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Well folks Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and I am currently 10-6 with my picks.  So the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs are meeting in the Super Bowl right?  There's no i-Phone App for the NFL, but if there's a routine given play in the NFL, well "there's a rule for that."  Hopefully your eliminator pick is still alive and if so, it's not anymore.  Time for some analysis and Week 2 picks.

Your 1:00 PM contests for the National Football League.

Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers: The Packers started off like the team I expected to win the Super Bowl, but they almost got e-VICK-ted from Philly.  Unfortunately for Green Bay, running back Ryan Grant is done for the season and now the Packers have to get even more creative.  Mind you the Packers lost an early season tilt to Cincinnati last year but I don't think they'll have as much trouble with a Buffalo team which thought it was a higher percentage play to take a safety late rather than try to complete a ten yard pass on fourth down.  Pick: Green Bay.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals: Baltimore will have to face a much better USC quarterback this Sunday, but if Carson Palmer has to throw it 50 times again the Bengals are in for another long day.  Even though Cincinnati swept them last year, I still love the Ravens defense and that's why I'll take them once again.  Pick: Baltimore.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers: Is it just me or does this just smack of a John Kasay vs. Matt Bryant field goal fest?  Perhaps that old adage in baseball about not believing in what players do in April or September holds true in football and for Panthers quarterback Matt Moore.  I couldn't have seen myself doing this a few weeks back , but the Bucs beat Carolina's old quarterback last week, they'll beat their new one this week, whomever that is.  Pick: Tampa Bay.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Cleveland Browns: Teams that are reliant on back breaker plays to win aren't the most consistent when it comes to winning.  In the case of the Chiefs that is where my dilemma lies.  Yes it was impressive to hold on and knock off the Chargers, but are you winning every game with a 94 yard punt return and 56 yard run from scrimmage?  Probably not.  The Browns were mostly in control of Tampa but couldn't hang on.  Pick: Kansas City.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans: In what has become a pass happy league, this contest should be an all out ground war.  I liked what Pittsburgh did to shut down Atlanta's offense, especially their ground attack.  But Tennessee runs it much better.  Mind you the Titans aren't playing Oakland, though I believe home field is enough for them to pull it out against the Steelers.  Pick: Titans.

Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys: How Dallas lost to Washington without them scoring an offensive touchdown I'll never know.  Dallas needs to establish the run more than last week and cut down on the obvious miscues.  Chicago should have lost to Detroit at home if not for an awful call at the end.  Who do you think I like?  Pick: Dallas.

Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons: Arizona went into St. Louis and almost lost.  Atlanta went into Pittsburgh and looked pretty ugly too.  I'm going to chalk the latter up to Pittsburgh's defense and take the Falcons here.  Pick: Atlanta.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions: Should I name this the Rodney Peete bowl?  The poor Lions get jobbed in Chicago and now they don't have their quarterback.  The Eagles got edged out by the Packers, lost their quarterback but may have found a better one.  Pick: Philadelphia.

Miami Dolphins @ Minnesota Vikings: This contest will be a close tight defensive struggle and that's why I like the Dolphins.  Right now the Vikings have virtually no receiving threats and essentially need Adrian Peterson to run for about 140.  I worry about Miami being able to pound the ball against the Minnesota front four, but the Dolphins can make the Vikings very one dimensional with their defense.  Pick: Miami.

Your 4:00 PM contests for the National Football League.

Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos: If I had known Matt Hasselbeck was going to be this rejuvenated, I would've taken the Seahawks to win the NFC West.  Denver did nothing to impress me in Jacksonville last week.  Pick: Seattle.

St. Louis Rams @ Oakland Raiders: It is very tempting to take the Rams in this spot, but I can't take a rookie quarterback on the road.  Raiders lost to a very solid Titans team last week.  Pick: Raiders.

Houston Texans @ Washington Redskins: Can the Redskins make it a Texas two-step?  Dallas was supposed to come in with a high-octane offense and left with seven points.  Houston, what say you?  I thought Washington played with a lot of grit, though the feeling out process on offense still concerns me.  If the Texans run somewhere near what they did in week one and certainly better than the Cowboys did, they should have enough to take it.  Pick: Houston.

New England Patriots @ New York Jets: A good way not to have the Patriots look at your previous game tape, play offense like the Jets did last week.  Another statement game for New England.  Pick: New England.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Diego Chargers: Don't worry Jags fans, despite opening against Denver and San Diego, you're not in the AFC West or L.A. yet.  After another shaky opener I expect a bounce back performance by the Bolts.  Pick: San Diego.

Sunday Night.

New York Giants @ Indianapolis Colts: I know that Peyton Manning is not Matt Moore.  I also know that the Colts are soft on defense without Bob Sanders.  Additionally I know that the Giants are a pretty solid road dog under Tom Coughlin.  Therefore I like the Giants .  Pick: New York Giants.

Monday Night.

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers: Old NFC West rivals, I expect a much better showing under the lights by San Francisco.  Yet the Saints are always ready to roll and roll big in prime time as well.  Pick: Saints.

Eliminator Pick: Dallas Cowboys.

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