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Another one Bites the Dust. Thank you Mizzou for beating them and having the game of your life. Should Auburn be afraid this week as the new #1 team? With Cam Newton at QB I think they are a little better off! Lets go over some teams and suprises that I enjoyed watching this weekend.

1) Thank you BAYLOR BEARS for winning and getting to a bowl game for the first time in over 15 years. Beating Kansas State 47-42 shows that if Baylor had a defense to match their offense then who knows what would happen this season. The real test for Robert Griffin will come this week vs. Texas. Good luck and this might be your only chance to get a win vs Texas for a very long time. I am also excited to see Baylor vs Oklahoma State...the final score could be in the 60's with the way their offenses and defenses play!

2) I predicted the final score to be 17-10 in favor of Auburn. Final score was Auburn 24 LSU 17. Auburn had to earn every yard that day vs a very tough LSU defense. Les Miles even managed the clock to put in one last score before halftime. Auburn's Cam Newton has one big thing working for him, his size. If anyone watched the game he can be hit and still fall forward 3-5 yards depending on the how the defense raps up. I first saw that when Cam Newton ran over a defensive back from Tennessee while playing for Florida.

3) WOW OREGON! Did their offense look amazing. They just moved the ball at will vs a decent UCLA defense. They have so many weapons and options that anything can happen on every play. Oregon looks sad when they have to kick a field goal instead of scoring a Touchdown. Most teams would be happy but Oregon wants points and they want them fast. Just to show the speed, the 2nd string offense for Oregon score in 1 Minute and 5 seconds. Imagine Oregon vs Auburn for the National Title. The offenses would be flying all over the place and it could be one of the most exciting National Title games since USC vs Texas in the Rose Bowl. Does anyone know where I can buy those cool Oregon Jerseys?

4) Did Anyone watch the Boise game last night? The score might not show it but boise did not have their usual quick beat down way with Louisiana Tech. Boise had to go for it on 4th down at least 3 times to keep a scoring drive alive. L-Tech did move the ball and also went for it a few times on 4th down since you have to pull out all the stops vs Boise State. If L-Tech  had all their weapons available to them on offense I do not think they could have won but it would have been closer. Boise was exsposed last night, Nevada needs to take note! Let's just vote boise to be the #1 team because that means they will lose their next game.

5) Once again the CARDIAC KIDS of Michigan State do it again. This time with a fake punt Michigan State rallies and wins late. They remind me ALOT of how IOWA was doing it all last year. If Northwestern was thinking right they could have possibly sent the game into overtime. MSU scored on 3rd down and went up by eight. Northwestern had over 1 1/2 minutes left to try and score. They should have played it cool but once again SPARTY pulled out the victory. I think Iowa will get them this week on the road. Can't fall into a hole vs a good Iowa team but you never know. MSU beat Wisconsin who beat Iowa. EXCITING to see how it all plays out.

6) UTAH and TCU both handed their opponents a huge loss. Look forward to their meeting in 2 weeks. Winner of that could end up jumping Boise and possibly be in the NATIONAL TITLE mix if Oregon or Auburn were to stumble. My hopes are that Auburn, Oregon, Boise, Utah, Michigan State, Missouri all go undefeated and it leaves the BCS in a mess. How do you pick 2 undefeated teams and leave out 4 others. the BCS Gods are praying for a few more losses so Alabama can get back into the mix.

7) Nebraska rebounded nicely on the road vs Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State reminds me of Baylor. Great offense but where is the defense. Oklahoma State's star WR is in trouble right now and could be out costing them some fire power on offense. Nebraska did it through the air this week and looks more complete. I do not think Nebraska is a TOP 10 team but they definently can make a run at the BIG-12. Now Missouri has to go to Lincoln to face a mad Nebraska team clicking on all cylinders. If Missouri's defense can play like it did vs Oklahoma then it should be a great game to watch.

8) How about Wisconsin with the fake punt to keep the drive alive. Great smash mouth game for Wisconsin and Iowa. The running style of the Big-10 this year would make Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler so happy. If Iowa were to win this week vs Michigan State it could make the whole BIG-10 race come down to BCS standings. Lets hope Michigan State wins out so Ohio State is left out!

9) BIG EAST dissappointment. To believe they will get a BCS bowl bid. No one is ranked and Syracuse is in position to take the conference lead. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE! the BIG EAST bid should not be given up to the MWC but given out to the general NCAA public. For all we know Louisville could win the conference or Cincinnati could repeat as champs with a horrible record.

10) SEC MESS: the picture will become a little bit more clear with Florida playing Georgia. If you been following college football at all this game will be a WINNER take all. If Florida wins that means the showdown vs South Carolina will become even Bigger and the winner of that game can punch their ticket to Atlanta. If Georgia wins then Richt saves his job and South Carolina almost 99% locks up its visit to Atlanta. South Carolina must beat Tennessee which should be easy with Lattimore back in the line up. Kentucky needs to beat Miss. State to become closer to bowl eligible. REMINDS ME, Congrats to Dan Mullen for getting by UAB to get a BOWL Berth. Dan Mullen will have Miss. State competiting at a high level. Give him a few more top athletes and Miss. State will be a #3 team in the SEC west instead of #5. Alabama and LSU both have a week off to get ready to beat the crap out of each other. Should be a great game. With the way the BCS is if Auburn and Alabama win out then Alabama needs to beat 'Auburn to get back into the mix of the national title game.

WOW what a week of college football. Should be interesting to see how things unfold. Now onto some Picks for me.

FSU 31 NC State 17 (NC State is having a good year but FSU is having a BETTER year)

Auburn 42 Ole Miss 21 (2 words: CAM NEWTON)

Oregon 56 USC 28 (USC's SUPER BOWL of the year but no defense to stop Oregon)

Iowa 28 Michigan state 24 (SPARTY forgot his lucky rabbits foot for the win)

Missouri 24 Nebraska 13 (Missouri comes up big again and gets into National title talk)

Utah 42 Air force 17 (Air force can't get the option going 2 weeks in a row)

Texas 38 Baylor 24 (Baylor looks better but not good enough to beat mad/sad Texas)

October 29, 2010  10:39 AM ET

Enjoyed the blog. I'm curious how the Utah/Air Force game plays out. I think Utah is getting more hype than they deserve, but Air Force is on their third tough game in a row. If they were more rested I might go Air Force way, but since their not I am wondering if Utah will win close or big.

November 1, 2010  10:50 AM ET

Utah won close. Utah always has close games with Air force when the game is played @ Air force. I was way off with my prediction of the score but was right about the win!


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