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The Blues are off to a promising start to the new Hockey season, going 4-1-2 in their first seven games.   Included in that start are wins over Chicago, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, so it isn't as if they've been feasting on bottom-feeders.

Perhaps most promising is that the Note have gone 4-0 at home.   I think this is especially important given their abysmal record at home a year ago.  The Blues earned 90 points last year, but missed the playoffs in the tough Western Conference, primarily due to an 18-18-5 record at home.   If the Blues had only been able to be a few games over .500 at home, they would have been a playoff team.   I think it's important for the confidence of this young group that they build on the quick start and continue to be tough to beat on home ice.

Jaroslav Halak has so far been as good as advertised, posting a 1.81 GAA and a .929 Save Percentage.   That trade may be the steal of the off-season and may be what propels the Blues into the post-season again.

 The Blues need better performances this year from some of the young forwards, most notably Brad Boyes and Patrik Berglund.   I still think this team could use a big-time go-to goal scorer, but I think they have a good balance across their top three lines.   Putting the puck in the net will likely be the concern most of the season, but it's good to see David Perron and TJ Oshie in particular off to good offensive starts.

It's only seven games, but I feel good about where this team is at this point......hopefully there will be much more positive things to write about this year.

GO BLUES!!!!!!! 




October 27, 2010  07:58 AM ET


Agreed, Ten and it looks like they are being taken seriously in the various "power Rankings" so they just need to prove they can do it AT HOME on a consistent basis and they should be good to go!

October 27, 2010  08:30 AM ET

I watched that OTL to Chicago where they Blue (pun intended) the 2 goal, 3rd period lead. I couldn't avoid the flashbacks to 2009-2010.

If they finish those games, they're easily a playoff team.

October 27, 2010  09:28 AM ET

I watched that OTL to Chicago where they Blue (pun intended) the 2 goal, 3rd period lead. I couldn't avoid the flashbacks to 2009-2010.If they finish those games, they're easily a playoff team.

Totally agree. That was a painful one to watch. The Note pretty much controlled the game for 50+ minutes and then just let it slip away in the last six minutes or so. You're right, it was some deja vu.

November 10, 2010  02:00 AM ET

The Blues are off to a hot start this season. I knew they had to get good eventually given all their young talent, but I had no idea it would be this dramatic, and this quickly. Congrats to you STL, you've got a promising team right in front of you that has a bright future for years to come. Unlike my Sharks which won't make the playoffs with the current roster they have. We NEED another top 4 defensman.


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