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 Fannation 101: I'm new- Now What?


I was asked what to do as a new member of FanNation - by a new person who wanted me to help them get known on FN- do well with Blogs/TD/Groups and gain friends and infuince people

I told him I could help him with all but the making friends part- I  can show you how to P* people off but that's about it. J

And I am going to share the wealth with YOU


First off you need to have a name that doesn't stink.

Next you need a pic- newbie pics are just sad


After that- you need to join groups


The First one you need to join are

The FanNation Community

This is the 3rd biggest group on FN and I think this gives you a great starting point as a lot of people mail this group to show other groups and TDs and Blogs.

That's what it is FOR


Also the FanNation Hall of Fame

I would recommend that group because if you want to do well- these people are the cream of the crop except the first guy they put in in October- he drags the whole group down

Next join


Throwdown Tips, Tricks, and Easter Eggs For The Beginners

This group may not be the most active but there is a lot of good stuff in the Archives and you can always post Q's there


Join ones for your sports - I recommend

Football: NFL Fan Club

BaskettBall NBA - I love this Game!


I do not follow Hockey or MLB but I am sure they have groups as well- I bet as soon as This hits there will be 50 groups added below that you can also hit for sports

Next, do a group search  Look for your favorite teams- fannation has 1 group for almost every team you can find- pro and 1A and even some 1-AA teams

Most teams will pull a few groups - fannation turns over some groups to memebers to run if they are worthy and dedicated-

I run one for NUMBER ONE ranked Tar Heels

North Carolina Tar Heels Fan Group

Any time you see the Fan Group - It's normally the Fannation Group

After that Then look for what you want to do- wanna blog? There are bloggers groups out there Bloggers' Domain or groups for certain states sports CAROLINA SPORTS and even  areas or music Hip-Hop Fan Group or even fantasy sports FanNation Fantasy League to even fake gambling The House to voting for the National Champion Fannation National Championship

If you are looking to TD - then there are TONS of groups out there

Tournament Throwdowns

Tournament Greats Central ( TGC )

Great ways to gain EXP - unless you are trying to be the next Adam Lee a few losses won't hurt you - Even if you don't get in a tourney you can still learn by seeing what good ones look like!

Fannation does not limit the number of groups you can create or join - If you don't like a group or it does not become active- dump it if you want


As far as Friends go when you blog/TD you will have people that talk about you and your comments - invite these people to be your friends- The friends list does not make much sense why it is here- you can't fannamil them as a group but oh well

finally enjoy yourself you didn't pay money to get this site and don't take things too seriously - and eventually you may make the HOF and might even join

Elites of FanNation


PS- If I did not list your group below- it may be because it is closed or I just don't know of it. So List it below or just deal with me snubbing you.


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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