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My three diamond games for week three were:

Bears/Packers, Falcons/Saints, and Jets/Dolphins. I mentioned 6 matchups and was only correct in 2. Ouch.

The real diamonds were:

Bears/Packers, Falcons/Saints, and Jets/Dolphins. Yup, I got the best games of the week, I was just wrong about 2 of the results. You could make a case for the Seattle/ San Diego game with two kickoff returns for touchdowns but I'll stand by these three as the best games of the week.

The Bears added themselves to a lot of 'contenders lists' with a win over the Packers on the Monday night stage. Green Bay had an extra turnover but dominated in time of posession. Cutler was sacked three times but played well enough to get the W. Rodgers threw for over 300 yards but the Pack only scored 17 points. Something doesn't seem quite right with Green Bay but you still have to give the Bears credit for a good solid win.

The Saints gave sportswriters more good reasons to come down hard on kickers. Garrett Hartley now gets to share place kicking duties with John Carney. The Saints look a little rusty right now and the Falcons took advantage. This could end up being a great race to the finish in the NFC South. Atlanta's running game and the New orleans turnovers were the story here.

The Jets/ Dolphins game was great fun to watch. I was hoping for overtime. Two young QBs moving the ball well against two respected defenses, well done. Miami had a time of posession advantage but turned the ball over once, and you could almost call the slip by Miami's Jason Allen a turnover. It sure proved to be a costly mistake allowing Braylon Edwards to turn a short gain into a momentum changer. I'm not sure the Jets proved they're the better team but they get the win and I'm looking forward to round two later this season.

Elsewhere, Dallas fought like the cornered animal they were and handed the Texans their first loss. I didn't expect the Cowboys defense to rise to the occasion. The Chargers again find a way to lose, this season special teams is giving them nightmares. I can't help but think it's another season where they'll find their way back to the top of the division and Kansas City is this year's Denver. Sam Bradford has his first pro win, congrats. The Rams are letting him pass and he's getting it done. 

The Patriots let the Bills gat a bit too close. I wonder how the game will play out next Monday in Miami. The Giants look like a team getting ready to rebuild. Either they find themselves over the next few weeks or some major changes will occur in the off season. Tennessee and Pittsburgh both win with questionable quarterbacks, the difference is that the Titans had their starter in the game. If Vince Young finds his stride Tennessee could be awesome. The Steelers are already there. They could win with Ryan Leaf taking snaps, OK maybe not, but they are flat out scary with this defense, no question.

Week 4 preview ahead soon, Bones out.


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