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 It's funny how a few upsets can wreak havoc on your rankings. All the contenders for the first spot lost - Saints, Packers, and Texans. But the teams who have been lucky so far all won, Steelers, Bears, and Chiefs. Will the real #1 team please stand up.

I don't think I've ever had this much turmoil in my rankings after the 3rd game. I know I'm going to catch some flack for this but I know the Falcons beat the Saints. And I know the Saints are still ranked ahead of the Falcons. But they were so far apart in the rankings, I can't justify dropping the Saints that far nor raising the Falcons that high. So deal with it. Lest I remind you that these are my rankings. There are many like but these are mine.

So now begs the question, who are the contenders? And who are the pretenders? That's what I am going to sort out for you. I spent 37 seconds poring over details and researching nothing so you wouldn't have to. I know everyone wants to know who is legit and who is going to quit. Well here are 5 oxygen deprived predictions for your reading displeasure:

1. The Chiefs will not make the playoffs

2. Michael Vick will show his true colors by game 8

3. The NFC West winner will have a losing record

4. Jerry Jones will hire himself as head coach

5. Al Davis will hire John Madden

Well I suppose that's all I can blather about this week. So let's get on with it.

  1. Steelers (3-0) - While I don't think they are as good as their record, I really don't know who else to put here. If they beat the Ravens, then they can stay put.
  2. Colts (2-1) - A lot people wanted to bury them after the Texans upset, but they are right back doing what they do best - winning.
  3. Jets (2-1) - It kills me to puit them here, but all they did was beat the Ravens and Pattriots.
  4. Patriots (2-1) - Hmm, beating the Bills by 8 and giving up 30 points inthe process. Nope, the Pats are not the same old Pats.
  5. Saints (2-1) - Not to take anything away from the Falcons, but dude, you gotta make that kick.
  6. Bears (3-0) - The Bears 3-0? Seriously? Don't worry, it won't last.
  7. Packers (2-1) - I still think this is a scary team. If McCarthy learns how to manage a close game....
  8. Texans (2-1) - They made my Cowboys look really good. Is this really the same team that beat the Colts
  9. Falcons (2-1) - Sometimes you have to be lucky to win a game.
  10. Eagles (2-1) - I'm still not drinkg the Mike Vick Kool-aid.
  11. LoveItHateIt (250 - 8) - I dare somebody to say she should be here. But what will I do if the Raiders start winning?


Now for the part everyone's been waiting for. What sayest thou oh great and wise computer?

  1. Saints (1)
  2. Bears (3)
  3. Chiefs (5)
  4. Cardinals (6)
  5. Jets (13)
  6. Steelers (8)
  7. Bengals (9)
  8. Colts (14)
  9. Falcons (18)
  10. Seahawks (11)

And there you have it. Til next week...same bat time same bat channel...

September 29, 2010  10:41 AM ET

First! HA take that Kitty

September 29, 2010  12:11 PM ET

dude. seriously?

September 29, 2010  02:23 PM ET

I spent 37 seconds poring over details and researching nothing so you wouldn't have to.

Hahahahaha! Now that's what I call effort!

Totally agree with you on Hartley. He and Janikowski must have been to the same party the night before...

September 29, 2010  06:00 PM ET

Hello Kitty. I can never be accused of trying.

September 29, 2010  06:23 PM ET

Congrats on the win last week IB. Prevented a rash of Cowboy fan hospital admittances.

September 29, 2010  09:51 PM ET

hahaha. Thanks.


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