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Let me say a few things before we dive right into the picks.

  1. The order from here on out will be strictly current NFL standings. At the half way point you can start to see a little more clearly where exactly teams will be picking.
  2. I'm assuming that a few players aren't leaving early. Namely Ray Rice and Phil Loadholt.
  3. In my previous mocks I have had Dallas trading up to the first pick to select McFadden. However, with the Browns recent success the first of the Cowboys picks is now in the 20's. The value of two lower round picks isn't what the Dolphins would be looking for in exchange for the top selection. If the Browns falter and move back into the top 10, I will change my mock accordingly.

With that being said, let's get down to business...

Round 1

  1. Miami - Glenn Dorsey. With the 31st ranked run defense at the moment, they need all the help they can get. Dorsey is probably the top player in the draft and will help to fill a need area for the Dolphins. Good fit here.
  2. Rams - Jake Long. They essentially have all the pieces in place offensively at the skill positions to be a good football team. The problem is keeping them healthy. A solid O-Line would be a good start towards keeping those stars on the field. Together with Pace they would form bookend tackles that would anchor that line. If Pace continues to get injured he will be his replacement at LT.
  3. Jets - Darren McFadden. Now they have given up on Pennington and turned the reigns over to Clemens this franchise is heading in a new direction. And adding McFadden to this offense gives them instant spark. They can still use Jones as the "feature" back who totes the rock 20 times a game. But they could use McFadden in a "Reggie Bush" role. Line him up at WR, RB, Kick Return. Would give spark to the 30th ranked offense in the league.
  4. Falcons - Brian Brohm. No-brainer. Petrino wants his guy and he's going to get him. In that offense the coach has to trust his QB and Petrino trusts Brohm.
  5. Raiders - DeSean Jackson. California guy who would add a much needed weapon for Russell next year. He will start out in the slot and use his skills with the ball to turn 5 yard passes from Russell into 25 yard passes from Russell. He also instantly upgrades the return game. Gives the Raiders a homerun threat on kick and punt returns.
  6. Vikings - Andre Woodson. I have finally come to the other side on this pick. I held off in my first two mocks from picking a QB with the Vikings selection but now it appears even the Vikings don't have faith in Jackson anymore. Peterson is a stud and they better get a QB in there quickly who can be the guy for the next 10 years or Peterson will want out. Woodson is that QB. Hurt his stock in that loss to MSU but still a top prospect.
  7. Bengals - James Laurinaitis. This is a defense that is flat out rotten. They need upgrades at almost every position. The little animal gives the Bengals a LB who can cover sideline to sideline and make plays. He's going to be a tackling machine in the NFL and is exactly what the Bengals need to start turning that defense in the right direction.
  8. Patriots (from 49ers) - Malcolm Jenkins. And the rich get richer. This selection may depend on what Asante Samuel decides to do. However, either way I don't think they can pass on a talent like Jenkins. Best CB prospect in the draft.
  9. Texans - Sam Baker. After addressing defensive line in the last two drafts they turn to the other side of the ball to get some protection for Schaub. They have gotten better on the O-Line but there's still a lot of room for improvement. Baker provides an instant upgrade.
  10. Bears - Matt Ryan. Another no-brainer. They need stability at QB and they will finally get that with the selection of Ryan. He can sit for a year behind Griese and then take over the offense. If Benson ever reaches close to his potential, this offense could actually be good in 2 or 3 years.
  11. Saints - Ray Maualuga. They need a middle linebacker who can make plays. Maualuga has all the physical tools and instincts to be a stud in this league. The Saints defense gets significantly better with this selection. I see this guy being a perennial pro-bowler for the Saints.
  12. (Broncos trade the #12 pick to the Redskins for the #20 and 2009 2nd Rounder) Redskins - Chris Long. After talking for year's about taking a big-time pass rusher in the draft, they finally make the move this year by trading up. Long has all the physical tools and a non-stop motor that will make him a pro-bowl defensive end. Only reason he slides to 12 is because team needs didn't fit in the top 10. Good pick up for Washington.
  13. Bills - Dan Connor. They need help on offense but I just don't see anyone here that can give them the same impact as Connor. Pairing him up with his former college teammate makes for a dominating run defense. Posluszny and Connor were tackling machines in college and paired together in Buffalo they will anchor that D.
