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This is America, ladies and gentlemen. In the ol' land of red, white, and blue the underdog always deserves a title shot. Think about it.

 Where would we be if Rocky would've never gotten to fight Creed? Or what if no one ever let the Tampa Bay Rays play ball because they were smaller than the Sox and Yanks? What if Seabiscuit never got to race War Admiral because of his size? Or Lance Armstrong never allowed to race because of his cancer.

America is the biggest underdog in history to come out of a fight victorious. The Red Coats outnumbered us 20-1 (literally), but at the end of the day we stood high above the smoke and rubble. America the story of our past is the underdog, why can't that be the story of our present?

With as much speculation as there has been the past 4 years since Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, why not just end the controversy and give them a shot pollsters? You can say this and that about the WAC and who they play or you could look into the other other hand and check out those figures.

The fact of the matter is this. In the past 4 years Boise State has won 2 BCS Bowls. Only Larry Coker's Miami, Pete Carroll's Trojans, Les Miles Tigers, Urban Myers Gators, and Bob Stoops Sooners can boast the same acolades in the past decade. Whoa, BSU in the same sentence as them? It just happened. 5 college football stables and 1 that should be.

Boise State has the best win percentage in the past decade. All they do is win. You can't knock a guy for that. I know they are not in the SEC or the Big XII, but Idaho isn't neighboring Texas or Louisianna so it's not thier fault they aren't in those conferences. But I guarantee you they wouldn't back down from any opponenet. People always knock on Boise State for not playing anybody, but do you see teams like Florida, Oklahoma, or Alabama knocking on Boise State's door pre-conference play?

The teams that do knock on that door get a reality check real fast. Boise State will make you fighting mad they'll beat you so good (Just ask Lagarrette Blount... if I spelled the name wrong send my apologies to the budding Tampa Bay running  back). Who wants the rest of thier season spoiled by getting beat by Boise State early on? Not Virginia Tech, not anybody.

Judge Boise State by thier win percentage, thier heart, thier hook and latters, thier post-season performances, pre-conference beat downs, and thier style. The Orange and Blue is something fresh that we have been putting off for sometime now.

I guarantee ya, you put them Broncos in that National Championship against any Ohio State team that's been in the National Championship the past few years then 35,000 fans are going to go crazy in Idaho. So, how about this year? Punish them if you must. Pit them against Oklahoma, Oregon, or even Alabama if they creep thier way back up to the top. Try and make them wish they had never dared set foot in a BCS National Championship game...

My money will be on the Blue though... I'll double down.

October 20, 2010  03:09 PM ET

Very true. It's a terrible place Boise is in. They have to rely on probability and chance of other teams losing rather than their own merit and talent. Gahh.... How can we fix that? There has to be a way.... oh yea, a playoff! Wait... that's too complicated.

It's good to see that they are getting some BCS respect though instead of turning in an undefeated season and playing in the Poinsetta Bowl.

October 20, 2010  06:39 PM ET

Boise State deserves to be in the title game, regardless of the number of undefeated teams for this simple reason: They're playing better than any other team in the country.

October 21, 2010  05:23 PM ET

Sorry but we live in a world were consistancy means nothing(unless its bcs screwing our teams) unfortunately they will put a one loss Bama team in the NC,unless bama loses again.I dont agree with this its just the truth. It would be tough to say they are playing better than any team and the fact that they dont play a tough team until their bowl game but hopefully they will play in another BCS game and their opponent dosent take them serious like TCU last year. Move to the MAC and beat TCU's **** plus a strong out of conference team keep winning and you guys will be in the big dance......One day.


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