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Coach Phillips

Coach Phillips accepted the Dallas Cowboys head coaching position with a lot of scrutiny.  Since he took the helm, a lot of people in sports media voice their negative opinions about his hiring.  Now they should all be happy, because supposedly he became the HC of a team with a lot of talent and that he was Jerry Jones' puppet.  A lot of talent with no heart.  Which was very insulting to a man who has contributed and continues to contribute to Texas football by being the director of the San Angelo Football Clinic.  Last week in his MMQB column, Peter King wrote a mock letter to Jerry Jones pleading him to fire Coach Phillips.  I emailed and invited Peter King and his peers to attend the clinic in San Angelo during Father's Day week.  For a writer, he is off on his analysis and yet he still has his job and so do other so-called experts.  Needless to say Coach Phillips deserved better, but like Clint Eastwood said in Unforgiven, "Deserves have nothing to do with it." 

Jerry Jones

I'm sure that firing Coach Phillips was a difficult decision for Jerry Jones because Coach Phillips is a good guy.  But he also didn't do him any favors.  Unbiasedperspective, an SI Fannation member commented that he interferes too much in coaching, when Wade wanted to increase fines and hold players accountable or change the starting lineup because of ineffective play by some players, Jerry shot him down.  Read more:  It is a consensus that nobody wants Jerry to continue as GM of the team and for him to hire one.  He doesn't need to look very far for one in his son Stephen Jones.  Stephen is a great student of how to discover talent and is still learning.  He praises Bill Parcells for teaching him scouting techniques and skills.  However, Jerry Jones is a smart businessman and a lot of experts have been saying and writing that Jason Garrett received a bad hand by accepting the interim position.  I disagree because Garrett is being paid 3.5 million to be an assistant HC and offensive coordinator.  Garrett has a very strong chance of becoming having the interim being dropped and becoming the HC.  Jerry will not pay for 2 head coaches at the same time and his interim is being paid 3.5 big ones, so this is the advantage that Garrett has of becoming the new head coach.

Jason Garrett

Jason Garret needs to understand that there are a lot of players who can be considered a disease or viruses as Michael Irvin commented last night on the NFL network.  He probably has to take the role of "Cobra".  In addition, Garrett will also need to to finish the season 5-3 or 6-2 to drop the interim in Head Coach.  He also needs to take a strong look at Ryan Mallet from Arkansas even though he is still a junior because Romo is not the answer.  Romo puts up great numbers, but he is not a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  Like Coach Phillips, I wish him Coach Garrett the best of luck and hopefully he can turn my favorite team around.

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November 9, 2010  11:08 PM ET

Football men need to run the football operations not the owner. Until Jones turns over the reigns, the Cowboys will struggle. Heard a great stat on the DC sportstalk today. The Cowboys have only taken just one offensive lineman in the third round or higher in the last 10 years. The last 10 years!!! ..................................And so the front wall has crumbled which leads to Barber looking average at best and Romo running for his life/health. Football minds need to run the football operations.

RT-Marc Columbo picked 29th 2002 Draft by the Bears, age 32
RG-Leonard Davis picked 2nd overall by the Cardianls, age 32
C-Andre Gurode picked 5th (37th overall) in the 2nd round by the Cowboys, age 32
LG-Kyle Kosier, picked 37th in the 7th Round (248th overall) by SF 49ers, age 31
LT-Doug Free, picked 122nd overall pick in 4th round by the Cowboys, age 26

I agree with your analysis and age has also become a factor.

November 10, 2010  10:39 AM ET

Stephen has also become a salary cap guru. He's got a level head and doesn't seem to fall in love with players like Jerry does.

The problem with Marion is 2 fold. the aging offensive line is a big part of it, but if you look at when he was most effective, it was when he wasn't starting. The starting running back was usually the fast break type that would wear the defense down the first half and then Marion would come in with his bruising style and finish them off.

Regarding Wade, I'm so tired of the talking heads! They try so hard to have it both ways. So he wasn't tough enough? How quickly we forget that the reason the team quit on Parcells in his last year was because he was too tough on them. Does he deserve blame? Yes, as does Jerry as the GM. Wade wasn't able to get his team motivated to win at all costs.

But who should the blame REALLY fall on? The team!! The guys who are being payed VERY well to give it their all. Who are supposed to motivate themselves and each other. To have leaders step up and call out the quitters, even if it's behind closed doors. To a man they should all look Wade in the eye and apologize for not treating him with the respect he gave them even when he was fired.

Tony Romo has now made the same comment twice about winning not being that important. I have lost almost all respect for him now. I want the field general to say that winning is the ONLY thing!

I'll get off my rant now, but man am I p***ed off!!

November 10, 2010  11:41 AM ET

Call it like it is.


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