#55. The Strokes- "Reptilia"

Very catchy guitar riff overall great instrumentals that make up for the bland vocals.


#54. Modest Mouse- "Float On"

This song is on this list for the sole reason that it got Modest Mouse out in the open, and I love it for that. It is a good song. Yet if you listen to it enough, it gets old. Probably too high on this list, but its too late now.


#53. The Arctic Monkeys- "Plastic ****

 A great fast paced song byt he British rockers. Everything about this song is  fast, yet it doesn't seem rushed. Lyrics? I have no ideareall what they are saying.


#52. Spoon "You got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Spoon is always awesome on SNL. Very good complement to the best IMO, Spoon song on the same album, Micheal Jordan's Scottie Pippen


#51. Seether- "The Gift"

Don't roast me on this one, i don't like Seether either, but this song is just very well done. A softer lsower song with thoughtful lyrics and sounds amazing with acoustics.


#50. Broken Social Scene- "Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

Another of my favorite BSS songs. Just listen to this song a couple of times, it will grow on you. I would have this way higher on the list, but then i would face blasphemy charges. This is a really, REALLY, good song.



There you are, we are halfway done! 


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