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This is assuming that there are no offseason transfers, no new recruits, and no decommitted recruits.  The projected starters are in bold.  Redshirted players are underlined.

1. Jimmy Clausen, So.
2. Evan Sharpley, Sr.
3. Dayne Crist, Fr.

The quarterback position is locked up in favor of Clausen.  Although he had a rough start, he is the future of this program.  Sharpley will be a good mentor for Clausen next year, and Crist will compete for the job in 2009.

Running Backs
1. James Aldridge, Jr.
2. Armando Allen, So.
3. Robert Hughes, So.
4. Jonas Gray, Fr.

Aldridge has played well this year when he is healthy.  Against Navy, he showed some good speed and power.  Allen is raw, but he if he develops like he should, he can become a Reggie Bush-like runner.  Hughes is a good power back.  Gray will see a little playing time, but nothing major.

1. Asaph Schwapp, Sr.
2. Luke Schmidt, Jr.

Notre Dame only uses the fullback position in short yardage situation, but Schwapp has seen some playing time as a tailback.  Schmidt will only see playing time in special teams or if their is an injury.

Wide Receivers
1. Robby Parris, Jr.
2. Duval Kamara, So.
3. Michael Floyd, Fr.
4. Golden Tate, So.
5. George West, Jr.
6. David Grimes, Sr.
7. D.J. Hord, Sr.
8. John Goodman, Fr.

Notre Dame will have many wide receivers next year.  There are no senior wide receivers on this team.  Robby Parris and Duval Kamara are popular targets for Evan Sharpley, and they have had success this year.  Michael Floyd is the best receiver to come to Notre Dame since Raghib Ismail.  Golden Tate, George West, and David Grimes will be used as deep threats next year.  Hord will see minimal playing time.  Goodman is good, but his eligibility should be saved for later years.

Tight Ends
1. Mike Ragone, So.
2. Will Yeatman, Jr.
3. Kyle Rudolph, Fr.
4. Joseph Fauria, Fr.

Notre Dame is notable for recruiting good tight ends, and these guys are no different.  On, Kyle Rudolph is listed as the number one tight end in the country for 2008.  Ragone is the number 3 tight end for 2007.  Yeatman isn't a high recruit, but he is more athletic than any of the other tight ends.  All of these guys will see good playing time.

Offensive Tackles
1. Sam Young, Jr.
2. Paul Duncan, Sr.
3. Chris Stewart, Jr.
4. Taylor Dever, So.

So far, the Irish have signed no offensive tackles, and no one is graduating.  Duncan and Young will be starters, like this year.  Stewart and Dever will get good playing time.

Offensive Guards
1. Mike Turkovich, Sr.
2. Eric Olsen, Jr.
3. Dan Wenger, Jr.
4. Tom Bemenderfer, Sr.
5. Mike Golic, Fr.
6. Lane Clelland, Fr.

There is no graduating guard.  Golic and Clelland are also able to play center.  Golic is listed as a center on Rivals, but he is better suited as a guard.

Offensive Center
1. Braxton Cave, Fr.
2. Dan Wenger, Jr.
3. Mike Golic, Fr.

With John Sullivan graduating, Braxton Cave, a freshman, could be the starter, even though he may not be at Notre Dame for spring practices.  Wenger could also start due to experience, but definitely not due to talent.  Golic may see some playing time at center also.

Defensive Ends
1. Derrell Hand, Sr.
2. Justin Brown, 5th
3. Paddy Mullen, Jr.
4. Sean Cwynar, Fr.
5. Ethan Johnson, Fr.

I'm assuming that Justin Brown gets offered a fifth year due to his experience.  Hand has had some legal troubles, but he is perfect for the 3-4 scheme.  Mullen has never settled at one position.  Cwynar may see some good playing time.  He may be an early arrival.  Johnson will see the field some, but not regularly.

Nose Tackle
1. Pat Kuntz, Sr.
2. Ian Williams, So.
3. Brandon Newman, Fr.
4. Omar Hunter, Fr.
5. Hafis Williams, Fr.

Pat Kuntz has been an amazing defensive tackle this year.  He leads the Irish in deflected passes.  Williams is a giant.  Newman, Hunter, and Williams will all compete for playing time, with the losers most likely seeing playing time only in emergencies.

Outside Linebackers
1. Kerry Neal, So.
2. Brian Smith, So.
3. John Ryan, Jr.
4. Morrice Richardson, Jr.
5. Steve Filer, Fr.
6. David Posluzsny, Fr.

Neal and Smith have been bright spots on this bad Irish defense.  Ryan is a starter now, but he won't see as much playing time with Neal and Smith getting a year under their belt.  Filer and Posluzsny will only see good playing time if the starters collapse, like Vernaglia and Ryan did this year.

Middle Linebackers
1. Maurice Crum, 5th.
2. Toryan Smith, Jr.
3. Anthony McDonald, Fr.
4. Darius Fleming, Fr.

Crum is a great player.  He will definitely come back when he is offered.  Smtih hasn't seen much playing time, but that's because Joe Brockington is still at Notre Dame.  McDonald and Fleming will compete for good playing time.

1. Terrail Lambert, 5th
2. Darrin Walls, Jr.
3. Raeshon McNeil, Jr.
4. Munir Prince, Jr.
5. Robert Blanton, Fr.
6. Jamoris Slaughter, Fr.

Lambert is an experienced corner.  Weis and Brown better offer him a fifth year.  Darrin Walls was the first Irish player to score a touchdown this season.  McNeil has been a good nickel back this season.  Prince was an all-state corner in high school.  Blanton and Slaughter will get some playing time, but not very much.

1. David Bruton, Sr.
2. Kyle McCarthy, Sr.
3. Sergio Brown, Jr.
4. Dan McCarthy, Fr.

Thankfully, Zbikowski is leaving.  That means Bruton and the older McCarthy will be the starters.  Zibby has been the third-best safety this year.  Now, the best safeties will get to start.  Brown hasn't been playing very much, but he may get some playing time.  Kyle's younger brother, Dan, will also play.

1. Brandon Walker, So.
2. Nate Whitaker, Jr.

1. Eric Maust, Jr.

Long Snapper
1. Kevin Brooks, Sr.

Kick Returners
1. Golden Tate, So.
2. Armando Allen, So.

Punt Returner
1. David Grimes, Sr.

The special teams will not change very much.  Walker has been the starter for all of this year.  Maust has punted some this year.  Tate and Allen are already the returners.  Brooks will replace JJ Jansen, and Grimes will replace Zbikowski.


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