  14. Cardinals - Antoine Cason. There's a lot of debate as to who the number two corner in this draft will be behind Jenkins. I chose Cason here simply because the Cardinals aren't looking for high risk, high reward guy like a Justin King. They want solid and reliable. That's what Cason gives them. A guy who probably won't turn into an elite NFL corner but can start at CB for them for the next 10 years.
  15. Eagles - Kenny Phillips. A great pick up here for the Eagles. If he slides down to them at #15 they will take all of about 10 seconds to send this pick in. They need playmakers in the secondary. Considine isn't the answer. After Dawkins went down, they struggled to make plays back there. Phillips has all the tools to become an Ed Reed type of safety. And what team couldn't use that?
  16. Buccaneers - Sedrick Ellis. Defensive tackle is a need area for Tampa and Ellis gives them a potential stud. He may wind up going higher than this but teams above them have more pressing needs, so he slides to #16. Has the physical tools to have as big of an impact as Sapp did on that defense.
  17. (Seahawks trade the #17 pick to the Lions for the #24 pick and 2009 2nd Rounder) Lions - Calais Campbell. Campbell has the physical tools to be the best player in this draft. He would be the top pick if he had a better attitude. However, his lack of production and the fact that he takes plays off forces him to drop. Not too far though because he is a physical freak. The Lions think they can change his attitude and if they do, they get the steal of the draft taking Campbell at #17.
  18. Chargers - Justin King. The Chargers have little, if any, holes to fill. They are a very talented football team at every position. However, for whatever reason their pass defense has struggled this year. As mentioned previously, King is a high risk, high reward guy. He has been struggling lately in games against Indiana and Ohio State but San Diego can afford to take a bit of a risk here. He could turn out to be one of the best in the NFL and help improve that pass defense or he could be a career journeyman. That's a risk the Chargers will be willing to take.
  19. Panthers - Gosder Cherilus. The Panthers need help on that O-Line and Cherilus can help with that. He could be a starter for them from day 1.
  20. Broncos (from Redskins) - Keith Rivers. After losing Wilson in the off-season, the run defense has been atrocious. Rivers can help stop some of the bleeding. Talented USC linebacker who has good speed and range. Fills a huge need for Denver.
  21. Ravens - Derrick Harvey. Absolute steal at #21. Something tells me he won't last this long. But being somewhat of a "tweaner" who fits a 3-4 OLB role perfectly, he falls to the Ravens. Makes fans forget about Adalius Thomas.
  22. Cowboys - Reggie Smith. Versatile secondary player who gives the Cowboys needed depth and talent back there. Could push for playing time at either safety or CB by game 1.
  23. Chiefs - Ryan Clady. Need a lot of help on the offensive line. They aren't opening holes for LJ as well as they used to. Clady will help fix that. Should start early for the Chiefs.
  24. Seahawks - Fred Davis. Seattle is another one of those teams that just don't have a lot of holes on paper. However, one weakness is TE. Davis is a converted WR having a great senior campaign. Maybe a little bit of a stretch here but I really like matching Davis with Seattle.
  25. Titans - Malcolm Kelly. WR needed! They need playmakers on the outside in the worst way. Kelly comes in and starts from the first day of training camp. Will quickly become VY's go-to-guy.
  26. Jaguars - Vernon Gholston. Great value for the Jags here. Gholston is a rising star in draft circles and Jacksonville would love to add him to their front four. If McCray leaves, he steps in and starts early.
  27. Steelers - Michael Oher. Pittsburgh continues its stellar draft history by selecting a guy in Oher who will add depth to the line early in his career and eventually become a perennial pro-bowler. And they do this with the 27th pick. Seems to happen about every year doesn't it?
  28. Giants - Steve Slaton. If he comes out early, he won't get passed the Giants at #28. The idea of pairing thunder runner Brandon Jacobs with lightning quick Slaton is too tantalizing to pass up. With a ground game like this, even more pressure is taken off of Eli.
  29. Packers - Jonathan Stewart. Grant and Company aren't the answer at the RB position. They haven't given up on Jackson either but a two-headed monster of Stewart and Jackson may give the Packers an actual run game. And not just against the inept Broncos run D.
  30. 49ers (from Colts) - Early Doucett. They need big play guys on offense and Doucett can do that. If they can get Davis and Smith going, SF would have a solid nucleus of young stars on offense...Smith, Davis, Gore, and Doucett.
  31. Cowboys - Frank Okam. They need a NT-type player who can command double teams in the middle of that line. Okam could definitely develop into that guy.
  32. Patriots - Forfeit. Harsh punishment...they already got the top DB in the draft.

