8:20- Hello Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. What excitement!

8:21- WE learn the Rockies starter Aaron Cook has not made a start since the 10th of August. Hmmm, gooood luck Colorado.

8:25- Joe Buck says, "What a difference a day can make." Yea, I'm not really feeling that for tonight.

8:26- What I am feeling is those towels from the fans.

8:30- The first batter of the game, Jacoby Ellsbury, doubles. It's gonna be a long night.

8:33- Three minutes in and we have a score as Big Papi knocks in Ellsbury. Sorry Rockies fans. Go home now.

8:35- Does Manny Ramirez know that the Red Sox  are on the verge of clinching the World Series? Does he know he is in Denver? Did he knew who the Rockies were a week ago? Does he now? All good questions.

8:38- Jon Lester is a really good story. I want to see the series stretch out, but if he gets the win, then I will be satisfied.

8:43- 1-2-3 retired. Perfect.

8:48- I'm just saying Jason Varitek is the definition of the word "captain." He is a leader both on the field in his game, and with his presence among teammates and his pitchers....Just thought I'd mention it.

8:49- The Red Sox have only hit one home run is the World Series so far, and it was by the first batter of the series. (Dustin Pedroia, Game 1). This shows how balanced of a team the Sox really are. Everyone can hit for power (yes even JD Drew) and average.

8:50- WOW! Tim McCarver just completely repeats what Buck just says, about the homeruns, and thankfully catches himself by the end of the sentence. That was awkward.

8:54- Update: Boston 1-0, Bottom of the 2nd.

8:55- Good news, so far we are not on pace to break the record for longest game, unlike last night.

8:56- Todd Helton hits a double. Remember before the season Helton was nearly traded to the Red Sox. Imagine how that would have changed this season. The Rockies probably never get here, and my Phillies could be here right now. Damn.

8:57- Whoa, David Ortiz actually knows how to play some 1st base. Big ups to Big Papi. I still feel bad for Kevin Youkilis though. He was probably playing the best of all Red Sox, but hey Ortiz is clutch.

9:02-9:05- We endure grueling at-bat by Yorvit Torrealba (who ties with Jacoby Ellsbury for coolest first name in the playoffs).

9:08- Julio Lugo is up to bat and I'll bet anyone in the world any amount of money that he will get out.

9:09- I win.

9:17- Both pitchers, are looking pretty good, but knowing the series, the Sox are about to explode.

9:18- Manny misses line drive, and comically adjust his hat before retrieving the ball. Your not in Fenway anymore.

9:25- Lester comes up big by striking out Tulowitzki, and Holliday to end a rare Rockies threat.

9:28- Tim McCarver makes his 4th joke of the night that has not been funny whatsoever.

9:29- Ken Rosenthal says Dustin Predroia is referred to as the "TO" of baseball. So does he demand new contracts, cause distractions, wave pom-poms, whip out sharpies, criticize his own quarterback, talk in the third person, leave cute messages for the media, ruin seasons. No. I didn't think so.

9:34- So Aaron Cook is showing no signs of rust after about 78 days off, and the rest of the team is complaining about 8 days.

9:39- The in-game interviews are actually good for the game, and interesting. Terry Francona gives some nice details, but I have noticed Clint Hurdle is very informative.

9:40- Speaking of Francona, why is he suddenly a genius. For 4 years with the Phillies he could not get **** out of them. Always happens to Philly.

9:45- After 4 innings the score remains 1-0 Boston. And now I will depart for 30 minutes. Be back soon.

10:15- Now the score has changed to 2-0 in the middle of the 6th. Right now I gotta give Aaron Cook some props, usually potent bats have been silent for Red Sox.

10:19- Fox just showed a poll for which team is better. The 2004 Sox or this 2007 team. It's a toughie. I would go with a tie, but I won't be cheap. By a very narrow margin I am going to say this 2007 Red Sox team. The reason being the 2004 team had a little more, umm desire than this team. I mean 86 years is a long freaking time. This time around they have tremendous talent everywhere, and everyone contributes.

10:23- It's puzzling why Garret Atkins, Brad Hawpe, Yorvit Torrealba, Troy Tulowitski among others just are not stepping up. What do you expect from people who 90% of fans didn't even know last month, or maybe even last week.

10:24- Jon Lester's night is done, and I applaud him for his performance. The Rockies fans are applauding him too, but why?

10:28- Think about it; three innings, probably a little over an hour until another Red Sox World Series title. Pretty cool.

