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It seems like some of us our duel fans (myself included) so do you watch the game and flip to the race on commercials or watch the race and flip to the game on commercials?  Personally I feel like the NFL delivers a better product and doesn't waste my time with pregame shows that last for what seems like hours or has a bunch of fluff like NASCAR does. 

 Football has changed a lot since it's beginnings, but I don't feel like it's strayed as much as NASCAR.  In my short lifetime I have seen a big change in NASCAR, and most of it isn't for the better.  I believe NASCAR has to do something to compete with football to at least make me switch during some slow parts of the game.  NASCAR can't beat the NFL, but it can at least attempt to draw our interest enough to make us wonder what's going on in the race.  

The NFL isn't having viewership problems like NASCAR.  The NFL is struggling with ticket prices, and I think that is from overpriced tickets.  They are taking once from NASCAR's book there.  The NFL may want to watch it with players being too flashy and becoming pre-madonna's, because that is where NASCAR startedto fall.  So here are my two questions, how do you deal with duel fanship and should the NFL be careful to not go the way of NASCAR?

September 24, 2010  10:57 AM ET

I have finally figured out how to make my dual satellite received to PIP on the big tv, so, BOTH

September 24, 2010  11:26 AM ET

Wow, that must be great!

September 24, 2010  01:10 PM ET

If the Steelers are on (I'm in an area of Pennsylvania that is considered Ravens territory for some reason.) I'll flip to the race during the commercials. If the Steelers aren't on and its a nice day, I'll go fishing.

September 24, 2010  01:47 PM ET

Like most people down south, college football is my primary interest. Pro football is just not that big of a deal so I much prefer the car races. Like Burgh-fan said, if it is nice, then I tape the race and get outside for golf, fishing or hiking.

September 24, 2010  06:40 PM ET

Football first, race second...

September 24, 2010  08:03 PM ET

I liked what Rocker said about no pregame.
Yes Superbowl is hyped till no tomorrow but a normal game the show starts at 1pm and the game begins at 105.
No frills and the game sells itself

September 25, 2010  10:59 AM ET

I liked what Rocker said about no pregame.Yes Superbowl is hyped till no tomorrow but a normal game the show starts at 1pm and the game begins at 105.No frills and the game sells itself

Yes, I love that. NASCAR should take a page from football's book.

September 25, 2010  06:39 PM ET

neither the NW race or ND game was worth watching. I ended up storing away the deck furniture and stuff outside.


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