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    Could the beating of the Raider Nation drum sound any loader coming out of the East Bay? The QB better known as Jamarcus Russell, or as his tatoo states: "The Chosen One", the humongous yet nimble rocket-arm has more splinters than Albert Pujols in the 2006 All-Star game. When do you start your franchise guy? When the season is lost? That has already happened and yet pine remains his time.

    To not throw him into action at this point is to pay him $13 million dollars this season to watch somebody else learn how to lose. His coach says "We are not going to play him just to play him", states the Diaper Dandy, aka rookie head coach Lane Kiffin, who at 32, is the youngest head coach ever, and BOY IS IT SHOWING! "He will play when he is ready to help us win." Well Lane, nobody else on your roster at QB is helping you win so give your millionaire young buck the saddle and let him ride. The worst case scenerio is that it will just be some tough losses that he can learn from going into next year, instead of putting him in at the beginning of next year totally green with teams having switched players around in the offseason so what he saw on his clipboard this year may or may not apply. His holdout guaranteed his debut would be delayed, but why make him pay by watching the most disgusting batch of football the NFL has seen this side of Miami or St. Louis?

    Troy Aikman went 1-15 in his rookie 1989 year and was no worse for wear three Superbowl trophies and a Hall of Fame career later. I dont want to hear about Tim Couch cuz dude sucked, whether he would of sat a year or two or not. Of the 41 QBs drafted in the first round over the past 20 years, only 9 started no games as a rookie. The precedent has been set. Get him in there Lane, and stop worrying about your pathetic job. If they fire you for playing Russell they would of fired you for not playing him. Besides, we all know you are just another Al Davis puppet, so you fool no one by starting McCown week after week. Dont look at Alex Smith of the 49ers either as an example as that young kid is already on his third offensive coordinator.

    Vince Young greatly benefitted from getting into some action last year after the Kerry Collins ugliness could no longer be tolerated. Old timers like Jim Plunkett, Dan Pastorini, and Archie Manning all went on to have successful careers by being thrown into the fire their rookie years. In fact, Plunkett went on to win two Superbowls for the Raiders.

    It would make a lot of sense to start Russell this weekend AT HOME against the Bears, rather than waiting till they go on a road trip to Minnesota and Kansas City, two very hostile environments for a young QB.

     What do you guys think?


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