Round 2

  1. Miami - Alex Boone. Both lines need help and after addressing the D-line with the #1 pick of the draft, they address the other here with the first pick of the second round.
  2. Rams - Ali Highsmith. That defense needs playmakers and Highsmith is underrated.
  3. Jets - Quentin Groves. Jets address a need here with possibly the best player still available which makes it the perfect storm. Groves is a good fit for an OLB in their 3-4 scheme.
  4. Falcons - Chris Williams. After drafting their franchise QB in the first round, they grab a guy in Williams that will help protect him. Could start from day 1.
  5. Raiders - Eric Young. That line hasn't played well and Gallery hasn't lived up to expectations. Young will allow Gallery to move back to tackle and help to solidify the line for Russell and Company.
  6. Vikings - Limas Sweed. They continue their offensive transformation by snagging a guy with a huge upside. Sweed could easily become their #1 receiver in his rookie year and along with Peterson and Woodson they have the makings of a prolific offense in a couple years.
  7. Bengals - Mike Jenkins. If they're smart they will spend all of their day one selections on improving the defense. Jenkins gives them their second starter out of this draft.
  8. 49ers - Tommy Blake. Maybe the definition of a high risk, high reward guy. Terrible attitude and off-field problems at TCU but has the tools to be a premier defensive end. Good calculated risk at this spot.
  9. Texans - Kevin Smith. His draft stock is rising and the Texans need a feature back. Smith could be that guy for the next 10 years.
  10. Bears - Red Bryant. Replacement for Tank Johnson. Paired with Harris they will demand a lot of attention.
  11. Saints - DeJuan Tribble. Similar to the Bengals in that they need to spend all of their day one picks on defense. With Tribble and Maualuga they acquire 2 guys who can start from day 1.
  12. Broncos - Jonathan Hefney. Secondary depth and age is becoming a concern. Hefney is a versatile guy who can eventually step in at either safety position.
  13. Bills - Adarius Bowman. They need a receiver to take pressure off Evans and to open up the field for Lynch. Bowman can step into that #2 receiver role and produce immediately.
  14. Cardinals - Shawn Crable. Calvin Pace has played well since moving to OLB but the addition of Crable gives them flexibility and depth.
  15. Eagles - Vince Hall. Hall comes in to play inside LB for a team that needs one. Along with Phillips they improve defense instantly.
  16. Buccaneers - James Hardy. They need playmakers at WR and Hardy is exactly that. He's big and fast. Could help Tampa to stretch defenses and open up the running game.
  17. Seahawks - Barry Richardson. A bit of a reach here but they don't need him to play right away. He is huge and athletic. With a little mentoring from Walter Jones he could eventually become a stud OT in the NFL.
  18. Dolphins - Jeremey Lehman. Just flat out makes tackles. Adds youth and talent to an aging group.
  19. Panthers - Simeon Castille. Carolina needs to improve the safety position. Castille provides youth and talent for their secondary.
  20. Redskins - DJ Hall. Their WR have 0 TD's so far this year. They continue to look for help at that position.
  21. Ravens - Harry Douglas. 9.1 yards per catch is what the Ravens average right now. They need receivers who can break tackles and make plays out of 5 yard passes. Douglas can do that for Baltimore.
  22. Browns - Kendall Langford. Cleveland needs help along the D-Line and Langford would be a great fit for their 3-4 scheme.
  23. Chiefs - Ray Schuening. KC continues to improve it's O-Line by using both first day picks on O-Linemen. Both could start early.
  24. Lions - Aqib Talib. Defense, Defense, Defense. That needs to be the Lions draft strategy this year. Talib would make an immediate impact in the secondary.
  25. Titans - Lawrence Jackson. DL needs youth and depth. Jackson hasn't quite lived up to expectations at USC but a good selection here in second round by Tennessee.
  26. Jags - Terrell Thomas. Addressed the safety position last year by taking Reggie Nelson. This year they add depth and talent to the corner position with Thomas.
  27. Steelers - Kennan Burton. WR depth is becoming a concern. Could be a very good #3 and step in if Ward or Holmes go down.
  28. Giants - Tony Hills. O-Line needs an upgrade at OT. Hills gives them that. Will push for time early.
  29. Packers - Dwight Lowery. Woodson and Harris are both getting up there in age. Lowery gives them a talented young CB to groom as a replacement.
  30. Colts - Phillip Wheeler. Colts LB's need an influx of youth and talent. Wheeler is good enough to play from day 1.
  31. Cowboys - Heath Benedict. OL depth becoming a concern. Could develop into consistent starter.
  32. Pats - Bruce Davis. Would be a great player to add at OLB to provide some depth to the position. Great fit in a 3-4 scheme. A Patriots type of player.

