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In my last post I said if the Boys had to stop one aspect of the Titans game plan is had to be Chris Johnson. They could not accomplish this task. Which oppened up the passing game tremendusly for young and company. Not to mention all the pass interference calls the gave the titans. 25 yards here 30 yards there. In the Titans 1st drive 48 yards game off of the first 2 interference calls. The third one was declined because the resulting play was a TD. Here we go game 5 week 6 same situation as far as defensive planning goes. You have to stop Peterson first. Favre is not the same gun slinger anymore, and his line is letting him get beat up this season. Tonight's monday night game will tell alot about how the Favre to Moss connection is going to go down. I don't expect a carrere high in touches but if Moss gets at least 6-8 touches in his first week with the vikes he will likely come alive in the next week against the boys. Favre has a hard time with pressure and I think the Jets will bring it tonight. I expect the cowboys to mimic their defencive stratagy for next weeks game if successfull. I have Chris Johnson on my some of my fantasy teams and my friends told me I need to bench him against the cowboys. Since I was rooting for the Cowboys I figured Chris Johnson would have a good game, and my theory worked. So next week I bet if I sit The Cowboys Defence, Austin, Witten, Williams, Bryant and start Favre, Moss, Harvin, Peterson, Vikings D/ST, The cowboys will end up having a good game. If my theory works the the cowboys will win by 40.
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October 11, 2010  12:00 PM ET

dallas won't win by 40 pts in the next decade and they likely won't win against the vikes or giants. how does 1-5 sound to JJ? week after week we are passing more and more. what did romo have 40+ passes yesterday? we are a one dimensional offense and when you pass that much you are going to have INTs. bottom line.. coaching staff is probably among the worst in the league. but seriously, romo is NOT a big time NFL QB. he's never going to be a brady, manning, brees, or the type of QB that can win a few games on the last drive. did anyone really think they'd tie the game on their last drive yesterday? i'd have bet my retirement they'd fail - and they did. romo is as average as they come w/ NO leadership ability at all!

October 11, 2010  01:58 PM ET

I won $20 on the last drive, I called the interception, my buddy was a believer until I made im pay up. Agreed, Romo not a top 10 QB or even 20 at that. Also agreed, The coaching staff has got to make some changes or be changed. There is no reason you keep loosing like this when you have weapons like Witten, Austin, Jones, Barber, and a new found Williams. They boys need to resort to a run first offence, like in the 90's, that was the cowboys stepel and it works. Look at the teams that are having sucess, Titans, when Johnson gets going are 3-0, Texans same thing with Foster 3-0, Atlanta with a ligit dinamic duo with Turner and Snelling. It is a must to be sucessfull.


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