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Sooner in WA- Rightful Champ

Last week in the Big 12 with the exception of one game was pretty much ... well in short ho hum.

With the exception of Iowa State stunning Kansas State and putting quite the damper on their season and bowl attractiveness. Iowa State who had lost their 5 previous conference games by an average of 20+ managed to stop Kstate on a goal line plunge on 4th down and force 3 turnovers for an 11 point win. Texas looked like they were going to lose going into the 4th quarter for the second week at Oklahoma State and causing a very painful loss to the Cowboys.  So who says playing with fire is bad. If Texas could concentrate and play 1/2 as good in first 3 quarters as they have in the fourth quarter the past 2 weeks they could be a one loss team or better. However, underachieving is probably the word that best describes this talented squad this year. Kansas looked like a Roy Williams led team scoring layups at will on Nebraska 76-39.

Which begs the question -- where did the black shirts go? Or how about the pride of their players. No disrespect for Kansas for what they are doing is great and they are a very good team, but that game was ridiculous.  Bill Calahan is obviously on his way out the door (I think Franchione may be holding it for him and they can meet for drinks later), but it got so bad that in their regular teleconference with the media the first question out of the gate was whether Calahan had any doubt that he was on the way out. Ouch.

OU and Missouri showed why they are two of the 3 best teams not only in the Big 12 but the nation by both dominating their opponents on both sides of the ball. The real sad thing was the 42-14 score was not even as close as that score with a last minute TD by the Aggies to salvage some pride.  Even with this win OU only moved up 1 spot in the BCS to 5 because Kansas jumped ahead of them.

This week I'll call Maintain Saturday because none of the front runners should be challenged (Baylor at OU, imploding AM at Missouri). 2 games on paper could be interesting OSU at Kansas and TTech at Texas but can OSU recover from the hangover of last week's lost to play an even better team in Kansas. Although at Oklahoma State.  Kansas better come prepared because just ask OU about looking ahead when OSU is up. Texas should run over TTech that has become Turnover rather than touchdown U of late. But Texas cannot play the first 3 quarters like they have the past two weeks. K State and Colorado are playing for their bowl lives this week... but the more interesting games are coming up in the later weeks

But Congrats guys --- after a rough start now 3 of top 6 BCS teams are in the Big 12




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