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OK, back to sports.  Or most imprtantly back to the NFL.  Everybody has piled on Wade, he was too soft, Jerry's puppet and lost his team.  I'm going to share with you my villians in this drama starting with the #1 on down.

The Team!  These guys are paid tons of money to play well.  To motivate themselves and each other.  To call out quitters even if it's behind closed doors.  This team quit on a good coach who had thier backs and didn't throw them under the bus even when THEY got him fired.  Wade's mistake was that he treated them like men and expected them to perform to thier potential.  And when your quarterback states in the media not once but twice that it's no big deal, you win you loose and go on to next year...not only is that unacceptable, it's disgusting!

The general manager.  If a general manager on any other team had assembled a group that most knowlegable football people grade as being able to cut 20 to 25 players, they'd have already been fired!  And let's look at the draft results over the last 5 years.  How many are still with the team or more important, contributing to the team.  My grade is F-.  Give the Team to Stephen or another "football executive".

The "talking heads".  Wade was too soft.  Protected his players too much.  How quickly we forget.  Dallas had the #1 hard *ss with Bill Parcells.  How did that end up?  His team quit on him becase he was too "mean" to his players.  When Wade came in it was supposed to be just what Dallas needed to shore up the defense and get the team back on the right track.  Talk about revisionist history.  And about their cratique of the team, at the beginning of the year they were all falling over themselves to say how much talent this team has.  But now their consensus is tha Dallas should cut almost half the team.  I think this is what my grandmother said is talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Now for all you Cowboys haters, gloating and making jokes.  That's OK, it's your day now and deservedly so.  But as the team has proved in the past.  They might get down, but then they'll get back up to give you even more reasons to hate them!!

Every one of on the team should look Wade in the eye and appologize for not treating him with the same respect he gave them, even when they got him fired.

To close, GO COWBOYS!

November 12, 2010  12:21 AM ET

Your absolutely right.Wade was`nt the problem,it was all those high price pre-madonnas.

November 12, 2010  12:28 AM ET

I'm a big Browns fan,I know lol.My comment is,that if the Browns beat the Jets,you gotta start talkin 'bout them as a possible wild card team.I think the Browns might of finally found themselves a franchise qb.

November 12, 2010  09:59 AM ET

i'm a fan... have been for 35+ yrs. and i think wade was certainly part of the problem. it's hard not to question the so called "talent" level on this team right now given their record. and i do agree it is sickening to hear romo post game remarks about losing is not the worst thing. it may be true, but you make $10 million/yr you ought to hire a PR person to teach you what NOT to say and remarks like that are totally wrong. drafting has been poor and the leadership is gone. that follows on the staff. you think romo is a real leader? he isn't even close to an aikman type. but back then you had leadership on the field and sidelines. players were held accountable.... and i think kids in their 20s making millions need to be held accountable. they need motivating - that comes from the coach. if they miss a play a coach needs to be in their face. if they have a bad game they need direction. if they have a bad 3-4 games they need to understand they can be replaced. dallas has had NONE of this w/ wade for quite some time. and when/if dallas ever returns to the team they were in the 90s it will be with a real, driven HC - not some "wade" type HC. that type coach will never get any team to the SB.

November 12, 2010  11:28 AM ET

I'd say more the general manager/owner's fault than the players. True the players are laying down on Phillips, for whatever reason. But if the "GM" (parentheses because really Dallas doesn't have a real GM) had built this team better, maybe with more serviceable players in key positions (backup QB comes to mind) then maybe the players are less inclined to give up.
Phillips just seemed like he gave up too, when things started going south, he just look exasperated most of the season.
Your new stadium is really nice looking though.

November 12, 2010  02:13 PM ET

maybe with more serviceable players in key positions (backup QB comes to mind) then maybe the players are less inclined to give up

it does appear things have gone from bad to worse w/ romo out, but we were 1-4 with him as our starter. it's hard to believe we'd have gotten alot more wins WITH romo given how the schedule only gets tougher as the season progresses. maybe we don't have the "blowout" scores like last few games, but this team is not disciplined with all our starters healthy.... and that's one thing that we can't blame on JJ... discipline comes from the team leaders.... coaches, etc. phillips was the absolute worst at this and that's why many do feel he was part of the problem and had to go.

November 12, 2010  02:44 PM ET

I agree that Wade had lost the team and had no idea of how to get it back. It was time for Wade to go, no doubt about it. In fact it was maybe 2 games too late. I just hate to see him scapegoated and Jerry and the team get a free pass.


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