Keeping it real

Well, it's week 2 now and what have we learned? Nothing actually. There are some suprising 2-0 teams, but they are most likely frauds..cough Chiefs cough Bucs cough cough Bears. There are some 0-2 teams that probably shouldn't be 0-2 and I think they will bounce back just fine..49ers, well that's it, just them, the rest will be hoping to not be the next Lions. Why do I think the 49ers will bounce back, they have the good fortune to play in the NFC West where all you need is 7 or 8 wins to take the division. The teams I'm glad to see off to an 0-2 start? The Vikings. I hope they go 0-95 this season. Maybe then we will finally be freed from the Drama Llama and the middle school PE teacher.

And of course there are my beloved Cowboys. Sheesh, I can't wait to see Phillips and Garrett canned. They couldn't put a winning gameplan together against a high school JV team. This team really does have some talented players, well except for Roy Williams. They have the players to take them deep into the playoffs, but they don't have the coaching staff. As long Jerry insists on hiring only yes-men to coach the team, they will never make it to the Superbowl. So Jerry, do you miss Jimmy Johnson yet?

Before you tear apart my rankings this week, please bear in mind that this is only week 2. It usually takes 4 or 5 weeks for things to settle down. By then most of the pretenders will have been weeded out and the contenders are starting to separate themselves.

So what do I think of the top 10 teams this week?

  1. Saints (2-0) - They didn't do it pretty but they did win on the road.
  2. Packers (2-0) - This is one scary team. They lost their starting running back (who was on my FF team BTW) and they still win with thei backup. Rodgers will make all of Green Bay forget about you-know-who at this rate.
  3. Texasn (2-0) - Is this team for real? Arian Foster put the team on his back in week 1. Week 2 he gets shut down pretty well and Schaub put the team on his back. Who do you stop?
  4. Steelers (2-0) - Somebody has to fill this spot why not the steel city.
  5. Colts (1-1) - Now that's how older brothers are supposed to treat little brothers. Don't worry about the Colts people, they'll get their requisite 12 wins.
  6. Chargers (1-1) - I really don't want to put them this high, but as I said, this only week 2. I'm sure they will show their true colors soon enough.
  7. Eagles (1-1) - Well, the Kolb experiment didn't last long. Nor will the Vick experiment. He'll be back to his old self in short order.
  8. Bears (2-0) - I suppose they can make an appearance in the rankings for short stay.
  9. Falcons (1-1) - They bounced back rather nicely. Of course it was only the Cardinals. But I think this team will put it together for a very nice run this season.
  10. Broncos (1-1) This is the toughest spot to figure out who to put here. So it may as well be the Broncos.
  11. LoveItHateIt (300-0) - I dare somebody to say she should be here. But what will I do if the Raiders start winning?

 Like I said, early season power rankings are always hard to figure out. Mainly because I don't have a heck of a lot to go by. The only things we know for sure this early is that:

  • Wade Phillips has no business being a head coach.
  • I have ZERO respect for the Drama Llama
  • I can never take the Jets seriously because Rex Ryan reminds me too much of Biff. I keep waiting for him to answer a reporter's stupid question by starting out "Hello..McFly..."
  • The NFC West is the pink and chaffon division
  • And somebody will whine about their team not being ranked


As promised I am also kepping computer rankings. Let's see what it spits out this week. The number in parentheses is the previous weeks rankings:

  1. Saints (1)
  2. Dolphins (4)
  3. Bears (9)
  4. Packers (3)
  5. Chiefs (11)
  6. Cardinals (2)
  7. Texans (8)
  8. Steelers (16)
  9. Bengals (18)
  10. Buccaneers (24)

Yeah........right. So whose rankings do you trust more?


Stay tuned next week...same bat time....same bat channel



September 22, 2010  01:08 PM ET

First....again. These rankings suck. Why aren't the Cowboys up there? You know they're better than their record.

September 22, 2010  01:08 PM ET

First....again. These rankings suck. Why aren't the Cowboys up there? You know they're better than their record.

Because they suck and Phillips needs to get fired

September 22, 2010  02:19 PM ET

I'm off to school. If anyone stop sby, leave a comment and I will reply snarkily this evening.

See ya around Kitty

September 22, 2010  08:15 PM ET

The computer sucks! Ha!

Good luck this week vs Houston. I have a feeling it will turn into the game of the week.


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