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I have never seen a team celebrate so much for accomplishing nothing.  For example, Barber celebrates every time he gains 3 yards, Miles Austin celebrates catching a pass for a 1st down, Roy Williams gesturing the "Hook Em Horns" after a touchdown, Ware and defensive mates for a sack, and "their touchdown celebration against the Titans".   Act like you've been there before.  What ever happened to the "high five" and embracing each other as a team?

Football Smarts

As a coach and as a player, I've always love players that were coachable.  That you would only coach a skill or a situation only once or that he/they would recognize during a game something that was uncoachable and make a big play due to having savy.  Unfortunately, the Cowboys don't have this type of player in their current roster.  They continue to make the same mistakes over and over that it has become predictable that when a flag is thrown that a Cowboy(s) commit a the foul.  Especially during a crucial play during the game.  Are the Cowboys composed of great athletes instead of great football players?  Don't they learn from their mistakes?  Obviously not!

Great Teams

"This [loss] hurts because of the sense of the randomness of things in this game that didn't go our way," Romo said. "If you are a good ballclub, you overcome penalties; you overcome tipped balls. Right now, we have to scratch and claw and figure out a way to win.  Read more:  This is a perfect example of player who doesn't understand football and/or wants to be quotable like if he has won several Super Bowls as a quarterback.  Coach Hollenbach constantly would tell us that the team that wins is the one with the less mistakes.  That means no penalties, turnovers, missed tackles, and missed blocks.  Memo to Romo:  A good ballclub doesn't commit penalties and turnovers, this is what makes them good or great. 


The Cowboys had 511 total net yards.  Let's say that a turnover is worth 80 yards and add them to the yardage penalized and subtract from total net yards.  The Cowboys had 133 yards of penalties and the 3 turnovers is worth 240 yards.  Together they are worth 373 total yards.  Subtract 373 from 511 which totals 138 yards.  This is how it seems all of the effort is nullified due to the constant mistakes.

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October 11, 2010  08:59 PM ET

Pick a new team to root for and get rid of the stress! May I suggest the Steelers? They could go all the way and besides, they've beaten the Cboys in two Super Bowls.

Tempting, very tempting.

October 11, 2010  09:12 PM ET

Well, as a Bears fan I thank you for a win. The Cowboys are a good team, don't know what their problem is.

October 11, 2010  10:17 PM ET

fans live and die with the wins & losses. The Cowboys will either pull their heads out or watch the Superbowl from the stands. If you look at the wins, they came when they were playing well in all 3 phases of the game. Unfortunately this year it was only in 1 game...


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