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Even though I hate what Belichick is doing...They are running up the Score. Kick Field goals! But besides that I will tell you more about the Colts and the Pats. The reason they are sooo good, is because they have allowed thier Head Coaches to be there for a long time and put there own stamp on the team. Tony Dungy has installed a Crazy Good Cover 2 scheme. Belichick has broken the Mold for 3-4 Defenses. Both have very good Offenses. I think Belichick has created his own version of the Colts Passing offense in the Pats scheme.

Patriots- They have had Great Success with thier Draft picks and Free Agents. Before this season, they had Classy guys that would play anywhere and do anything.....(Troy Brown, Dan Klecko, Teddy Bruschi, LB/S Don Davis) But they did a good job of adding players that would do ANYTHING at any TIME! TE Kyle Brady, RB Sammy Morris, and WR Wes Welker. I always liked Welker, back to his days at Texas Tech. The guy is 120% Every Snap and is going to be better than Hines Ward. The Defensive System is ran Perfect to a "T". They have the best schemes and coaching to get ready for every team. They did a Awesome job on Romo. By Blitzing SS Rodney Harrison, they were keeping Romo uncomfortable in the pocket. It worked perfect. The Cowboys have to figure out a way to counter that.....Screen pass to the Strong Side maybe? The Offense is running more shotgun than ever and are spreading the field and everyone does there job perfectly. The Offensive Line is Great on the Left side. The right side is suspect, but Brady is right handed and looking that way 90% of the time. So it is hard to get pressure on him due to that.

Colts- Everyone talks about someone else. Doesn't like the Limelight and it stems down from the Coach. At the beginning of the year, I didn't believe in all the Fill-in Defensive guys. I was wrong. These guys just basically fly to the ball. They all play their assignments and are very disciplined. This is the only team that really matches up to the Patriots. This is the only Defense with enough speed to take the Pats out. The offense does a GREAT job with the Zone blocking scheme and RB Joseph Addai was a Perfect fit for this scheme. The Undersized Guards and Center do a Great job in zone and pass protection. The passing game is Perfect. Starting with Harrison and Wayne. But, Dallas Clark has proven he is consistent and very hard to stop. This is a great matchup and I can't wait to watch.

I think this really is a matchup of Good and Evil.....The Pats are the New- New York Yankess. Just like Dallas was in the 90's. People still hate us.


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