Round 3

  1. Miami - Thomas DeCoud. Adds talent and youth in the secondary. Completes a solid first 3 rounds that addressed the D-line, O-Line, LB, and secondary issues.
  2. Rams - Andre Caldwell. WR's getting up there in age. Lot of potential.
  3. Jets - Mike McGlynn. Could compete for RT job.
  4. Falcons - Demario Presley. Need talent and depth at DT.
  5. Raiders - Dre Moore. Could become a consistent starter in a few years.
  6. Vikings - Kirk Barton. Will compete for time at OT.
  7. Bengals - Martin Rucker. Couldn't resist the temptation to give Palmer another big time weapon to throw to. A steal at this spot.
  8. 49ers - Andrew Crummy. High upside. Would have gone higher if he didn't get injured.
  9. Texans - Mario Maningham. Offense needs spark at #2 WR. Will push Davis.
  10. Bears - Jonathan Goff. Who knows what will happen with Urlacher's back.
  11. Saints - Andre Fluellen. Draft stock is falling but Saints see potential.
  12. Broncos - Mike Hart. Could be a good fit for system. Need someone if Henry gets suspended for a year.
  13. Bills - Zac Bowman. Solid CB prospect that could push for time.
  14. Cardinals - Jeff Otah. An O-line coach can only go so long before he takes one of his own. Adds depth to the line.
  15. Eagles - Chris Ellis. Great pick here. Could be a starter for 10 years.
  16. Buccaneers - Tracy Porter. Youth needed at DB. Can develop for a few years.
  17. Seahawks - Peyton Hillis. FB who places a lot like Strong did for Seattle.
  18. Chargers - Dorien Bryant. Playmaking receiver that could be used in many ways.
  19. Panthers - John Carlson. TE needed. Good pick here.
  20. Redskins - King Dunlap. High upside OT. Has time to sit and develop into potential behind current O-Line.
  21. Ravens - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Good CB prospect to develop.
  22. Browns - Kentwan Balmer. Adds depth to the defensive line.
  23. Chiefs - Chad Henne. Could turn out to be a very solid NFL QB.
  24. Lions - Beau Bell. Will push for time early.
  25. Titans - Donnie Avery. Rising quickly up draft boards. Another playmaker for VY.
  26. Jaguars - Colt Brennan. Might be QB of the future.
  27. Steelers - Owen Schmitt. He's a Pittsburgh kind of FB.
  28. Giants - Steve Justice. Great pick in this spot. Could start early.
  29. Packers - Ezra Butler. Could end up being the third guy in a great young nucleus of linebackers.
  30. Colts - Tavares Gooden. Undersized for a LB but fast as hell.
  31. Cowboys - Jacob Hester. With a little more size could be an added weapon at FB.
  32. Pats - Cliff Avril. Good fit as OLB in 3-4 scheme. Adds more youth at LB.


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