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Sports are always changing. It's inevitable. Like life, it's in a rush. A blaze of glory, confusion, heartbreak, and amazement. One day, the focus shifts. The next, it shifts again. The ironic thing is sports alot of the times reflect what's going on in regular, "normal" life. Even though the main point to people watching sports is relaxation and to be amazed. To be taken away from issues and the daily grind for a few hours of your life. That's the main focus of any form of entertainment. But often times, everything loops and intersects with each other. Reflection could the right way to put it.

This year, sports has been beyond weird and odd. It has been outlandish, eccentric, horrific, and just plain bizzare. At this moment in time, we have 2 new pecuiliar nuggets to dissect. The Patriots' scary level of complete domination above everyone on this earth and the fiasco that is A-Rod being a free agent after a 54 HR season in the Bronx. For the past 2 weeks, it seems like these issues are the only thing that matter. Both have been talked about very much already. By the papers and the media overkill that is ESPN. But the A-Rod story is truly something that intrigues me very much.

Just to give you a brief outline of what is happening: A-Rod and Boras want the bank. Not only THE bank, but ALL the banks. The figures are getting to the point where even GMs are doing a double-take.

A-Rod sought deal worth $350M from Yankees 

That was what they were asking for from the Yankees. To START talks. For that money, you could get

> 2 Aces For The Pitching Staff

> 1 Big Corner Outfielder

> And Maybe About 2 Solid Infielders

That would be my estimation of it. So, do you want a slugging 3B who will probably shatter every major offensive record ever or improve your overall team with more pieces? It's the basic, simple question: Person or Team? No matter what, a move like this will not help the team or the organization. The money is just too much. Signing A-Rod would be a big step foward, and 3 huge steps back. Because of the money you're giving up and because, lets face it, the guy has never won anything.

Now, don't get me wrong. A-Rod is a breathtaking player to watch. He is the best player in baseball. But no one is worth that much money to play baseball. No one is worth that much money to do anything unless it greatly helps the society we live in. And seeing A-Rod luanch a 3-run jack in the right centerfield bleachers in an 9-1 ballgame doesn't do much. As you can see that was a shot at his clutch hitting, but actually he had a great year in pressure spots. He carried the Yankees into the playoffs in the first place.

A-Rod isn't the only example. Zito got $126 million last year. J.D. Drew got a crazy amount of money even though his career has been one big disappointment. In every sport, money has been the thing it always comes down to. Actually, forget that last statement. In every AREA OF LIFE, that's the bottum line. For without the money set on something he/she can "deal" with, communication breaks down and nothing gets done.

Let me go on a little rant real quick. It seems like everything these days lacks creativity and original ideas. All for the profit. Take music for example. Music is great. Life would be alot worse without music. But, when you listen to today's music, it's either pretty good, boring, or it shouldn't be considered music. The most common are the latter two. Today's music in my point of view is in really bad shape. Totally broken or dead beyond resurrection. All music right now seems way too commercialized and lacking any meaning or heart whatsoever. Since when did radio play become more important than saying something?

My Contemporary Issues teacher did something about 2 weeks ago that I thought was very revealing. He grew up in the 1980s. Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" album was "the soundtrack of his life". He asked everyone in the room what kind of music they liked. Then he asked a very hard question to answer: "Can you name an album that was made since 2000 or so that has been the soundtrack to your life?" Mostly everyone said no. Because mostly everyone listened to older music. It makes sense that most people said no, seeing as albums or full works don't matter anymore. Because of the IPod and ITunes and the invention of the MP3 player, only single songs matter now. An artist can make 1 or 2 good, short, catchy songs, perfect for the radio, and become overnight stars even though the rest of the album that those songs came off of could be complete garbage.

And why is that? Because of money. That has become the bottom line to everything. I can't listen to today's music for that long because it's not pure. It's not original. It's just something recycled and beaten to death. I'm a 16 year old listening to Bob Dylan! It amazes me how simple his music is and yet how mesmerizing it is. Music has no purity anymore.

The same thing with sports. No longer do athletes play for the fun of the game. They play for the money they don't need. To just think about paying someone $350 million to play a game is just nonsensical, preposterous, and grotesque. Since when did money matter more than the actual thing you you're doing?

I find it hysterical that in the 1980s, everyone made a gigantic deal about Don Mattingly getting $1 million. If you offer that deal to Torii Hunter today, he would do one of 3 things:

>Just Walk Out Of The Room

>Curse Your Brains Out

>Or Bite Your Head Off

Or maybe all 3. Whatever he does, he would be extremely insulted. When you think about, it seems like one big cycle. Everything will get more expensive and players will keep asking for more dough than the next guy. But you have to figure, once in a while, this has to stop. If the gross overpaying will ever stop, this is the time.

When you listen to the Yankee game on radio, they have a sponser for everything. Including the 15th Out. What?! Since when was the 15th out of any importance whatsoever? Is there some crazy stat or milestone I've never heard of that involves that out? If so, you have my attention. That's just a small example of that fact that the emphasis put on money will never go away.

But, it's getting to the point that it's comical, because of how ridiculous it is. I understand the "times, they are a-changing", but for all that makes sense in this world, what have sports come to when the athletes you admire only do it for the money? You/Your children's hero is only playing for your team because the GM offered an extra $10 million? If that what sports are now, it doesn't seem as great. Because it's not pure. Sports really is a reflection.

How can you be amazed watching these players when they're making so much money? They should be doing that and than some. Because they don't deserve the money. No one does to play a game. But that's all that matters now. Is greed the bases of sports now? Is that the Crime Of The Century? When you lose whats sight of what's important. For without sight, you're blind. Blind of the gifts you have. And THAT, is the Crime Of The Century.


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