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Jabar Gaffney- This guy has looked great all camp and all pre-season. He is the Broncos clear cut number 1 guy and he has formed great chemistry with QB Kyle Orton. He is Ortons go to guy and Gaffney should have a really nice game against a super weak Rams defense. 8 receptions 90 yards and 1 TD.

 Jerome Harrison- Hardesty's gone for the year. If you own Harrison this is nothing but great news. I predicted early in my fantasy football blog that Hardesty would go down and he did. Mangini said that he wan'ts Harrison to run away with the starting job week 1 against the Buccaneers. And i expect to see him do just that. Harrison will be fed the ball this weak and i expect him to do a lot with it. 25-30 carries 130 yards 1 TD. 3 receptions 20 yards. James Davis and Peyton Hillis are good players but pose no threat to steal too many carries.

Ahmad Bradshaw- Dude can play. He's lightning quick and is not afraid to run in between the tackles. He's won the starting job in NY and the way things are going right now with the now backup Brandon Jacobs i don't see him playing too much. Bradshaw is going to show up big. Not to mention he will get goalin carries. 17 carries 95 rush yards, 5 receptions 35 yards 1 TD.

 Matt Forte- Forte's bounce back from a bad last seaosn begins this week. Forte has played well in the pre-season and is now on a Chicago Bears team that has more weapons around him with the rise of Devin Aromashodu. He goes up against a bad Bears team. 20 Carries 98 yards 1 TD 6 receptions 40 yards. (If nothing else you have to love the matchup)

Ray Rice- Big time players make big time plays in big time games! Ray Rice shows up with a great day against a superb Jets defense. Look the Ravens will be running heavy. Ray Rice will be a force in the run game and the pass game. Look for Flacco to be throwing the ball to Rice A LOT. Rice should rack up plenty of yards both rushing and recieving. 25 carries 115 yards 1 TD 5 recpetions 55 yards.

Cedric Benson- Going up against a depleted Patriots defense Cedric should have another solid day. Fact is Benson will produce good fantasy numbers all year no matter who the Bengals are playing. Unless your stacked at RB its hard to sit Benson. With all that said i think he has another good fantasy day 23 carries 120 1 TD, 2 receptions 17 yards.


Joe Flacco- Against a superb Jets D i don't see Flacco puting up numbers. The Ravens will try and pound the ball and Flacco will put up medicore fantasy numbers.

All Jets players except Shonn Greene- Don't hate Greene in this game and don't love him either. Greene probaley plays solid but nothing great. Sanchez will be a train wreck, Cotchery will be very limited probaley a 4 reception 45 yard type game with maybe the possibility of a score and the same goes for Braylon Edwards.

Marion Barber/Felix Jones- I hate timeshare RBs. Both are good and both should get the same amount of carries. Either 1 could explod with a great day but its tough guessing which one it will be week in and out.

LeSean McCoy- The Eagles don't run the ball enough. Mike Bell will vulture any goaline carries. The Eagles go up against a very good Green Bay Packers defense which just makes things worse for McCoy. Better options at RB out there.


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