After watching the debacle of sunday's night game of dallas vs. the pigeons, i decided that every week i am going to protest the fat man and his useless quarterback.  This is not eagles football, honestly i do not know what the hell they were on sunday.  Cut jevon kearse now he is a waste of time and money.  I am so sick of the team and city standing idlely bye why the rest of the nfl gets better.  We constantly say oh we don't need stars when we got reno mahe and greg lewis.  Call me evil but i was happy when lewis got hurt against minny because he did not deserve a roster spot.  McNabb is done atleast as a west coast offense quarterback, his lack of mobility is turning him into david carr.  in the nfl you are only as good as your last few games and needless to saythose games were nothing special. 

Reasons to fire Andy Reid:

1.  He keeps bums on his team such as reno mahe and greg lewis.

2.  They needed a safety in the draft or in free agency to back up dawkins and his arrogancy said eh.... we don't need a safety.

3.  Not backing up terrell owens when he asked for more money.  Controversial topic but he knew this was the guy who made his offense work but once again his arrogance said oh we don't need a hall of fame caliber receiver when we got 5 mediocre guys. Some times the player is worth the money.  *Someone tell the Phillies*

4. Pass on first and second down and then run on third.  Why is the ball being put in the air on the first down of the first series of the game.  Run the ball and take what you can get.  Your running back only averages 5 yards a carry.

5.  When you have one the top 5 running backs in your back field maybe you should use him as a tail back rather then a flanker.  The offensive line in my opinion is one of the best run blocking lines in the league but we never get to see that except for the second half of last season when the mcloser went down.

6.  Donovan McNabb should have been traded.  Why keep him?  I know. We want his stock to completely plumett before we give him up.  He has not been the same since the super bowl.  Yes he had good numbers last year but don't forget they lost a string of games when he was in and then started winning when a leader got on to the field.  Donovan is a great quarterback but its time to say good bye he is no leader.  Lead by example....So thats why they been losing.

7.  Don't tell us your kids are not affecting you job as a coach by using the excuse of other people do it.  Just because others do it doesn't mean they are doing it well.  And they are not getting paid millions of dollars to run a franchise back in to the ground.  So when you can't make it to practice because you drug addict kids are getting sentenced well i guess that is affecting your job.

8. We can run the same pass play 10 times but we can only run the ball once.

9.  Wheres the special teams we have not had a good kick returner since westbrook did it full time.  Buckhalter is a great backup running back but this guy had how many knee injuries why is he returning kick offs.

10.  He is a fat looking version of ditka with 1/1000 of the personality.

Seriously if thats not enough reason to chuck him back to utah then i don't know what is.


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