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For the first week since the BCS, the #1 team survives. So many exciting and suprising games this past weekend. While the BIG EAST continues to baffle me some other conference races are finally taking shape except for the BIG-10. Who is gonna win that now that it is almost a 4 way tie. Just keep Ohio State out of the mix and I will be happy.

Onto some games:

1) Did you see the BOISE game. They won 49-20 but it did not look like it came easy for them. They had to constantly go for it on 4th down and despite Louisiana Tech playing with out 2 of its top offensive players, they made it competitive until late second half. Some thing has to be done about Boise and their blue turf. You can not see them. the NCAA should make them get rid of the turf or make Boise wear white uniforms when they are playing at home. Boise needed tricks once again to get the lead on L-Tech and finally pulled away at the end. L-Tech was also going for it on 4th down making the score a little more lopsided. Boise needs a complete dominate performace vs Hawaii and Nevada in the upcoming weeks and a few more top teams to lose to still be in the national title hunt.

2) While I am watching the highlights, how about them GATORS. Beiong a Gator fan I have to give my props to Chas Henry. He made the winning field goal. I was in the same boat as Georgia coaches calling for the choke to happen and for Round 2 of Overtime to ensue. So Congrats and props to Will Hill, AMAZING. Also Florida's offense looked totally lame still. Yes they won and scored some points but they still do not have proven playmakers and an identity. Gators are still in the hunt for the SEC EAST and the showdown with South Carolina looks to be getting bigger and bigger every week. Anyone got tickets? I do not know about the Gators going to Atlanta but how about South Carolina going and getting a rematch with Auburn or Alabama. That would be some must see TV!

3) The BIG EAST is a mess. Syracuse is winning and West Virginia is losing. Thought you would never hear that. The BIG EAST should lose its automatic bid and the bid should just go to an at-Large team (on other words the SEC). Pitt lost most of their out of conference games but are rolling through the BIG EAST right now. Words can not describe the boring lameness of the BIG EAST right now but let's hope Syracuse gets one more win to become bowl eligible. (I agree with that the BIG EAST does not take care of it's football coaches and cares more about basketball. That is why the BIG EAST can not hang onto a good coach for long)

4) Speaking of bowl eligible CONGRATS BAYLOR! Not only did you become eligible last week but you continued to win and against TEXAS. Yes Texas is having a SUPER DOWN year but still, Texas should not be losing to BAYLOR (If Florida loses to Vanderbilt this week I will know how Texas feels). Baylor has a shot to win the BIG-12 south but I do not see it happening, then again I did not see them beating Texas and look what happened. Should be interesting as long as GRIFFIN is running the offense!

5) How about Cam Newton. He runs, he throws, and now he catches. Great win for Auburn but where is the defense? Good thing Auburn is almost scoring a point a minute because that helps the defense out. The SEC takes pride on defense and I have yet to see it against anyone. It will be interesting come time for Auburn to play Georgia and Alabama.

(Speaking of Alabama does anyone realize how quietly they worked themselves almost back into the TOP 5 of the BCS. If Alabama wins out vs LSU and AUBURN then sorry Boise and TCU because a one-loss SEC team is getting into the Title game. BAMA is the most quiet suprise right now in the BCS but with more undefeated teams losing I am sure BAMA will become more talked about now)

6) WOW IOWA. Who let the can of whoop A out!?!?!?!? SPARTY did not know what hit them. No 4th quarter come back this time. I knew Iowa would win but did not see the blowout coming. Michigan State just looked like they were out of it. They must have been running off of Northwestern fumes. Do not give up Sparty because you are still in the mix of it all. The BIG 10 race could be decided when IOWA hosts Ohio State in the coming weeks.

7) Looks like MIAMI is willing to forget it's championship glory and take winning more lightly. Someone was heard saying "8-4 is good as long as players stay out of trouble and players graduate." Every Miami alumni is fuming over that and wants 12-0 or 11-1 seasons back again. Miami is a mess and fans are going to have to accept that the glory days are truly fading.

8) Oregon once again is going wild on offense. I did see something in the Oregon/USC game that I have not seen all season. A good defensive line actually made things hard for Oregon in the first half and parts of the third quarter. Eventually Oregon's fast pace wore USC down. The real turning point for that game was when Barkley had the snap come to soon and Oregon recovered and quickly scored on the very next play. That was the game changer. If Oregon ever goes up against a team with a dominate defensive line and some depth, then they will be in trouble. Until then I love watching their offense just roll. Props to Oregon for trying to score with 40 seconds left in the half and starting with the ball on their own 5 yard line. That was Awesome.

9) Utah finally was challenged this week. Air force has always played Utah tough at home. If Air Force's offense was made to pass they might have pulled out a win late in the 4th quarter. Very excited for the Utah vs TCU match up at home. I think it's TCU dominating again but you never know, Utah is very tough at home.

10) Maybe Bob Stoops was not super crazy to punt on 4th down losing by 9 points. His Sooners are back in the top 8 of the BCS and could be in the national title mix if the dominos fall right. OU still has some tuff tests up ahead but it could happen. Let's hope it does not happen.

11) JAKE LOCKER ALERT: he is still garbage and Andrew Luck is the the top QB in the PAC-10. I still get bent out of shape when Mel Kiper says LOCKER is a #1 Draft pick. He has been garbage from day one and has not suprised me. STANFORD Winning 41-0 over WASHINGTON just shows how the PAC-10 race will come down to the wire. The PAC-10 race will be a mess if Stanford beats Arizona and Arizona beats Oregon. CRAZY STUFF!

12) Congrats to the NC STATE WOLFPACK for their huge win over FSU. What an awesome game. I feel bad for FSU's PONDER with his goaline fumble at the end. FSU would have scored if that did not happen. NC STATE is having a great year and I hope they can build upon it for future seasons to come! A rematch vs Virginia Tech in the ACC TITLE GAME would be awesome. I know people hate rematches but the first time they played was so awesome it would be great to see "round 2".

I love college football. I love talking about it. It is the best thing. Despite all the craziness and BCS madness I love it. Now its onto some picks for the upcoming week:

VIRGINIA TECH 28 GEORGIA TECH 13 (does anyone realize that VT is the only ACC team without a conference loss?)

NC STATE 24 CLEMSON 23 (FSU is watching every move NC STATE makes now)

FLORIDA 49 Vanderbilt 10 (Gators finally get it rolling this week,too bad its against Vandy)

BAYLOR 49 OKLAHOMA STATE 42 (no one has a defense and it will show on saturday)

TCU 27 UTAH 21 (utah tough at home but not tough enough)

SOUTH CAROLINA 31 ARKANSAS 24 (South Carolina needs this win SUPER BAD)

STANFORD 38 ARIZONA 24 (QB controversy hurts Arizona and LUCK is the league's best)

Love it all. Can not wait for this week to happen. Leave some feedback, tell your friends, let's get this BLOG rolling. Whats your predictions for this week?


November 3, 2010  10:04 AM ET

picks your interested in? your predictions?

November 3, 2010  03:42 PM ET

Like the picks, but think TCU wins by a much larger margin.

November 4, 2010  11:07 AM ET

i hope so. tcu won big last year but utah is tuff at home.


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