10:31- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. David Ortiz puts bubble gum on Daisuke Matsuzaka's cap, and Dice-K doesn't even realize, meanwhile a few other players are cracking up. Finally, the Japanese phenom figures out what is going on, then proceeds to do a bow type thingy with Big Papi. Hilarious. It really shows how much of a fun and loose team they are.

10:32- Speaking of that, Mike Lowell, home run, 3-0 Sox.

10:33- Cook's night is over, and he may have stayed in for one batter too many.

10:36- I completely hate the free agent talk (stupid A-Rod, I just saw it on ESPNNEWS). The goal and pinnacle of baseball is to win the championship and currently the Red Sox are 3 innings away from doing so. However the announcers and others are more focused on offseason proceedings. Pay attention to the spectacle before you, and worry about next year in a week or so. Ughh.

10:40- Tim McCarver makes his 9th joke of the night that has not been funny.

10:44- Just speculating on who the MVP will be. My odds are on Jason Varitek.

10:48- Brad Hawpe hits a home run and you would think by the crowd's reaction that the Rockies have won the game. 3-1. Still some catching up to do.

10:56 Kaz Matsui is up in a key situation, and if the Rockies were facing the Phillies he would hit a home run, but....10:58 gets out.

10:59 Fox shows a live look at the bullpen which reveals that Eric Gagne is warming up. Way to start a whole new curse.

11:06- Brian Fuentes allows a home run to Bobby Kielty with his first pitch. 4-1. Easy to say, but I would of used Manny Corpas for the two-inning stretch.

11:09- Ken Rosenthal officially reports A-Rod has opted out, which starts a deep conversation. Who the hell cares? Not me. Focus on the Series, which is nearing it's wonderful end. Screw Rodriguez. God!

11:11- Stop talking about it!

11:12- Stop!

11:13- I'm begging, does anyone agree with me here?

11:14- Finally some real game chatter after a nice double play is turned by the Rockies.

11:16- I hate to see David Ortiz being taken out. Although it is the right move, it would be nice to see him be on the field to celebrate. I'm proposing they do it like Little League, where pinch runners just substitute on the bases, then the hitters come back in after the inning.

11:25- Manny Ramirez has also exited. Kevin Youkilis and Coco Crisp now enter.

11:26- For the sake of all Red Sox fans, do not put Eric Gagne in. They can not enjoy the win if they are in a state of cardiac arrest.

11:28- We are now 5 outs away. But if you can remember a lot of things have happened with 5 outs left.

11:31- No matter the numbers that Matt Holliday has, Todd Helton is the real MVP of the Rockies team.  He has been the staple of the franchise for years, and always comes through in the clutch. Most fans only knew him a few years ago.

11:34- Wow, we got a game now. 2 run homer by Garret Atkins and now it is a 4-3 game. And it takes .6 miliseconds for "Tito" to take Okajima out. Jonathan Papelbon comes in. Yes! Looking forward to another dance.

11:40- Pap shuts Colorado down, and now Boston is 3 outs away. Get the champagne or whatever beverage prepared.

11:48- Get this top of the inning done quick. All anyone wants to see is the bottom.

11:54- To the bottom of the ninth we go. Strap your seat belts.

11:57- Sign held by Rockies fan says, "Gotta have faith." At this point you better have more than faith. Start praying now.

11:58- By the way, the bottom of the order is up. I'm scared.

12:00- Many fans now have rally caps on with 2 outs to go. Sorry to say but your rally caps should have been on the second the Red Sox beat the Tribe. No way you were going to win this series after that.

12:02- Oh, my, sigh of relief, after Ellsbury catches a long fly on the warning track.

12:03- Seth Smith is about to be the infamous part of a trivia question for who made the last out of the 2007 World Series. Kinda feel bad. Well, not really.

12:05- Strike 1. Ball 1. Ball 2. Strike 2. Do you believe in miracles???

12:06- NOO!!! Red Sox win, Red Sox win. For the second time in 4 seasons the Boston Red Sox have won the world series. It is mass hysteria on the field. All players are huddled around the mound particularly Jonathan Papelbon who has just struck the last batter out. You have to feel good for, Schill, Beckett, Dice-K, Pap, Ortiz, Youk, Lowell, Manny, Tek, everybody.

12:08- Moments after a interview with a teary Varitek takes place. Hell, I'm teary.

12:09- Enjoy this one Red Sox Nation you are once again champions of the baseball world.


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