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Preseason has started and we are less than 2 weeks away from the start of the season, so to pass the time I want to have a tourney.

8 participants, picked by me based on the quality of your hockey TD's.  I will certainly take other people's opinions into consideration.  But I want the best of the best.

Topics will only deal with the 2010-11 season.  For example (Who will win the Hart?, Division rankings, etc).

The ONLY votes that count are the 8 members of the tourney.  You cast your vote by leaving a comment on the TD, and you cannot make an official vote until after second arguments.  This ensures dupes and morons cannot ruin TD's, a typical gripe of current TD's.  If their is a 4-4 tie, I will cast my vote.  (Note:  If I have to take a spot in the tourney the tie-breaker will be public votes).

 This of course means you must be active during the tourney.  I will post links to every TD, and I hope everyone takes the time to cast their votes, even if you get eliminated.  It's the only way this will work.  And yes, I will hound you with FM's if you don't hop on to them.

Deadline to enter is this Friday at 5pm.  I would like to start the tourney next Monday, and I will make a better schedule when I have everyone signed up.  I'll probably send out group invitations over the weekend so we can have an organized group page.

Because I am choosing the participants, I know I might hurt some feelings if people get rejected.  Please do not take it personally, I just want to get the best matchups possible.

September 27, 2010  02:39 PM ET

im in if im chosen

September 27, 2010  03:26 PM ET

I want in. I was screwed in fvkasm's hockey tourney, so I want redemption.

Let me know if I'm in.

September 27, 2010  04:11 PM ET

No thank you.

September 27, 2010  07:45 PM ET

Dammit, quality is criteria haha

September 27, 2010  08:24 PM ET

All 3 of you are in, I sent you FM's. I also sent FM's to Yoda, Argos, and fvkasm. I would like them to be in the tourney as well.

September 28, 2010  01:19 AM ET

All 3 of you are in, I sent you FM's. I also sent FM's to Yoda, Argos, and fvkasm. I would like them to be in the tourney as well.

Thinking about it, but leaning "no." Still not participating in TD's anymore... although I like the voting scheme you plan on using.

September 28, 2010  08:36 AM ET

Count me in

September 28, 2010  08:32 PM ET

In. Thanks for the invite.

September 29, 2010  10:00 AM ET

Bobby Orr for MVP...sorry could not resist

September 29, 2010  10:43 AM ET

I'd be up for it if asked.

September 30, 2010  02:32 PM ET

We got two more spots with the additions of LGP and Yoda.


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