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Yesterday, I went 4-2, bringing my overall record to 16-13. I remain above .500 for another day, but with 11 games being played today, a lot could change.

Game 1:

Ottawa Senators vs Boston Bruins

These division rivals have the same number of points this season, but with 3 fewer games played, the Bruins would appear to be the better team early on.

Final Score: Bruins win 3-2

Game 2:

Colorado Avalanche vs Detroit Red Wings

Great rivalry game here. This rivalry sort of died down in recent years, but with the Avs resurgance last season, it could be back.

Final Score: Red Wings win 4-2

Game 3:

Washington Capitals vs Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have been flopping of late. But I feel they are too good of a team to keep this up, and with Ryan Miller in net, anything is possible. Their losing ways end tonight.

Final Score: Sabres win 3-2

Game 4:

Carolina Hurricanes vs Montreal Canadiens

The Hurricanes are coming off an 8-1 beating at the hands of the Flyers. Tonight's game will be a bit easier for them, but will still come in a losing effort.

Final Score: Canadiens win 4-1

Game 5:

Florida Panthers vs Philadelphia Flyers

Both these teams are coming off wins, and for the Panthers it came with a game changing save from Dennis Wideman in the crease. Coming off a tough game like that, I'm taking the Flyers here.

Final Score: Flyers win 5-3

Game 6:

Vancouver Canucks vs Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs started the season so well. And as expected, the unrealistically optimistic Maple Leafs fan base was already planning the Stanley Cup parade. Their woes continue tonight.

Final Score: Canucks win 3-1

Game 7:

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Atlanta Thrashers

Thrashers have been surprisingly good to start the season. Both teams have 17 points but the Pens are coming off a big win last night. I'm taking my Stanley Cup pick to win this game.

Final Score: Penguins win 5-2

Game 8:

St. Louis Blues vs Phoenix Coyotes

These teams are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The Blues have started off the season hot and look to make the playoffs this season. Meanwhile, the Yotes have started off cold and want to get back to the playoffs. These trends will continue.

Fina Score: Blues win 2-0

Game 9:

Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators

The Preds have only played 14 games this season. And while they are currently out of playoff position, Barry Trotz always seems to find a way to get them back. I think the Preds will take this one at home vs a division rival.

Final Score: Predators win 4-3

Game 10:

Calgary Flames vs San Jose Sharks

I will be in attendance at this game to root on my Sharks. Coming off a very tight win vs the Islanders, I don't expect the Sharks to be feeling overconfident. They easily could've lost that game had it not been for another great performance from Niittymaki. I have a feeling Niemmi will get the start tonight, so the Sharks offense needs to find their groove again.

Final Score: Sharks win 4-2

Game 11:

New York Islanders vs Los Angeles Kings

The Kings are off to their best start in franchise history, meanwhile the Islanders are on a 9 game losing streak. I don't think this West Coast road trip will get any better for them down in LA.

Final Score: Kings win 5-1

Well, there you have it guys. My 5th day of making NHL picks. Hopefully I'll last a whole week!

Most importantly......... Go Sharks!


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