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If today Sunday Sept. 10 ain't the best day of the year then I don't know what else is. The NFL starts (I mean really starts), MLB has its statistical dramas, wild-card chases and even two real live honest to goodness pennant races, we have a morning that's just beautiful, and we can spend a few minutes reading about 1 vs. 2 in college football, ND rolling over Penn State and, finalize our Fantasy starters. What else? There's a tennis tournament winding up and, I'll admit it has a pretty good final match today. But I'm not watching.

Here's why (in no particular order after the first):

  • Eli vs. Peyton tonight. You may have heard about this game but it is a pretty cool way to start and it might be so good that the NBC crew won't even be able to mess it up. (And we won't have to hear Madden talking about how hard this game is on the mothers anymore.) Go Blue.
  • Johan Santana pitches for the Twins. He's only the best pitcher in baseball and has been for the last three seasons. If the Twins somehow wind up ahead of both the Tigers and White Sox, he should get an MVP along with his second Cy Young.
  • TO plays for Dallas. Nuff said.
  • My new favorite team the Saints get started in Cleveland and we're rooting for Brees, Bush and Deuce.
  • The Orioles are starting a pitcher against the Yankees with an ERA of 107.99. Boy, ya gotta check that number a few times. Glad they don't round off ERA to the next highest number. You wouldn't want to start a pitcher with a 108 ERA, would you?
  • The Red Sox implosion takes on some remarkable aspects as the first two games against the Royals this weekend produce a six-run rally for the Sox only to lose in the ninth on Friday and then allowing a six-run burst in the 12th to lose on Saturday. (You have to admit, giving up six runs in the 12th inning to the Royals is a unique way to lose.)
  • Baseball's hot guys are getting hotter: Jermaine Dye had a double, triple and homer Saturday; Paul Konerko homered twice and drove in 5; Frank Thomas had another homer; Alfonso Soriano hit his 45th and then knocked over a chair in the locker room because the Nats lost; the Rockies Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins are on fire; even Barry Bonds (remember him?) is hitting homers; Jeter's on a 19-game hitting streak, and Ryan Howard has them so scared he walked four times Saturday. Let him hit!
  • Carson Palmer starts at QB for the Bengals. After what happened to him last January that might be enough to pay attention to today.

And if someone says to you 'have a nice day', you can respond: 'oh, I will, I will.'


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