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OK!! We're off to a great start! The chatter has been absolutely vigorous and desultory in tone. A bunch of trades immediately following the draft became the subject of heated, hostile and hysterical charges and accusations. Less than a week into things and we are already crying CHEATER and looking for proof of conspiracy and deception.

Man! Is this FN FF League a blast or what? 

I was asked to take a look at a trade that appeared to be pretty stupid on the surface. And in fact it was very stupid. One guy was clearly getting the better deal. It was a trade I thought was almost underhanded and the guy was being taken to the cleaners. I was as pissed as everyone else that I didn't work that scam out somehow myself.

I listened and learned a few things. It seemed obvious that members did not quite know just how and what the Commish can do regarding trades. Several members stated wrong info regarding how many votes it takes to stop a trade. Just what is actually Fair as opposed to Unfair... or unethical. To help get the stories straight, get everyone's attention and be sure we all knew what the rules were, I took action.

 And of course all hell broke loose.

I made a simple executive decision that lead to one of the great public relations disasters in FN history. With one act I came close to destroying the fantasy in our fantasy incarnation before we even started. Accusations of corruption were flying before the opening game was over.

A slightly insane and overly hysterical member that we all know and love, offered one of the better FN tirades when he heard I vetoed the trade. Freaked out, trashed his team and quit in a wave of shrill yet comical insults directed at yours truly, The Commish. I was scared he was close to hurting himself and losing faith in humanity.

You got to love how deeply invested emotionally some people can get in their Fantasy personas.

Not thinking that someone would come close to killing themselves over it... I decided to put the trades on hold for a day, send out some info and do my best to get everyone's input on a few questions regarding trades. Especially since a different member was basically being burned as a witch for casting a spell over a guy and taking him for everything he had in an evil trade.

And there was another evil trade that slipped under the radar that was of questionable integrity. A lot of people had a lot of comments of varying points of view. Most were along the lines that I was a corrupt puppet of Sems and went beyond stupid and straight to diabolical.

Cheating: The Sequel, had premiered.

I would have felt really bad it had been a real person that I knew that called me names or slandered me. But this is the internet and we're a bunch of cyberbuds involved in a Fantasy Football GAME. We are so far from barely acquainted it ain't funny, yet we get so personal at times in our interactions and responses.  But in real life a person that knew me probably wouldn't call me a vile, treacherous, back stabbing, fraud of an **** over a game.

My honest attempt to act in the best interest of the league was viewed as an ultimately insidious act of breathtaking incompetence. As I knew it would be on first glance.

But since most of the slightly extreme and really adolescent attitude and reactions came from the few people directly affected as I figured it would. The power of being Commish had been exercised... and so I was going to get the obligatory flack. So I had already stopped caring about what they would say the night before the day they said it.

But in the end the FN version of Real Housewives of FanNation the world didn't end... no one got hurt and no one has won anything yet. Everyone still has a horse in the race and the big weekend is here.

It's been established, I hope, that even though I'm a pretty stupid and woefully unqualified candidate to be the Commish, I'm not intentionally or deliberately corrupt. I am honestly incompetent and anyone who wants to volunteer to take over as Commish would be a personal hero to me for a long time.

As a way of enjoying myself I intend to use this space to post some funny, insightful and ridiculously long blogs that will feature the wit and wisdom of yours truly.

I'll also try to start a new thread every week if I can to post the scores and records each week and upcoming matchups. It will give me a way to look busy at work.

Good Luck One and All!!

September 12, 2010  02:28 PM ET


Ha! First comment by Looka... what a compliment.

Admit it too... you read the WHOLE thing

September 14, 2010  10:18 PM ET

ok, didn't read the whole thing...LOL.. just wanted to say HI.. and Happy Birthday !


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