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We have a shorter field to work with today, thus is the reason for fewer topics in this week's edition of "No Huddle."

South Carolina vs. Alabama - The Gamecocks defy the oddsmakers and so called experts and beat the Tide by 14 points.  To top it off, Carolina moved up the polls from #19 to #10.  Yes, #10 on 10-10-10.   That's kind of freaky.  The end of the world must be close for that to happen.  All right Carolina fans, that was meant to be a funny.  Seriously though, the Gamecocks did everything they had to.  The defense had a nasty attitude.  Football purists have to love that.  They made plays and delivered the hardest hits.  The new kids on the block - Ashlon Jeffery, Marcus Lattimore, Steven Garcia, all brought their "A" game.  When a play was needed, they delivered.  They couldn't have done it without solid offensive line play.  I heard ont the radio today that they are winning with South Carolina guys in the lineup.  Jeffery, Lattimore, C. C. Whitlock, Stephon Gilmore are just a few guys who played their high school ball in the Palmetto state.  The coaches have the right attitude in getting the team, and the fans, into the mindset that they have to take care of business against Kentucky this Saturday or the Bama win is for naught.

Colts vs. Chiefs - The Colts were leading the Chiefs by a score of 12-9 with just over four minutes to go in teh game.  All the points to that point were field goals.  With 4:02 left, back up running back Mike Hart found paydirt on a run from inside of the red zone.  Kansas Cicty's defense is a lot tougher than they were last year.  KC as a whole is a lot better team this year.  You just wouldn't have thought the game's only TD would come so late in the game and on the ground and not the air with Peyton Manning as QB.  A win is a win.  Good thing the Colts aren't playing in the BCS or they would probably drop in rannkings this week.

Texas vs. Tampa Bay (ALDS) - It's not that often that in a playoff series that the road teams have won all the games.   That is the case in this best three out of five series tied at two games apiece.  With Texas going home up 2-0 in the series and having to win only one game at home, you would have thought they would have done so.  The Rays denied them that opportunity.

Brooks Conrad - I'm sure glad I'm not him.  He committed three errors in game three of the NLDS between the Braves and Giants.   Three errors.  They all led to runs being scored by San Francisco.  The most costly was in the 9th inning and the game tied at two.   What would normally be a routine ground ball straight to him went right between his legs as he attempted to glove it.  That allowed the winning run to score in the top of the 9th with two outs.  The Braves couldn't muster a hit in their half of the 9th.  I talked to a person who was in attendance at that game and he said Conrad was booed continously between innings.  The Braves must have tried to change public opinion by showing his grand slam walk off homer earlier in the year against the Reds.  The loyal Braves fans would have none of that and booed louder.  With the late season injury to Martin Prado, there's no other infielders left to play 2nd or 3rd base.   Maybe with the problems with Conrad, it's time to give the 26 year old Diory Hernandez a chance to start.  He has one hit in nine at bats, but he couldn't do much worse in the field than Conrad.  In fact, some are comparing the Conrad's gaffes to Bill Buckner and the 1986 Boston Red Sox.  I just checked the latest lineup and manager Bobby Cox is going with Omar Infante at second and putting Troy Glauss at third for tonight's pivotal game.

That's if for this week.  As always sports fans, remember to keep your lugnuts tight, your laces tied and your chin strap buckled.   


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