Yeah, so I sucked at doing the order last week. Give me some slack. It was my first go round.


So to clear things up this week, I'll include the playoff seeds so we're clear


1. New England, 6-1
2. Indianapolis, 5-2
3. Baltimore, 5-2
4. Kansas City, 5-2
5. NY Jets, 5-2
6. Pittsburgh, 5-2


1. NY Giants, 5-2
2. Atlanta, 5-2
3. Green Bay, 5-3
4. Seattle, 4-3
5. Tampa Bay, 5-2
6. New Orleans, 5-3


Let's look at that a second


*The Chiefs, Bucs, and Seahawks are a combined 14-7
*The Vikings, Cowboys, and 49ers are a combined 5-16
*Three teams from the NFC South are currently in the playoffs


Such a crazy season. Onto the draft


1. Buffalo Bills select Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford (Last week: Luck)


For right now, I'm leaving this pick the same. But Fitzpatrick is playing great. If he shows consistency, they may no longer look for a QB but instead some help on defense or an explosive WR.


2. Dallas Cowboys select Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU (Last week: Da'Quan Powers)


It's becoming evident the Cowboys can't stop the pass if they're life depended on it. Peterson is one of the best CBs we've seen in a while. Last season, he held A.J. Green to 4 catches and Julio Jones to 3, both of which we'll see later. He gets to face Jones again this year, so we'll see how he does


3. Carolina Panthers select Derek Sherrod, OT, Miss. State (Last week: Marcel Dareus)


At first, I had Marcel Dareus, a DT from 'Bama, here again, but after looking, they have a decent enough defensive line. Then I put in A.J. Green, but they already have a couple rookie WRs. Lastly, they've given up the 6th most sacks this year, so it looks like offensive line it is


4. Denver Broncos select Marcel Dareus, DT, Alabama (Last week: Peterson)


The Broncos currently have just 5 picks and 9 sacks. The lack of picks can be contributed to the lack of pressure on the QB. Elvis Dumervil will help solve that, but they are also 31st against the run. Dareus' 6'3, 300 lb figure can help plug up some holes


5. San Francisco 49ers select Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska (Last week: Jake Locker)


Let's not get too high on Troy Smith just yet. While I'm not sure if his last performance was a fluke or not, he'll get the chance to prove it against the Rams next week. Honestly, he has a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way out. Plus, they have an awful pass defense


6. Cincinnati Bengals select Jake Locker, QB, Washington (Last week: Nick Fairley)


For whatever reason, big boards all over the internet have him listed as the 2nd best QB prospect. I haven't seen it, but I'm not in the business of scouting.


The Bengals are suffering from atrocious QB play and Palmer's leash is getting shorter by the game. He's cost them a couple games this year. They can groom Locker while hoping Palmer gets back into his old self


7. Cleveland Browns select A.J. Green, WR, Georgia (Last week: Green)


The Browns biggest problem is no big play threat on offense. Green provides that immediately, which moves Massaquoi to a more comfortable #2 WR role and Cribbs to the slot, where he can burn LBs and safeties deep.


It always works on paper, right?


8. Detroit Lions select Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina (Last week: Ryan Kerrigan)


I fully expect the Lions to go on a little spurt at this point in the season and move away from the 8th pick. Regardless, I think pairing Quinn and Suh would be just nasty. If the Lions resort to "Best Player Available" (BPA) mode, it'll be Quinn, and it'll be bad for opposing offensive lines


9. Minnesota Vikings select Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas (Last week: Mallet)


Honestly, I don't know what the Vikings would do with this pick. They need a CB, but I don't think either will be at this spot.


I think Jackson will play well enough to earn another season as starter, but right now he's proven nothing, so the pick is Mallet.


10. San Diego Chargers select Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa (Last week: Quinn)


I don't expect the Chargers to stay here either. They seemed to find a spark on Sunday. However, if they are, they should go into full BPA mode and take Clayborn to improve a pass rush that's been scary good already


11. Arizona Cardinals select Bruce Carter, LB, North Carolina (Last week: Stephen Paea)


The Cardinals have issues in their front 7. They lost Dansby last year to free agency and this could be his replacement.


