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Coach Phillips:

The Cowboys are 0-2 for the start of the 2010 season and members of the media and fans are pointing fingers at Coach Phillips.  Coach gets criticized for the lack of discipline that he has on this team.  Maybe, justifiably so!  However, these are grown men that have million dollar contracts.  Do they need discipline from their HC?  Then, why are these players earning millions if they need someone to motivate them?  Aren't they suppose to be self-motivated athletes?  Being a coach in the state of Texas makes it difficult for me to get on the firing Coach Phillips bandwagon.  It can be debated or argued that Coach Phillips has contributed more to Texas football than any coach, player, or owner.  Coach is the director of probably the best football clinic in the state of Texas which is the San Angelo Football Clinic.  He is able to bring presenters from Super Bowl, National, and State championship teams.  This is why it is difficult to jump on the bandwagon and one can only wish for him to do well and win a Super Bowl for the Cowboys.


The Cowboys on offense have several problems.  Jason Garett cannot dial in on the rhythm of the offense during a game.  When the running game is going strong, he turns to the pass and meaningless plays that ruins any momentum the Cowboys have built.  I was hoping we would have opened the season with the Chargers, so that he can learn from Coach Turner on how to run a balance offense to keep the defense off-balanced.  Garett needs to learn to run the same play until the defense proves that it can slow it down or stop it.  The other problem for the offense is that Romo has been an inaccurate passer.  It was easy to blame Barron for the holding penalty at the end of the Redskins game on the season opener.  But the pass from Romo to Austin that netted 30 yards should have been a touchdown if Austin doesn't slow down for Romo's pass.  If Romo throws that pass on stride then Austin would have been able to run down the middle for a touchdown.  Against the Bears, Romo threw behind his receivers throughout the entrie game.  Lets not forget the penalties and turnovers.  All of these can be fixed if the Cowboys are motivated or have the desire to fix them.


Defensively, the Cowboys are forcing the opponents' offense to turn to the ball over on downs.  That's nice!  But the Cowboys are having to start their drives from their end of the field and this is why the offense racks up a lot of yardage and not score points that are compatible with the yardage.  It would be great if the defense can start getting turnovers via interceptions and fumbles and start their offensive drives from their opponents side of the 50 yard line.  In addition, the defense must get smarter by not committing roughing the passer penalties that enable the opponent to keep their drives continuing.  DeMarcus Ware had an awesome 1st quarter and should have been the spark that should have ignited the rest of the team.  By letting his effort go down in vain, the team is not accountable for each other.  A great teammate would have not allowed Ware's effort be for nothing.  It is a good defense, but easily can be great if they become opportunistic by having the offenses commit turnovers. 

Special Teams:

It is easy to point out the missed field goals by Buehler.  Obviously he needs to focus on making field goals and not trying to beat his teammates in the 40.  Last year, Buehler led the NFL in touchbacks and the special teams coach has him kick an onside against the Bears when it wasn't necessary.  This play led the Bears to touchdown drive immediately after the Cowboys took the lead and swiped away any momentum that was built by the punt return that Dez Bryant took in for a touchdown.


 Overall the Cowboys (coaches, players) do not understand momentum and how important it is throughout a ball game.  Bad decisions and mistakes are not allowing the Cowboys to gain any flow or momentum in a game.  Millionaires need to have the DESIRE to fix the little things.

September 21, 2010  06:53 PM ET

Well thought out and well spoken. Just a couple of thoughts.

Whenever I hear people wanting Coach Phillips fired I ask "who do you replace him with?" I haven't seen anything from Garett to convince me he's an upgrade at this point. Most of the "good" coaches that are usually brought up wouldn't want to work under the system Jerry has in place with basically two coordinators under coach Jerry.

Most of the problems have been on Offense. Other than a few examples, they aren't executing and making too many mental mistakes. They need to pull there heads out and get it together. Like you pointed out, Jason needs to game plan better. The Line needs to block better and you'll see both the running and passing game will improve.

Again, great post!


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