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Does the ol' coach still hold true to his beliefs of not reading "garbage"?  I mean, when the "best recruit in 10 years" and the starting QB of the "second" big program in the state gets benched, and the head coach refuses to talk about it, its taboo to write about it.  And if you do, from your observations and the information you can infer, you "obviously don't have kids!".  It is wrong to write about an amateur athlete...

I have been ripped because I disagree with ol' Mike on both the content and the timing of his outburst.  He chose the post game conference of a critical home win, to blast a reporter on what a mother brought to his attention.  Hey, coach, would you still be critical if Crabtree catches the TD pass on 4th down with a little over a minute left?  Would the article still qualify as "garbage"?

Do you read the "garbage" today?  There was some news that makes you look more like an....(fill in expletive).  One of your recruits, and contributor last year before he was injured, and played in your typical loss to the 'horns (3rd time in 5 years you blew a huge lead in the 2nd half), was in the news.  Seems as though one of you LBs plead guilty to the sexual assault of a 12 year old girl in 2004, when he was still in high school.  Not FOUND guilty, plead guilty.  Admitted guilt.  And they are waiting on the trials of the other 3 young men involved.   Let that sink in, for a minute. 

Did you read the "garbage" on this kid when you recruited him?  He orally committed to the 'horns, and even Macky Mack with his "sparkling clean" program (only 7 arrests in the last year), felt this kid was too much of a risk.  But you offered him a scholarship real quick.  I bet you did your homework on this kid.  What was it...? "We gave a young man an opportunity to make up for something, because of the investigation we did over the phone."  Gundy's words, not mine.  "Over the phone?"  A sexual assault of a 12 year old and you investigated him thoroughly, right.  It appears not.  He admitted guilt.  Must have been one heckuva phone interview...

Your morals are now in question, coach.  All of the respect you gained from the public (not from me) about defending one of your players (at the expense of the accomplishments of the team), is in jeopardy depending on how you recover from this instance.  It is a black mark.  A girl's life has been changed, but to heck with that if you can win a football game, which you can't.  If you want to sell your soul to the devil, maybe you should hold on to multi-touchdown leads against Big XII South foes.  Or not try a punt block under two minutes where you rough the punter when all you needs is a field goal, and you have shred the defense for the whole 3rd and 4th quarter. 

Don't worry, coach.  If my kid is good enough to play Div. 1 (FBS) football, you can save the postage, text message fees, and phone bills to my house.  He will play for the despised 'horns before he suits up in Stillwater.  I don't need you defending him.  If you notice, I wrote this mostly about you...not the amateur athlete that you have hitched your star to,...and what is sad, is what the 12 year old girl thinks of the "garbage" in print today.



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