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The Texans made the Colts defense look like a preseason squad in Houston last week. The Giants visit Indy this week for the 'Manning Bowl' which I'm sure nauseates fans who don't like the QBs. Even as a Colts fan I'd like to see a little less hype about the meeting of the brothers. In any case the Giants looked great against Carolina, the Colts looked poor on defense and also on the O line against Houston. With Indy being at home and the Giants having turned over the ball 4 times in game one I think we might see some different teams this week. Indianapolis has a lot of quality players and coaches who can adjust in a hurry when things go wrong. Does that mean Bradshaw and the Giants won't run well against the Colts, no I think they'll get some more good rushing numbers. Just don't expect another 200+ yarder from the Giants running back. Sanders and Gonzales are out for the Colts, Boss for the Giants. I think Freeney makes an impact this week and the Colts win by 3 at home. This game earns my first diamond.

Tennessee won their opener against the Raiders, easily. Chris Johnson rolled up 142 rushing yards and Vince Young played a respectable game against an outmanned Oakland squad. Pittsburgh stopped Atlanta in overtime. Dennis Dixon threw for 236 yards,  Rashard Mendenhall ran for 120 (although most came on the OT TD run), but the Steelers struggled to find the end zone. This sets up the story for my second diamond game. With the Titans being at home I can picture a higher scoring contest with the Steelers concentrating on shutting Johnson down and Young getting more passing yards. Pitt has two line injuries this week as well, Hampton and Starks. These factors makeme think Tennessee will win by 4.

Two teams that had problems on offense in week one were Chicago and Dallas. Both seemed to be coming out of their stupor at games end.  Diamond game three should be a higher scoring matchup. If it weren't for a poorly thought out rule the Bears and Cowboys would be 0-1 but Chicago can start the season with two wins. If the Bears turn the ball over like they did in week one this could be a laugher. If the Cowboys play as lackluster as they did in the opener the Bears will crush them. As Dallas is home team and probably(!) a more talented team top to bottom I'll take the Cowboys by 4.

New England should destroy the Jets this week unless New York's coaching staff can pull off some miracles, (although they already committed 3 penalties as I've been writing this post). Moss/Revis is the matchup getting all the attention, I'd be more inclined to watch Welker. If the Jets can't stop him it's game over.  The only thing that could bail out the Jets this week, it seems, would be turnovers. Good look to Sanchez and co... N.E. by 14.

Cincinnati plays the Ravens this week. The Ravens looking tough(!) and the Bengals looking weak. Seems like a no-brainer we'll see. Baltimore by 7.

Houston travels to Washington and I think they'll carry the momentum of the Colts win to another victory. The Redskins didn't look very good but would accept another sloppy win, I'm sure. I say they lose at home by 7.

Minnesota should beat Miami at home. The Dolphins played uninspired football last week and the Vikings should rebound after the Saints loss. Minnesota by 4.

That does it for the games capturing my attention, enjoy the games, Bones out.




September 18, 2010  01:32 PM ET

Nice selections.

September 18, 2010  09:46 PM ET

Nice selections.

I agree.


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