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I recently(like right before I wrote this) read a blog by Agent Micheal Scarn entitled "A-Rod's Replacement?". Now, it wasn't a bad blog, it was quite an enjoyable read, he brought up some interesting points. However, you will find out I disagree with most of them, so I'm going to pick apart his blog. You might not think I know what I'm talking about, but that just means you don't know anything. Let the games begin...........

Link http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/74266

Ever since Alex Rodriguez decided (not sure how much deciding he did as much as he was just told what to do by Scott Boras) to opt out of his deal,

I really want to focus on one part of this, let's go in for a closer look.

not sure how much deciding he did as much as he was just told what to do by Scott Boras

Where do people get this idea that Scott Boras has some kind of mind control over his clients. Seems to me that quite a large group of people forget that Scott Boras works for Alex Rodriguez, not the other way around. His job is to handle all the financial hoopla and what not, it's not to decide where Alex Rodriguez plays.

 I will get into the A Rod situation later, but for now, I'd like to throw out a possible replacement for him and see what you have to think.

Fair enough, I respect that.

Here's one name that isn't being discussed much...Chad Tracy.

Well no, that name isn't being brought up much, because quite frankly, it's a stupid idea.

Tracy played in a very respectable 442 games from 2004-2006 in which he hit .285, .308, and .281, respectively

He obviously respectively played in three full seasons respectively. You started throwing number of games played at us, we understand what "three full seasons" means. Not to mention, using the word respect twice in a sentence like that is like leaving the movie theater and buying tickets to the exact same movie you just watched.

Then in 2007, the injury bug hit and Tracy was reduced to playing in only 76 games

Injury bug? More like injury plague. He was on the DL twice this year, once for a month with a rib cage injury, and once again with a really jacked up knee. He had to get knee surgery, which is going to put a damper on his playing time for quite a while.

I believe it was just a fluke and that a healthy Tracy will surely return to hitting in the .280's

His knee has been bothering him for a few years, it's not any kind of "fluke". He may hit .280, but he's only good for about 45 walks a year, which doesn't exactly boost the OBP up very high. Oh well, who needs to get walks, hits are the only thing that matters.

 Unfortunately for him, the Diamondbacks had a very respectable player waiting in the wings by the name of Mark Reynolds. In 111 games, Reynolds hit .279 with 17 HR and 62 RBI.

He also struck out 129 times in 400 plate appearances. I don't hate that he strikes out, a lot of great hitters do it alot, but when your SLG is only .495 and you're striking out 30% of the time, you're f-in up.

He's only 24 and common sense would tell us he will probably only get better as time goes on.

My common sense tells me that Steve Sax got much worse as time went on, so that's the same diagnosis I'm giving Reynolds. He will have a terrible career when it is all said and done.

So how about this deal, Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks for Chad Tracy?

Finally! Now you have gotten into the good stuff. Let's say I'm Brian Cashman. I am looking for a replacement for the best hitter in baseball, and what looks better than a rapidly aging 3B with bad knees? Nothing, obviously. 

Authentic quote;

" Tracy, who has trouble with slippage of the kneecap, said he felt some "crunching" in the area"

I'd eat that right up if I was Cashman, really great(terrible) deal.

I think the Yankees can use Tracy's injury and Arizona's surplus to their advantage and get them to take Kennedy for Tracy, straight up.

You honestly think that it would be a steal for the Yankees to trade Ian Kennedy for this guy? You may not have noticed, but he is one of the most favored prospects in this organization, and would certainly not be traded for a league average, injury prone player. New York has all the money they could ever need, what makes you think they would trade a top-flight prospect when they can just buy whatever they desire?

I think the idea of the Yankees acquiring a very capable 3B and the Diamondbacks acquiring a player who pitches like a young Mike Mussina is a no brainer.

I guess that would be easy to understand if I didn't have a brain. I'm sorry.

Yankees would not be tearing apart their farm system

No(yes) they wouldn't(would). Again, Kennedy is a very highly regarded prospect, and he would be worth much more than a 27 year old cripple.

and they would be filling a huge hole left by the storm that is Alex Rodriguez

No one can fill the hole A-Rod leaves in the lineup, the can simply hope to not look like a complete doofus compared to the guy who was there before them. Tracy's career high in home runs is 27, A-Rod has only hit less that 30 one time in his whole career. There is no way he could even carry A-Rod's jock-strap, let alone fill some meteor sized hole left in the lineup.

This deal makes sense for both clubs.

Yes(No) it does(doesn't).

Choose your own ending.


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