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Here's a quick look back at some of the weekend's sports stories from 9/27/10.  We're going no huddle so stay focused and pay attention.

Atlanta Braves - The Braves have gone 4-6 in the last 10 games and 1-5 in the last six.  A three game sweep by the Phillies and the Nationals winning two out of three have slipped Atlanta to a half game behind San Diego in the Wild Card hunt.  It just seemed like Labor Day weekend that Atlanta looked to be the winner of the NL East for the post season.  Now they're going into the final six games of the regular season facing must win games pretty much every night. 

Jimmie Johnson -'s a shocker.  Jimmie Johnson wins a race during the Chase for the Championship and his 63rd overall first place finish.  This could be considered a lowlight or highlight considering which side of the fence you're on with the 48 car.  We'll be racing at another cookie cutter track this week in Kansas.  JJ seems to excel at these tracks so we'll see how he'll do there in his quest for a fifth straight Cup title.

New England Patriots - What is up with the Pats this year?  They beat Buffalo Sunday but allowed 34 points.  To the lowly Buffalo Bills.  That would normally make heads spin but they also allowed Cincinnati to put up 24 against them in a win. The Jets held the beat them for the lone loss, 28-14.  It should be another intersting dual between New England and Miami next week.

Carolina Panthers - Being a Panthers fan, this hurts.  In Sunday's game against the Bengals, Cincy held a 61 % to 39 % time of possession advantage over the Panthers.  It appeared that the Panthers gave up big plays on third downs but the stats showed the Bengals were only 5/17.  Maybe it was just more noticable on scoring drives.  The Panthers were only 2/11.  That is disgraceful.  Pee Wee teams have better third down efficiency than that.   I could talk a lot more about these guys but we're in a hurry up offense so we need to move on.  Something the Panthers can't seem to do very well.

Blair White - I bet no one had this guy on  their fantasy team.  A guy that was on Indianapolis Colts practice squad a week ago is a starter this week against Denver.  Sure he only had three catches for 27 yards, but he did find the end zone off a Peyton Manning pass.  Austin Collie racked up big numbers in that game catching 12 passes for 171 yards and two scores.  You have to wonder if White's time on the game day roster is short lived though with the return of Pierre Garcon and Anthony Gonzalez.  Hey...I hear the Panthers are looking for some receivers...maybe he could sign in Carolina. 

Texas Longhorns - It's hard to believe the Longhorns let an unranked team in UCLA come into Austin and own you like a pair of well worn jeans.  It wasn't even close.  34-12 against the Bruins.  Could the Horns been looking past UCLA to their rival game against Oklahoma this Saturday?  It would be easy to argue but to get pounded like that suggests there may be more problems than not taking an opponent seriously.  You know Texas fans are worried about how they'll fare against the Sooners.

That's it for this week in our quick peek at sports from the "No Huddle" perspective.  I could have brought up more topics, but hey, we're working the no huddle offense with less than two minutes to go.  Til next time, remember to keep those lugnuts tight, your shoes laced and your chin strap buckled. 



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