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So James Harrison threatens to retire because of the league's new take on helmet-to-helmet contact and if he does so the Pittsburgh Steelers will get some of his $20 million in upfront money he collected when he signed a six-year, $51.2 million contract in April 2009. The majority of American workers are going to be lucky to make a $1,000,000 in the course of their lifetime. Harrison is doing a job that places him in the top tax bracket, gives him thousands of fans to love him, and lets him do what every true blooded man loves to do - play football. Why on earth would you ever consider retiring when the game puts you on easy street (or threaten to do so). I understand that Harrison, like many stubborn people, is just trying to make some noise and get the attention of the league and who knows what else. Maybe he's trying to spark a league wide rebellion which will lead Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Brian Urlacher, and Troy Polamalu into Roger Goodell into his front office toting burning yellow flags. But we know that neither Harrison will retire nor the hard-hitting posse in the NFL are going to charge Goodell's office. What we do know (or should know) is that the NFL is taking a preventive measure to ensure the longevity of player's careers which makes the two most important publics in the NFL - the fans and the players - happier in the end. Remember the Roy Williams tackle? Sadistic joke which in all honesty took Terrell Owens out of a season which was shaping up to be one of the best in his career. Could have been his best thinking it was the furthest he ever got into the playoffs.... but that's a different story. The point here is that after the Roy Williams tackle horse-collar tackles became illegal in the NFL. Has an injury such as TO's happened since then? Nope. QBs getting hurt less since the refs more harsh stance on roughing the passer? Yup. Thank the NFL, now you get Tom Brady for a FULL YEAR. And now, with all the recent scrutiny from players speaking up after years of concussions, the NFL is making another great decision. The multi-million dollar monsters playing on the gridiron every Sunday for our entertainment are people too underneath. They have to keep themselves healthy and one day will have to care for there health issues after the game has left them. They should enjoy their later years after entertaining us for so many seasons. That's how the players benefit. How do the fans? As mentioned above, these tweaks to the rule books keep YOUR favorite players in the game and the season longer. I have no formal survey to back my statement, but challenge me if I'm wrong. I'm going to say 90% of NFL fans would like to see an 18 game season and 2 pre-season games. I know I would. If we're going to push for that extra two weeks of punishment to the players, we and they are going to have to adhere to no helmet-to-helmet contact. It's smart and makes sense. If a D-Lineman, Linebacker, or Safety can learn not to tackle by the horsecollar and go for a QBs legs... then they can learn not to lead with their head into another persons cranium. Common, did you play highschool football? College football? Jr. High? I remember learning wrap up and tackle and drive through the man, not lead with your head. The players just need to follow the fundamentals they have been learning since a young age and that won't be hard. For the good of the game, the good of the season, the good of the players and their families, and the good of the fans, removing helmet-to-helmet smacking will make the NFL a better sport... with hardly any difference.
October 20, 2010  10:43 PM ET

let him retire.... what's he going to do? flip burgers? he ain't going nowhere!

October 20, 2010  10:55 PM ET

Your actually really close to base. At one point before his NFL career started he was driving a bus for the city.


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