Carter hasn't been sensational in the pros, but he's been consistent. Anything can help that Cardinal front 7 though.


12. Jacksonville Jags select Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson (Last week: Amukamara)


The Jags showed the offense does have some life. Will it continue? We don't know


What we do know is the defensive isn't good. How do you beat the likes of Manning, Schaub, and Young? Force them into mistakes. Bowers can do that.


13. New England Patriots (via Oakland) select Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama (Last week: Ingram)


He just seems like a New England type of player. Hard-nosed, undersized, but a desire to win. While they have a solid RB group right now, Ingram is one of those guys that fits perfectly with what they do. He's good out of the backfield and is a powerful runner.


The Patriots have a good offense, a young defense thats maturing, so they could do many things here. I don't think they want to draft another young defensive player, but who knows. Belichek always has a master plan


14. Washington Redskins select Julio Jones, WR, Alabama (Last week: no pick)


Donovan "Out Of Shape" McNabb will be out of town, but there's no QB here to take. However, there is a solid WR that the 'Skins don't have available. Jones is an impact player than can make the offense that much more dynamic


15. St. Louis Rams select Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn (Last week: Jones)


If Julio Jones is there, they'll probably take him. If not, they'll fix an average defensive line. Fairly, at 6'5 and 300 lbs., is what some would say, a road block. He's a huge man who can free up Chris Long to get sacks and pressure QBs.


16. Miami Dolphins select Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA (Last week: DeAndre McDaniel)


The Dolphins basically get screwed every year. They are stuck in one of the toughest divisions in football and are looking up at two great teams that'll be great for a while.


Ayers is someone who can make plays. He'll have over 200 tackles in 4 years, he has 6 INTs, and he has 2 FFs. He can be someone that can have an impact immediately.


17. Chicago Bears select Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College (Last week: Sherrod)


Honestly, this pick should just read "best offensive tackle available." We know how bad the line has been and it got Cutler hurt already. Any help would be good help at this point.


18. Houston Texans select Janoris Jenkins, CB, Florida (Last week: no pick)


Houston won't be here. I fully expect them to make the playoffs. If not, they need a playmaking CB. They went out and got Dunta Robinson, but he hasn't been making that many plays. Adding Jenkins gives them two great corners


19. Philadephia Eagles select Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado (Last week: Rahim Moore)


As (Un)Official said, they have Asante Samuel and no one else. Offensively, they need a lineman. And they very well could get one. But no big board really ranks lineman, so I can't really put one here.


So instead, you get a CB and you'll like it.


20. Tennessee Titans select Rahim Moore, S, UCLA (Last week: no pick)


Judging by stats, this secondary seems like feast or famine, giving up 11 TDs, but having 13 INTs. Moore should provide some stability to it. He had 14 INTs in 2009, but only has 1 this year. It'll cause him to drop and the Titans can swipe him up.



I didn't mess up teams this week, so I'm improving. As I said last week, offer up suggestions or thoughts about what I've said. It helps me fix things I don't know about. And one of these weeks when I don't do this at 2 or 3 in the morning, I'll add pictures


Thanks for the read everyone
November 4, 2010  03:18 PM ET

i like it all, but i cant see ingram going as late as 13th...

November 4, 2010  03:23 PM ET

and IMO the titans secondary is good enough. a crappy pass rush and even worse linebacker coverage is allowing 5-15 yard passes all day long. need to pick up an outside LB

November 4, 2010  03:42 PM ET

Carolina gets Patterson- if he's not there- then DT.

No chance they replace Gross this early.

November 4, 2010  06:38 PM ET

As (Un)Official said, they have Asante Samuel and no one else. Offensively, they need a lineman. And they very well could get one. But no big board really ranks lineman, so I can't really put one here.

So instead, you get a CB and you'll like it.

XD, awesome


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