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All fingers are being pointed at Tony Romo for the Cowboys being 1-5 and rightfully so, but there are other positions and players who are at fault.  For example, receivers dropping passes and TEs fumbling during crucial times of the game.  Everybody is blaming Grad for the missed block that led to Romo being knocked out of the game.  However, there is a simple rule for O-linemen and that is "inside, on, off".  The rule has a lineman blocking the inside threat first followed by the on and the off threat.  Well Doug Free blocked the off threat and the linebacker went through.  A lot of it also depends on the pass protection the Cowboys had for that pass play.  Whoever is at fault, it only shows how little attention to detail the Cowboys have had this season. 


Where are Brady James and Keith Brookings?  Talk about being abducted by aliens and replaced by imposters.  Last year, they were a force against the run and they put pressure on QBs when they blitzed.  Spears and Olshansky have also disappeared against the run and this is their specialty.  Newman and Jenkins briefly left the game against the Giants because of pain.  The rule of thumb is that a player will suck it up if he's hurt and if he's injured than get out of the ball game.  Scandrick used to play great against the slot running crossing routes, but he couldn't keep up any of the Giants receivers.

Special Teams

Probably the only bright spot for the Cowboys against the Giants.


The Cowboys will say all of the right things this upcoming week as they prepare for the next game against the Jaguars.  For example, they will say that they are playing for pride and how great an owner Jerry is.  Jerry Jones should tell them that they are playing for their jobs.  The Cowboys are composed of great athletes, but not great football players and there is a difference.  Great football players have savvy or high football IQ.  They understand to seize the moment and recognize situations.  Nobody stepped up after Romo went down with his injury and don't expect for it to happen for the remainder of the season.  The Steelers were able to win without Roethlisberger and this is what is called character.  The Cowboys need a veteran player that has been part of a winning Super Bowl team and has a few years left in the tank.  They also need young players that come from universities with winning traditions or a national championship.  The Cowboys have players that are not football smart and that have never been part of a winning program.


They had a couple of obvious blunders.  First, the wrong defensive personnel was in the ball game when the Giants scored.  Consequently, Sensabaugh ended up trying to cover Hakeem Nicks.  Next, the Cowboys should have gone for the field goal instead of going for it on 4th down.


Jerry Jones has invested a lot of money on a lot of players who are not earning it.  Cowboys have the highest payroll of any NFL team .  The Cowboys are composed of over rated players who are over paid.  His talk of being the 1st host team to play in the Super Bowl has cost the Cowboys because they forgot about playing the regular season.  Every team starts the season with zero wins and losses.  This should just have been a thought among the team and should have never been spoken to anyone.  Now every team is insulted and they are motivated to shut their mouths.

October 26, 2010  09:28 PM ET

Jerry said they would only go as far as Tony could take them. He even said that basically Tony was the only QB. What does that say about the GM? Fire Jerry and give the job to Stephen!!

October 26, 2010  10:27 PM ET

Jerry said they would only go as far as Tony could take them. He even said that basically Tony was the only QB. What does that say about the GM? Fire Jerry and give the job to Stephen!!

I agree! Stephen seemed to have been the one to learn the most from Parcells during his time with the Cowboys.


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