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Nomarfans top 100 rock songs since 1999: 100-75

Nomarfan's top 100 rock songs since 1999: 74-50 


Too tired for commentary, except to say that I have officialy converted someone into a Mars Volta Fan! Lets all welcome Cardsox. anyway, list time


#49. Cake- Comfort Eagle

This is just a strange song, but it works.  It is just intriguing to me, I honestly have no idea why i like it, I do like the strings though. Other than that, I am baffled.


#48. Calexico and Iron & WineHe lays in the Reins

Turn up the volume on the clip, it is very soft. Anyway, for fans of these two groups, they have been accustomed to this kind of soft, relaxing rock. Putting the two togeteher in one song was pure genius. The melody, tune, pitch , lyrics, everything is just brilliant. If you like this, i strongly reccomend all Iron and Wine and Calexico music. And the great thing is, this is a horrible version of the song, buy it on Itunes to listen to it in its normal form.


#47. Kasabian- Club Foot 

I really like this song. The intro to the song builds the, not really suspense, but something along those lines. Its just a very good song with some paranoid-ish lyrics that work well.


#46. Dragonforce- Through the Fire and the Flames 

Yeah Yeah Yeah, the lyrics suck, but the fast paced guitar, double bass, and keyboard are just amazingly amazing.


#45. Bruce Springsteen- Devils & Dust 

What, you thought he wouldn't be on here? I scorn you. Very, very good lyrics, typical of Bruce


#44. The Shins- Phantom Limb

The gods of indie music finally crack the list with this amazing song from their newest album. It seems like whatever they do ,it just works. An amazing chorus, very good lyrics, and simple instrumentals that work well with the song.


#43. Queens of the Stone Age- 3's & 7's 

QOTSA at their best. Powerful guitar and bass with a good solo full of chords and distortion. This band would be amazing if they wren't trying to be so revolutionary and strange all the time.


#42. Joe Strummer- Coma Girl 

Slightly mellower than his Clash days, Strummer never lost his flair for music, and just pumped out great songs like these until his death. Check out the trailer to his new documentary. 


#41. Coldpay- In My Place 

You know, i am not a huge fan of Coldplay, but this song is too good not to be in the top 50. Some great instrumentals on the intro.. 


#40. The Killers- Mr. Brightside 

You know, if i named all the good things in this song, i could go for a while, so i will name the bad things. The girl in the music video had bad hair. Thats all i can think of.


#39. Radiohead- Karma Police 

Classic Radiohead, a very mellow song with simple instrumentals and catch lyrics that keep you listening.


#38. Incubus- Anna Molly

It took me a while to realize how good this band can be. Great work on the guitar, and excellent lyrics. Anna Molly = anamoly, get it?


#37.  Sonata Arctica- Caleb

This song is epic, just epic. Words cannot describe this song, Amazing lyrics, powerful guitar, everything is perfection.


#36. Velvet Revolver- Fall to Pieces 

IMO, Velevt Revolver SUCKS! G 'n' R is miles ahead of them, but this song gets he job done, and i enjoy it.


#35. Jet- Are You gonna Be My Girl?

Well, Are you, like the bass on the intro, great lead-in to the song, 1-2-3 tell me how to count to 3? It even teaches kids to count.


#34. The Shins- A Comet Appears 

A perfect "last-song-on-a-CD" song. Kind of a mellow quiet song that justs puts the listener to sleep, in a good way.


#33. Jimmy Eat World- Pain 

I **** love this video! I think it is hilarious, and those kids are like the kids on the Royal Tenenbaums. Oh yeah, the song rocks to.


#32. The Shins- Australia 

another kickass music video for a kickass song. I really can't explain it, it just is freaking sweet.


#31. Joe Strummer- Johnny Appleseed 

Come on, what list is complete without a tribute to good old Johnny Appleseed? Not this one.


#30. Spoon- The Underdog

The list also needs some inspiratoinal songs. Great work with the horns, IMO ,very good lyrics, Spoons best song to date.


#29. Gin Blossoms- Til I Hear From You 


Very, very catchy chorus, thats what makes this song great. I originally had this in the top 10, but I realized that, while the chorus and lyrics are good, The Blossoms instrumentals are kind of bland, not cimple, just bland.


#28. The Killers- When You Were Young 

These kind of songs could be a staple for the Killers, excellent lyrics, stellar instrumentals, well made music video. Not much to complain about here.


#27. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Around the world 

What happened to the Chilis of old? I wish they made sogs like this, an excellent intro, decent lyrics, and a kick **** bass/ guitar combo. I wish the Chilis cuold effectively use the bass like they used to....


#26. Modest Mouse- Ocean Breathes Salty

This song has **** amazing lyrics! seriously listen to em while you watch the vide, they are very, very, very good.  My respect for this band increased tenfold when i heard this song.


#25. The Mars Volta- L'Via L'Viaquez Shorter version, better quality

The only song on the list that isn't in English, also the longest song, clocking in at 12 minutes 22 seconds. Amazing guitar, excellent vocals, I just freaking love this song. You know a song is good when you have listened to it over 100 times on Itunes and it is that long.


Stay tunes for the final installment 



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