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Sorry that this came out a bit later than normal, a lot of things have been going on and I've been busy. Anyway...


1) FA's: Not much to talk about now that the season's over. But I have heard Pettite and A-Rod are looking for a new home in baseball.

My thought: A-Rod DOES NOT go to Boston OR NYM.

2) Replay: Oh, I almost forgot about this one. On Sportscenter today, I looked at the bottom line and it said something like "baseball thinking about replay on home run calls only". But I haven't heard this anywhere else yet.

My thought: HR replay works well, and it will go on to work for just about everything in baseball.


1) Regular Season: It just started, and we got a little taste of how this season's going to turn out. Mainly in Boston. But the first 5 games don't mean everything.

My thought: If the bracket works out right, it will be in the semis:   Mavs vs. Suns......Bulls vs. Celtics.

2) Gambling refs: This one's right out of the Nov. 5, 2007 issue of Sports Illustrated: "As previously written, the rules forbade any sort of gambling, even legal, except for off-season trips to horse racing tracks. Int the wake of... former referee Tim Donaghy bet on NBA games and gave information to gameblers, the league discovered that all 56 refs were in violation of the policy, mostly for minor infractions such as playing poker, buying lottery tickets, or gambling legally in a casino." It ends saying Stern wants to come up with a new rule set.

My thought: Wow, who would say "as part of your job, no poker, no lottery, no casinos"? Wow.


1) Patriots-Colts game: This turned out to be a really good game (as expected), unlike other "must-see" games that turned into busts this season. Brady gets 2 TD's in 4 minutes midway through the fourth to win the game. The Colts could have won with a great throw, but Reggie Wayne ended up dropping it.

My thought: To the Colts defense, they didn't have Marvin Harrison. They might have and probably would have done better with him there. I'm calling it right now, mark my words. Since the "almighty and unbeatable" Patriots won, most people will praise NE more and blow off the Colts more. Patriots homers probably did this already. The Colts will continue to slip under the radar, and end up going to the Super Bowl.

2) Vikings-Chargers game: A NFL rushing record and field-goal return record game was a high point this week in football this past week. Good job Adrian Peterson for being a rookie and setting a record.

My thought: The Chargers just made the Vikings feel good for their second loss this season against Green Bay this Sunday. :-)


1) Changes: FanNation instituted some changes this week. You can report violations in comments. I really don't get this one; what made them put this on the site? I really never see anything I would report anyway. Also, you can't delete comments on your profile, and I believe blogs too. I don't like this change; if somebody says something that you don't want on your profile/blog, it's staying there (unless the "violation" reported). Instead, only people who made the comments can delete their own.

My thought: I basically said my thoughts above. Well, these changes aren't going to really help/hurt FanNation. Why don't we look into new leaderboards or fantasy sports (etc.) instead?

Your thoughts?


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